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  1. @Caleb13 - thanks for the report, I wrote you a private message (to avoid spoilers here) and I will try to find the cause why these two monsters didn't teleport in for you @Salmon - thanks for positive feedback, glad you enjoyed the map!
  2. @KachakeƱo good to know, I haven't used LZDoom so thanks for checking that one. I used both prBoom+ (software rendering) and GZDoom (hardware rendering) for testing. I don't expect performance issues though, the map has large outdoor areas but is pretty low detail. @TheOrganGrinder yes, I think that taking blue key route first (and in the direction you took it) results in highest difficulty. It's kind of intended really that you get slighly different difficulty depending which route you take. Still, it shouldn't be drastic difference and you said that you had fun so it looks that you coped with the opposition :) Thanks for the feedback!
  3. Thanks @Veinen for your demo - it was very fun to watch! And thanks for your detailed feedback! You are a really skilled player, I can see how the map was easy for you! As for the BFG secret, I think it's just too dark on where the entrance is... and the lines are also marked "don't show on automap". I think I will increase brightness a bit there and show at least one line more on the automap to make it more noticeable. I don't want everyone to find it instantly but the fact that you didn't find it despite looking (and you found all the other secrets easily) suggests that it's too hidden.
  4. jacnowak

    A few questions about custom sky/music.

    ad. 2 This is actually MBF feature but most current BOOM-compatible ports support it. The feature is called "sky transfer" and is explained how to do here: https://soulsphere.org/projects/boomref/mbfedit.html ad. 3 https://doomwiki.org/wiki/MAPINFO Unfortunately there are a few incompatible formats, so it's probably best to create a few lumps (EMAPINFO, ZMAPINFO, RMAPINFO, etc.), each for the respective port. There is also UMAPINFO that attempts to create a "universal" format but I think it hasn't been widely adopted yet:
  5. Thanks everyone for your feedback! Thanks @Biodegradable for your video, it's always great to watch those :) @HAK3180 - yeah, I suck at visuals... I think I made a mistake making screenshots on GZDoom, hardware mode and hi-res. I think the level fits better with more old school ports, software renderer, etc. Question to people who played: has anyone found the BFG? (without looking it up in the editor of course :P) I have no idea whether the secret is easy to find or not. I wanted to make the way to it visible to the observant player but also not completely trivial. But it's hard to balance as of course I KNOW where it is so I see the way clearly, as opposed to a player that doesn't know ;)
  6. It's a very non-linear sandboxy map with multiple ways to progress and some optional areas. The map has been playtested by @HAK3180 . His feedback was positive but I still implemented a few changes after seeing him play. I consider the map as complete, however due to the nature of the map (a lot of routes you can take in different order) I would really appreciate seeing more people having a go at it and I may tweak it further. So if anyone fancy recording a video playthrough, or a demo, or just write a few words of feedback after playing it, I would be really grateful! IWAD: Doom2 Map: MAP01 Compatibility: Boom Tested with: prBoom+ and GZDoom 4.4.2 All difficulties implemented. Length: 30 minutes - 1 hour depending how much you explore Gameplay: no jump, no crouch, freelook not required (tested without) Download link: http://jaceknowak.net/storage/doom/carbon.zip Some screenshots (monsters removed to avoid spoilers): Enjoy!
  7. Thanks for the gameplay and the review. I'm glad you enjoyed the map! And it's really motivating to get positive feedback! I will have a think on how to make the final battle more interesting - I can see that with the amount of space available and supplies you have at that time it's not a challenge at all. I also think that the secrets were maybe a bit too difficult to find, although it seems that you weren't looking for them too much. Maybe I should mark more sectors as secrets (like the soulsphere you found and were surprised it's not a secret; there was also a berserk which you didn't find, also not marked as secret). I will have a think about the second plasma gun - I definitely don't want it to be easy to get. Btw. the map by me you played a year ago was Hydrogen ( https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/g-i/hydrogen ). Thanks again, it was really useful to see how you approached the map!
  8. Hi HAK3180, Hope your work trip went well. After a year-long break I decided to have a go at mapping again. I made a pretty non-linear map where there are multiple ways to progress and some optional areas. I tested the map extensively and I tried to balance weapons/ammo/monsters so that encounters are fun and engaging no matter which route you take. It would be really great to see how you approach the map and listen to your feedback! The map is very much classic and old-school, I hope you will enjoy it. I hope I can add it to your list. Download link: http://jaceknowak.net/storage/doom/carbon.wad Map data: IWAD: Doom2 Map: MAP01 Compatibility: Boom Tested with: prBoom+ and GZDoom 4.4.2 Difficulty: medium to hard depending which route you take, there are some tougher moments on UV but nothing too crazy Length: ~1 hour Gameplay: no jump, no crouch, freelook not required (tested without) Additional resources used: PatchTex textures downloaded from Realm667 by Gothic. Thanks! Jacek
  9. You can use Static_Init action (190) to achieve the same effect. There are also other ways you can do Sky in ZDoom. Have a look at: https://zdoom.org/wiki/Sky and https://zdoom.org/wiki/Static_Init
  10. Out of curiosity I did the test in Eternity and Doom Retro - couldn't break it so it seems that they also fixed linedef skip bug, so it looks that if you map in BOOM format the only situation this can occur in a contemporary port is when you run in PrBoom+ AND you explicitly specify complevel 9. Another finding I just found out - the 8 line action limit (spechits overflow) only applies to Vanilla - it has been fixed in BOOM and it only occurs in prBoom+ on complevel 2. It does not occur on complevel 9. So at least you don't need to worry about this one when mapping in BOOM format. Thanks again everyone for all input, it was really valuable and helpful!
  11. Thanks a lot all for the input, I found what the issue was - and I apologize for a mistake I made in my first post. I actually did NOT specify complevel in prBoom+ when doing tests with the attached map. So I redid the tests and here are my results: - in both Crispy, PrBoom+ -complevel 2 and PrBoom+ -complevel 9 linedefs fail to trigger in the same way; this is just consistent linedef skip bug - in prBoom+ if you do NOT specify complevel linedefs always trigger So that means that vanilla has this bug as expected and BOOM did not fix it so PrBoom+ keeps this bug if complevel is specified as 9 (BOOM). PrBoom+ fixes this however if you don't specify complevel. The confusion arose because I was testing my real map in prBoom+ without specifying complevel, then I changed my run script and now it has complevel 9. I knew that I tested this map many times and nothing ever failed, I added a new area that started to fail very often and I got baffled. It was just coincidence of specifying complevel. I can now get other triggers to fail on my map if I play with complevel 9. So I think two lessons to learn here: If you make a BOOM-compatible map better duplicate important triggers as in vanilla. I thought that I don't need to do it and I was wrong. PrBoom+ is not the same thing as BOOM so don't specify complevel unless you really want to emulate something older (or you are testing your own maps).
  12. Thanks @zokum for your reply. I think what I'm seeing is not related to limit of 8 linedefs triggered per gametic. I made a simple test map that has 8 walkover linedefs. I attach that map. In Crispy this fails pretty much consistently if I straferun - it's rare to have a run from one side to the other where all 8 sectors are lowered. Most often at least one is not lowered, sometimes as many as 3 out of 8! In prBoom+ I wasn't able to break this this test map despite trying at least 20 times - every time all sectors were lowered. This led me to think that linedef skip bug has been fixed in Boom/prBoom+ but it doesn't seem to be the case as I just discovered it in my map (real map I'm working on) and it happens surprisingly often in one particular spot. There are only 3 linedefs in a row where it fails so it's definitely not because of the limit of 8 lines (and it's singleplayer so even if a monster triggers something somewhere on the same tic it's still well below the limit), it might have something to do with triggering the lines mid-air but I'm not sure. Changing the angle of the line seems to help but it's all a bit nondeterministic so I'm not sure it definitely helped... I think I will just duplicate all walkover linedefs in my map just to be sure... So the question is - why in prBoom+ linedef skip occurs much less often then in Crispy? What ports have fixed is completely? Is GZDoom definitely free of it? Or does the bug definitely happen in prBoom+ complevel 9? If not, maybe there is something else going on in my map that I can't see. testw.zip
  13. Hi! I think that's the name for a phenomenon that a walkover linedef just doesn't trigger if you happen to run over it fast enough. I find it frustrating as sometimes it just plain breaks the level. I *think* it does not happen in GZDoom as I never encountered it in this port. But I can't tell exactly at what point it's more or less likely to occur. Here are my findings: - it happens extremely frequently in Crispy Doom: if I place 10 walkover lines next to each other, practically each time I straferun over them one or two isn't triggered; I thought that it's lines being close to each other that makes it more likely but it doesn't seem to be the case, even if they are 40 units apart (so the whole section is 400 units with 10 walkover triggers in it) the behaviour is still the same - it happens much less frequently in prBoom+ (complevel 9): actually I *thought* it doesn't happen there at all: I have a voodoo doll that travels at insane speed on a conveyor belt and I haven't yet encountered a situation in my testing that it doesn't trigger what it's supposed to trigger - but it still DOES happen in prBoom+ sometimes, I have a section in my map where there are 3 walkover lines and it looks that almost 50% of times one of them isn't triggering (it seems to always be the same one!), one thing being special about them is that you jump to that area from above - there are 3 linedefs and 50% of the times they all trigger but 50% of the times the one in the middle does not trigger - and it happens even if I just run normally, not straferun: so it happens very frequently for that particular line but not for other lines, which is weird, especially as it's the middle one and both the one before and after seem to trigger consistently Is there knowledge somewhere regarding in what situations linedef skip is most likely to occur (location at specific coordinates or something?) and how to protect your map against it? It seems to be a really frequent thing and it must be frustrating to mappers if there is no easy cure but I couldn't find much information online about it.
  14. Looks great! It seems that a lot of work has been put into it. I really like the visuals, they really convey the atmosphere! I attach FDA of the first map. prboom-plus -file "Eleven Zero v1.0.wad" -complevel 11 -skill 4 -playdemo eleven_zero_jacek_fda.lmp I used prBoom+ so that I can record a demo, used complevel 11 as you suggested in the readme file. I died once quite far in the map and then restarted, finished the map on the second attempt with 100% kills and 1 secret found. Didn't have time to do second map on one sitting but I will definitely play further maps later, probably in GZDoom. eleven_zero_jacek_fda.zip
  15. jacnowak

    Tool for map balance statistics?

    Thanks a lot @boris, that's exactly what I was looking for!