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  1. As stated in the title. I think it can be fun :) Rules: - Make a Doom map in 1 hour and record a demo or a playthrough video of the map above you Detailed rules: - map should be in Doom/Boom or MBF21 format (complevel -2, -9 or -21) so that a demo can be recorded (so that people that aren't set up for recording videos can participate) - you CAN (but don't have to) use custom resources for your map (music/textures) and the time to choose those and add them to the WAD does NOT count - please do NOT use DEHACKED patches with your map - you start the timer once you put the first linedef in the editor and you set it to 60 minutes - once the time is up you stop editing the map; if the map is not completable at that point, you do the *minimum* change to make it completable (use common sense, this is honesty based after all and just for fun, the idea is to see how much of a map you can do in one hour; it makes sense to look at the clock from time to time while you are mapping and estimate, so that you don't end up with a map without monsters or ammo after 60 minutes for example) - don't make the maps insanely difficult: they should be beatable by an average Doom player with reasonable effort - you don't need to complete the map in the demo/video : it's best if you do but if the map is too difficult for you it's fine to give up and just send demo/video with the progress until you gave up - it is OK to submit more than one map and you can contribute as many times as you wish but each time you submit a new map you need to beat the map above you - NEW RULE ADDED: maps should be for Doom2 IWAD The maps we have so far: @NinthBurn kindly compiled a MegaWAD with the first 33 maps, you can get it here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/sf0edj9zdwp9rqe/OHM1.wad/file (this is work in progress as far as I understand so further maps might get added) 1. pipespeed by @jacnowak - beaten by @DynamiteKaitorn (done) 2. GrayStation by @DynamiteKaitorn - beaten by @Dusty_Rhodes (done) 3. Film Starring Gregory Peck by @Dusty_Rhodes - beaten by @Gibbon (done) 4. Server Room by @Gibbon - beaten by @SirPootis (done) 5. Rage Rampage by @SirPootis - beaten by @Thelokk (done) 6. Woodnbone by @Thelokk - beaten by @SleepyCat (done) 7. The One Hour Wedding Cake by @SleepyCat - beaten by @Melemesh (done) 8. q by @Melemesh - beaten by @El Inferno (done) 9. Lovely castle by @El Inferno - beaten by @Yumheart (done) 10. Way Grimoire by @Yumheart - beaten by @ScrappyMcDoogerton (done) 11. Demon Decimation by @ScrappyMcDoogerton - beaten by @Paf (done) 12. MAP01 by @Paf - beaten by @Death Bear (done) 13. Blood Pond by @Death Bear - beaten by @NinthBurn (done) 14. No Room for Error by @NinthBurn - beaten by @Paf (done) 15. E4M1 2.0 by @Paf - beaten by @finnks13 (done) 16. Kaboom Kaverns by @finnks13 - beaten by @PasokonDeacon (done) 17. The Matrix 3D Return to the Chocolate Mines by @PasokonDeacon - beaten by @Paf (done) 18. Basic Generic Techbase by @Paf - beaten by @Melemesh (done) 19. Four Towers by @Melemesh - beaten by @Anonymous Space Marine (done) 20. Rocket Fodder by @Anonymous Space Marine - beaten by @NinthBurn (done) 21. Ticket to a Forsaken Place by @NinthBurn - beaten by @BoxY (done) 22. Security by @BoxY - beaten by @Walter confetti (done) 23. Chasmapping! by @Walter confetti - beaten by @jacnowak (done) 24. Abandoned Courtyard by @jacnowak - beaten by @Origamyde (done) 25. Unperfect Hatred by @Origamyde - beaten by @PasokonDeacon (done) 26. Foolstonia by @PasokonDeacon - beaten by @Nefelibeta (done) 27. Agony by @Nefelibeta - beaten by @Dusty_Rhodes (done) 28. Sheets Like Metal by @Dusty_Rhodes - beaten by @Melemesh (done) 29. Blood Library by @Melemesh - beaten by @PasokonDeacon (done) (30. Water blitz by @Astro X - beaten by @TheNerdTurtle2 (done)) 31. TheReactor by @TheNerdTurtle2 - beaten by @RedBoule and @knifeworld (done) 32. Boom Base by @RedBoule - beaten by @BoxY (done) 33. The Serious Encounter by @knifeworld - beaten by @BoxY (done) 34. Pacifist Sucks Anyway by @BoxY - beaten by @Solmyr (done) 35. Stairway to Hell by @Solmyr - beaten by @knifeworld (done) 36. Furious Blood by @knifeworld - beaten by @NoisyVelvet (done) 37. Foople Flump Fart Fart Fort by @NoisyVelvet - beaten by @El Inferno (done) 38. If no ideas, sewers by @El Inferno - beaten by @Yumheart (done) 39. Buyan by @Yumheart - beaten by @knifeworld (done) 40. So You Started Blasting by @knifeworld - beaten by @PasokonDeacon (done) 41. Dictter's Danceoff by @PasokonDeacon - beaten by @Anonymous Space Marine (done) 42. Chainsaw Massacre by @Anonymous Space Marine - beaten by @Solmyr (done) 43. Processing_Node by @Solmyr - beaten by @Athel (done) 44. Takin' No Toll by @Athel - beaten by @NoisyVelvet (done) 45. UAC was on a Tight Techbase Budget so They Hired a B-Lister For 1 Hour by @NoisyVelvet - beaten by @knifeworld (done) 46. I Love Red Rocks In My Doom by @knifeworld - beaten by @Death Bear (done) (4 months later :P) 47. Bang Bang Adult by @Yumheart - beaten by @Death Bear (done) 48. Everyday I'm Shuffling by @Death Bear - beaten by @NinthBurn (done) 49. Fiery Mountain by @NinthBurn - beaten by @jacnowak (done) 50. Lava is red by @jacnowak - beaten by @PRO-RC (done) 51. Convenience Distributor Riot by @PRO-RC - beaten by @Gothic Box (done) 52. Guess Who's Coming 2 Dinner? by @Gothic Box - beaten by @Axuris (done) 53. Fistful of Steel by @Axuris - beaten by @NinthBurn (done) 54. Imp Cache by @NinthBurn - beaten by @EagerBeaver (done) 55. Horns and Hooves by @EagerBeaver - beaten by @Death Bear (done) 56. Vile Symmetry by @Death Bear - beaten by @Axuris (done) 57. Crates and Pipework by @Axuris - beaten by @NinthBurn (done) 58. No Room for Error 2 by @NinthBurn - beaten by @RataUnderground (done) 59. Haste on the courtyard by @RataUnderground - beaten by ... [TODO: to be beaten by the person who makes the next map] This list will be updated from time to time but not in real time so always look at the last post in this thread to figure out what map you should record. ---- OK, so I'll start: Name: Pipespeed (zip file with the WAD attached: pipespeed.zip ) IWAD: Doom2, MAP01 Format: Boom (-complevel 9) Music: "You're Winner" by Lippeth from Ultimate MIDI Pack Screenshot in spoiler: I went with stock textures. I imposed an additional constraint on myself: I have randomly chosen 3 textures from Doom2 IWAD and these textures were going to define the theme of the map. Textures that the randomizer selected were: TANROCK3, STEP2, PIPE4. I was allowed to use other textures, these were just used to define the theme. The map isn't very difficult but it has a difficulty spike at one point. There is enough ammo to deal with the monsters (there is more than enough, as I didn't have time for playtesting I decided that it's best to have too much than too little). I had no time for detailing so the map looks ugly ;) So the idea is that you reply to this post with a demo/video of this map and submit your own map, then the next person records a demo/video or your map and submit their map, etc. Remember to spend only 1 hour on making your map! (no time limit on beating the map but I guess we'll end up with very short maps) Have fun, let's see how this thread goes!
  2. Hi Doomworld, I made a new map :) It's a very classic map in terms of gameplay, it has 116 monsters on UV and takes around 10 minutes to beat. There is some nonlinearity despite relatively short length - you can take different paths. All difficulties implemented, UV is recommended for most players, the map is easier than my previous map (for those who have played it). The map is vanilla compatible (tested in Choco, Crispy and GZDoom). IWAD is Doom2, MAP01 Custom resources: - OTEX by ukiro (yes, the map works in vanilla Doom, I used subset of OTEX, all textures are included) - music: Siege Mentality by NeilJohnRips from Ultimate MIDI Pack I'd love to see some playthrough videos and/or demos! Get it here: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/g-i/iron Some screenshots:
  3. Thanks @URROVA & @princetontiger for feedback, I'm happy you liked the map. Thanks @Custom Longplay for the video! I uploaded the map to idgames and updated download link, so it now points to idgames.
  4. Thanks @Thil , @TheCyberDruid & @The BMFG for feedback, glad you liked the map!
  5. Haha, thanks @Biodegradable for your video, great fun to watch, as always! You're not late - it's actually perfect timing as you played the updated version of the map :) I made a small fix to the map yesterday and you managed to grab the new version :) Regarding friends of the caco at 13:30 of the video - no idea why they didn't teleport :D They teleported much later - you fight them at 13:57. It actually ended up interesting as they blocked your path back but it wasn't intended :D No idea what happened but I like in Doom that it's unpredictable sometimes :) Yes, I should've made the megasphere harder to find or at least put something less powerful in that secret. In my previous map nobody found any of the secrets so I decided this time I will make them easier - and I probably exaggerated the other way :D
  6. Jacek Nowak (jacnowak)

    What’s a theme / setting you’d like to see in PWADs?

    I would like to see more postapocalyptic cities, things similar to DBP50: Emerald City or something like Ashes but with Doom enemies.
  7. I did a small update of the map: - fixed visplane overflow in vanilla Doom in one place (thanks @Roofi for spotting that) - made a few monsters teleport to an area that can be empty in some circumstances (thanks @Clippy ) I updated the file the link in OP points to so if you re-download you will get a new version. Still, the change is very minor so unless you plan to play in vanilla Doom it may not be worth re-downloading if you already downloaded.
  8. Thanks @Aeddes666 and @Riclo500 for your videos! Thanks @DrRock for the demo! (you were so close to finishing the map on your first attempt :P) Thanks @Roofi for the video and bug report! Very useful! I tested the map in chocorenderlimits for VPOs and I couldn't get more than 124 visplanes, but after your video I was able to reproduce the problem you encountered - when blue door is open and triangular wall lowered I can now get up to 132 visplanes in the spot when you got the crash. I admit that most of my gameplay testing was in crispy as it's just more comfortable for me to play with its enhancements and I probably introduced a few small changes AFTER testing in chocorenderlimits. Is it possible that doing a change in a completely unrelated area and rebuilding the nodes caused the visplanes to increase? Anyway, I will need to have a think of the best way of fixing this. I don't want to simplify the architecture, so I will probably need to just put something which obscures the view from that particular spot. Thanks for the report! I'm really happy to get so many recorded playthroughs, I watched them all and enjoyed them all!
  9. Thanks @discpaul and @Noiser for positive feedback! Thanks @LadyMistDragon and @AshtralFiend for the videos! So much fun to watch! It's great to see different people having different playstyles and taking different paths! I'm very happy you liked the map! Thanks @bioshockfan90 for your review and kind words! This is all very motivating to keep mapping :)
  10. Thanks @TheNonDrinkingLeprechaun, glad you liked the map! Thanks @Zahid for the demo! Thanks @Clippy for the video! I probably exaggerated with making the map too easy :) Regarding that blue door area - there were monsters in there but they all went for a walk on the terrace outside and got shot there :D I agree some more should teleport once player reaches that area though.
  11. Thanks for feedback @Synami ! Thanks for the demo @NoisyVelvet , very fun to watch! Glad you both found the secret(s), I think I finally got it right as in my previous maps my secrets were too obscure and nobody could find them :)
  12. It's a medium-sized map I've been working on for over a month. Feedback and playthrough videos are very appreciated! Get it from idgames: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/fluoride IWAD,MAP: Doom2 MAP01 Format: UDMF Tested with: GZDoom 4.7.1 No jumping Freelook recommended because of height differences but not required Difficulty: all skill levels implemented: UV is quite challenging but nothing crazy by today's standards HMP has similar enemy count but tones down some more spicy moments HNTR is significantly easier than the other two Playtime: around 30 minutes Credits: music: "Halls of Wandering Spirits" by Myrgharok from Ultimate MIDI Pack textures: FOXTEX by Foxhead and a bit of OTEX by ukiro sky: made by WARDUST
  13. Jacek Nowak (jacnowak)

    FLUORIDE - new single map using FOXTEX texture pack

    Thanks @Wo0p, glad you liked the map! Yes, the model for the chairs in the conference room is made by me in Blender, it's actually based on a real chair I have at home :) Feel free to use it in your maps btw, I explicitly allow (and encourage) it in the text file.
  14. Jacek Nowak (jacnowak)

    FLUORIDE - new single map using FOXTEX texture pack

    Map is now on idgames and can be downloaded from there.
  15. Jacek Nowak (jacnowak)

    FLUORIDE - new single map using FOXTEX texture pack

    @Blacklight the update is cosmetic, so if you didn't like the map then I don't think you will change your mind after downloading the new version. The map has its distinct visual style that is not everyone's taste. Some people like it though. Thanks for playing it still! Regarding FOXTEX - not sure if I'm really the first one to release a map with this texture pack but it's definitely less popular than it should be! I think part of the reason may be that it's really hard to package the map with textures from it. The whole pack is almost 1.5GB so obviously you can't include it with your map and due to various GZDoom-specific features it's not completely trivial to select stuff that you used in your map and need to include. And as far as I know there is no tool that will do it automatically for you. For OTEX you can use WTExport from Doom Tools but here it doesn't work due to pk3 format. I wrote a tool that automated this process for me and works with FOXTEX but it's very rough around the edges and not user-friendly. I might release this tool at some point if I find time to make it production-ready.
  16. Jacek Nowak (jacnowak)

    FLUORIDE - new single map using FOXTEX texture pack

    I did a small facelift of the map - I added a little bit more detail and dynamic lights in some places, also tweaked health and ammo placement a bit. I updated the link in OP, for anyone who already downloaded the map and intends to play it - please re-download if you want better looks :) Hope you enjoy!
  17. Jacek Nowak (jacnowak)

    FLUORIDE - new single map using FOXTEX texture pack

    Thanks @BerserkerNoir for the video! I think the outdoor section is harder with BD as monsters deal more damage and it's so hectic there it's hard not to get hit by a stray projectile. Lucky that you picked that soulsphere at 4% health :)
  18. Took this one for a spin today. Played on UV, difficulty was about right for me, I played with saves and died a few times. I only found 2/4 secrets but the ones I found were nice and rewarding. I really like the visuals - great use of stock textures, I like the street lamps. The layout is interesting, you can see places you will visit later and from new places you see places you already visited. Overall a great map - nice to look at and fun to play! I recorded a video of my blind run:
  19. Jacek Nowak (jacnowak)

    FLUORIDE - new single map using FOXTEX texture pack

    Thanks @TheDuckXD , glad you liked the visuals and you had fun :) Yes, this pinky ambush is a bit nasty. You can still hear the door opening sound behind you so I think it's not unfair but I guess it depends what weapon you have on you as you might not have much time to react/switch weapon. Maybe I should decrease the number of pinkies a bit. Regarding that closing door - I fixed that in the update which I uploaded 12 hours ago :) The door is still closing (as it's part of the ambush) but it reopens once you get closer to the exit. I agree it was a bug as it prevented maxing then map but fortunately it's fixed now. (if you downloaded the map later than 12h ago then let me know as I'm not sure it's not too confusing - I mean, not sure if the linedef reopening the door isn't too close to the exit so that by the time you realize that the door reopened you already crossed the exit line...) Thanks again for playing and for feedback!
  20. Jacek Nowak (jacnowak)

    FLUORIDE - new single map using FOXTEX texture pack

    I updated the map - fixed two minor issues found in playtesting. The link in OP points to the updated version. Enjoy! :)
  21. Jacek Nowak (jacnowak)

    FLUORIDE - new single map using FOXTEX texture pack

    Thanks @Biodegradable for the video! These poor pinkies at the end were supposed to block the exit (so that you can't run past them) but yeah, they ended up looking weird, I think I should at least give them more room. The truck is a 3d model I made in Blender so unfortunately it doesn't qualify as Doomcute. But I made it with Doom textures (actually it was mostly OTEX so I should give credit, forgot about that!) and I wanted it to blend in and LOOK like Doomcute so if you took it for sector-based geometry then my objective is achieved :) And the model has a simplified collision mesh made by invisible 3d floors so you can for example shoot under the chassis so there is at least some sector-based geometry to it. The teleporter you were considering using to go back to hunt for secrets is actually just a teleport out of lava and thanks to your video I realised that once you enter the exit area you can't go back (which is not good if you want to max the map so I will fix that). And actually it looks that the map ended up more difficult than I expected! When watching @LadyMistDragon's playthrough I put it down to the fact that she was rushing and trying to skip some of the fights (and the map punishes for that quite badly :D) but I see that you had hard time in some areas too. Still I think there were no unfair moments and lower skill levels are available as well. Maybe I shouldn't recommend UV for most players in my OP though. Thanks again for the video and commentary - useful and entertaining as always :)
  22. Jacek Nowak (jacnowak)

    FLUORIDE - new single map using FOXTEX texture pack

    Thanks @LadyMistDragon for the video! Haha, yes, the map would be much easier if you killed the monsters before going forward :D
  23. Jacek Nowak (jacnowak)

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Outdoor area of the map I'm currently working on. Playing around with FOXTEX, also used a sky by WARDUST.
  24. This started as a speedmap but then I spent some time adding a little bit of detail and balancing the fights. Old school map made with stock textures. Tested in Choco, Crispy and GZDoom. If you have 10 spare minutes, give it a go. And of course playthrough videos are always welcome :) Music - Escaping the Darkness by Myrgharok from Ultimate MIDI Pack Get it here: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/s-u/sodium
  25. Jacek Nowak (jacnowak)

    SODIUM - short vanilla map (10 minutes playtime)

    I uploaded the map to idgames and updated the link in the OP. I actually did one small change - fixed the soulsphere secret so it's easier to find. Thanks for feedback and for playing!