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  1. jacnowak

    Bellatrix : Tales of Orionis (RC2)

    Just finished this. I had great time! Very classic Doom feeling and fantastic layouts, I highly recommend the WAD for anyone who likes non-linear maps with lots of optional areas to explore that are not too difficult!
  2. Thanks a lot for the video and for this very positive feedback! Glad you enjoyed the map. If you enjoyed Nitrogen you might also like Hydrogen, it's probably closest in gameplay even though longer: People said good things about Radium too, if you don't mind playing in Eternity or GZDoom (in GZDoom you need to play with hardware renderer as portals don't render correctly with software): If you want to check out more of my maps you can do a search for my name on idgames: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames//index.php?search=1&field=author&word=jacek+nowak&sort=time&order=desc&page=1 Bear in mind that my maps from 2010-2013 are pretty crap though ("Arsenic" and "Mine filled with methane" are least crap out of those but still far from my current maps quality-wise).
  3. Map is now on idgames. I made two extremely minor visual adjustments (one of them fixes a visual glitch in vanilla found by @Alfwin in video above) and I now consider that version as final.
  4. jacnowak

    Bellatrix : Tales of Orionis (RC2)

    I recorded video of my playthrough (FDA) of maps 1 to 5. Very enjoyable and indeed relaxing mapset, I like what I see so far! I will continue playing, @franckFRAG let me know if you would like me to record the rest of my playthrough.
  5. jacnowak

    Iniquitous Fortification [Doom2, limit removing]

    Gave this one a go. Visually it looks very nice and it really conveys a sense of place using only stock textures and limit-removing format, I like that! I played on HMP and the difficulty was just about right for my skill level.
  6. UAC Chronological Academy by codyvangogh (2020) Text file says "Boom" in "Advanced engine needed" so I loaded it up in Eternity - unfortunately all textures were missing. I had another look at the text file and it says "None" in "Other files required" but "LZDoom" in "Tested with"... I loaded up the WAD in SLADE and it turned out that it contains a TEXTURE1 lump that contains 3 new textures but no original textures. I didn't want to fiddle with the WAD to fix it so I ended up playing in GZDoom instead. I selected UV as difficulty. I thought I'm in for a beginner map... I didn't expect I was in for an hour-long journey in one of the most original Doom WADs I have ever played! The map plays on the concept of time travel which I've never seen in a Doom WAD before. You visit the same location at three different epochs - one is in the past, another one is in the present and another one in the future. There is a time machine you can use to travel between them. It is really cool as you recognize the same locations but they look different at each moment in time. The map is full of doomcute and lots of detail using almost only stock Doom textures (except three custom ones). The gameplay leans on the easier side - I enjoyed it and I died a few times but more veteran players might find it a bit too easy. There are some clever ambushes here and there and some of the fights were interesting. Where the map shines though is exploration of the detailed world full of doomcute. There is one moment that I would qualify as a light "puzzle" that is needed for progression and it's pretty early on (and took me a while to figure out and the fact that the map is pretty nonlinear at the beginning didn't help). I was quite disoriented at first, not sure where to go, but once I got the idea on how areas are connected together (in both space and time!), progression was quite straightforward. I searched for author's name on idgames and it looks that this is the only map they submitted to the archives. It's a very high quality map and you can see that a lot of effort has been put into it. Not sure if it's the first map they made because it's a very solid map but you can kind of see that they don't really follow all "doom mapping idioms" so to say but in a very positive way. It's really great as it's a fresh take on Doom and I think that the result here is very good. It's a pity the WAD has been submitted with this broken TEXTURE1 lump as this can put off some players that don't want to play in GZDoom and the WAD is really worth at least having a look at. It's not yet another techbase or yet another standard hell map. This is a very special WAD which I really recommend to check out! I think it proves that this thread is a good idea and that you can really find some hidden gems - and I got lucky this time :) I recorded a video of my playthrough. It's the first time I recorded a video with commentary and I'm not a native English speaker so - you have been warned ;) Sorry for my accent and my sighing voice in the video :) I definitely need to work on that as I think I sound as if I was bored to hell but that was not the case :) I've chosen ER/IWA for my debut in this as I wanted to gain a little bit of experience when playing a random map before I submit a video for a mapper that actually cares about my playthrough :) I didn't know I will end up playing such an interesting map!
  7. I played the second episode. This time I did it on UV and I played in GZDoom to get episode selection screen. I played with freelook - forgot that you wrote that it's allowed but discouraged. Hopefully that's ok. I'm glad I played on UV as I think it was even a bit easier than episode 1 on HMP. I found all the secrets (maybe one of them would be less likely to notice without freelook) and maxed all but one map. Enjoyed the set overall, good work! Some feedback in spoiler: And here are the videos: E2M1: E2M2: E2M3: E2M4: E2M5: Thanks for sharing, looking for more from you!
  8. Thanks everyone for all the feedback, videos and demos! Glad most people liked the map :) @Degree23 sorry you didn't enjoy the lava cave. The purpose of the revenant was to encourage the player to move forward but I can see it's not everyone's cup of tea. Thanks for downloading the map. If you wanna give it another chance, play on HNTR - it's not very different from UV in terms of monster count but it softens trickier moments and that particular revenant is removed at that skill level. @Biodegradable glad you had fun, looking forward to seeing your video, they are always fun to watch :) @Lucius Wooding thanks for detailed feedback, that's really helpful and it will help make my future maps better regarding ammo - I wanted to lean on a more generous side because wasn't sure how stuff plays out with the arch-viles, but I probably exaggerated a bit @Clippy thanks for the video, really enjoyable to watch! It was hillarious how you survived at 2% health - I was pretty sure you would die :D The moment when you got lost - hah, happens to me as well sometimes :) Glad that you found the way and maxed the map in the end :) @Sito1000 thanks for detailed feedback, I don't plan on doing changes to the map but feedback is very useful for my future maps as I can see what people like and what they don't @galileo31dos01 thanks for the demo, fun to watch, you have really good skill! looks like the map was too easy for you maybe but glad you had fun! @Bobby "J thanks for detailed feedback. Regarding visuals - strobing effect in the main cave eats up a lot of visplanes (chocorenderlimits showed max 120 in one place in the main room) so I couldn't add even one sector as I wanted to keep it vanilla compatible. @Dusty_Rhodes thanks for the feedback, glad you had great time!
  9. IWAD & MAP: Doom2 MAP01 Format: 100% vanilla (no artificial flavors) Ports tested: Chocorenderlimits, Crispy Doom, Eternity Engine, GZDoom Difficulty: All implemented, UV recommended for most players Map can now be downloaded from idgames: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/m-o/nitrogen Alternative download link: https://jaceknowak.net/storage/doom/nitrogen.wad It's a vanilla map so of course no jumping etc. Screenshots: The map is based on my entry to Abyssal Speedmapping Session 69 but it has been expanded, polished and it's not a speedmap anymore. It's a very classic map in terms of gameplay. It's something I wanted to do for a change to try to overcome the mapper's block I got when working on a large UDMF map. As always, feedback is welcome and playthrough demos and/or videos are VERY appreciated! Credits: Music: "On a Sea of Lava" by Myrgharok from Ultimate MIDI Pack Textures: CC4-tex by various authors Special thanks to Obsidian and team for organizing ASS69 as without it I wouldn't be motivated to make this map :)
  10. Hah, over 3 months later I found the cause of the problem :) And it was thanks to participation in ASS69 as the same problem happened with a map I made for that! Yes, it is a node builder issue (more precisely - a blockmap issue). I can see that the problem with my map still occurs in current version of the compilation (Beta4) so I fixed that and the fix is attached to this post. I extracted map lumps for MAP13 from !E1v4.wad and re-ran node builder on the map. I made absolutely no change to the map itself. And just as an interesting curiosity (and maybe advice for people making vanilla maps so that they don't make the same mistake as me): I used "zokumbsp - Optimize for vanilla" build configuration in Ultimate Doom Builder... Don't do that :) Unfortunately it passes "z=0" argument to ZokumBSP which according to its documentation does the folllowing: "This option produces a smaller blockmap. This works flawlessly, in fact better, when maps are played in the original engine and Chocolate Doom. There is however a known bug in some ports, like MBF, and those based on this port where a poor optimization will skip this header without actually checking that it is a zero-header. Such ports will have very faulty collission detection in every area in the map. If one is aiming for newer ports where this has been fixed, classic Doom or Chocolate Doom, this option is generally safe. There is a fix for this header in newer versions of the Eternity Engine. GZdoom generally ignores the blockmap, and should work fine with or without this option." It was working fine for me as I was testing in Crispy, Eternity and GZDoom. It looks that the bug has also been fixed in DSDA-Doom. But I checked with prBoom+ and the map indeed has a ton clipping issues everywhere... Sorry for the trouble @Doomkid - hopefully it's not too late to apply the fix! E1M13_damneddam.zip
  11. jacnowak

    What's your favorite source port?

    @dasho I didn't want to sound that people shouldn't bother with ports that have small userbase. I really appreciate effort that is put in development of ports and I also understand that promoting stuff is hard. Also, I think it's great that we have many ports - this means we have diversity and innovation because various ports develop in different directions. To be fair - I find it sad that most people won't download a source port to play a map exclusive to that source port. They are all free after all. But that's unfortunately how the world seems to be, people are lazy. I find it weird when some people haven't played Heartland, which is a fantastic mapset, just because they didn't bother to install a source port it requires (I remember posts like that here on Doomworld). So if people don't want to download a source port to play a (deservedly) cacoward-winning mapset, I can't count on them doing that for my humble map which is probably average (even though I put a lot of effort into it but the amount of quality content here means people are spoiled for choice). This is just a mapper's perspective. Might be just mine but I think a lot of mappers share it. Personally I would download EDGE if I come across an EDGE-exclusive map that sparks my interest but that's just me and unfortunately it looks that I'm in the minority. Now, I can see that the selling point of EDGE-Classic is running on less powerful hardware like Raspberry Pi and still offer advanced features (correct me if I'm wrong). Imagine a hypothetical situation that there is an UDMF namespace, let's call it "Doom-advanced" that you support and it has a subset of EDGE features. Let's say this namespace is supported by GZDoom, Eternity and EDGE. There is a sizeable amount of mappers that will go for this compatibility level because they want to use advanced features but they don't want to limit their audience to just to one port. If a sizeable amount of such maps appear in the wild, then people with less powerful hardware will get interested in EDGE because they want to play all these maps and it turns our that EDGE is the best choice for their hardware because other ports run too slow. It could give EDGE more exposure and some people might still get interested in this port's more advanced features and because the port will be more known some of them will be inclined to make a map exclusive for it. I think this situation would benefit the port and benefit the community. That's how I view it but it might be just my wishful thinking. I understand though that the situation with advanced ports and features they support is more complicated than with classic ports. Both GZDoom and Eternity use ACS but EDGE has a different scripting language - I get your point here and I see it's not a trivial problem to address. EDGE and GZDoom both have 3D floors, whereas Eternity and GZDoom have portals. But there might still be a subset of features that all these ports could support. Definitely some basic UDMF features like freedom in aligning/scaling of floors/walls that I mentioned earlier. Polyobjects? I think all 3 ports have some support for them. There is probably more. Whether it's worth it? I don't know. This is just something that came to my mind, I know that implementing anything is always much more effort than it seems. And I know we're all (mappers, moders, source port developers) doing it for fun so we can't be forced to do anything we don't like.
  12. jacnowak

    What's your favorite source port?

    I see it otherwise. DSDA-Doom, Doom Retro, Woof! and a few other "classic" ports implement MBF21 standard but I don't see their identities as diluted. I wish there was a standard for advanced mapping features (for example things that can easily be done in UDMF like aligning flats or separate texture offsets for top/mid/bottom textures) that could be implemented by several advanced ports. I would happily choose such format for some of my maps. Of course I would still sometimes map for Boom, sometimes for vanilla and sometimes for GZDoom. But I think it would be a cool thing to have such a map format to choose from. Just something I wish it existed.
  13. For me it's actually a good thing that the WAD isn't too difficult :) A suggestion from my side - make UV however hard you want but keep HMP approachable :) (of course it's up to you and there are different tastes)
  14. jacnowak

    What's your favorite source port?

    I'm not suggesting ensuring max compatibility with GZDoom anywhere. I'm suggesting coming up with a standard set of advanced mapping features that could be implemented by several advanced ports. Those that already support UDMF and already have a fair share of nice mapping features - GZDoom, Eternity, maybe EDGE? UDMF is a good starting point, maybe we could come up with a standard namespace that is something more than Doom/Boom of MBF. Of course I'm not influential enough in the community to lead such an endeavour and I understand that it would need a lot of effort and cooperation between source port developers and some promotion, but I'm just sharing this idea because why not, sharing ideas about Doom is one of the things this forum is for. Because even though I enjoy mapping as a fun activity in itself, I find it much more fun to have people play my maps, see some playthrough videos of my work, get some feedback, etc. than make maps just for myself that hardly anyone plays. Eternity is a very niche port (even looking at results of this poll, which of course are very innacurate but you can see how many votes it got). If you make a map for GZDoom - we can argue whether you lose 30%, 50% or 60% of the possible audience (I think the vast majority of Doom players have GZDoom at least installed) but if you map for Eternity you lose 95% of the cake. And unless your map is a masterpiece, nobody will download and configure a port they don't have installed just to play your map. I actually made a map that uses advanced features of Eternity but I needed to write a script that generates GZDoom version out of it and play around with EMAPINFO&ZMAPINFO that the right version is chosen based on port you use. This is an example of a situation that the same features are supported by multiple ports but defined in a different way in the map, so the map can't be played in multiple ports even though it uses features that multiple ports support. I'm just saying that it would be nice to have something between Boom and GZDoom that is an universally accepted standard for people wanting to use advanved features in their maps. Of course it wouldn't work in all ports (in the same way Boom maps don't work in Crispy for example) but it would be an option to choose from. Currently the only real alternative if you want a larger featureset than Boom/MBF and still have a sizeable audience is to just target GZDoom.
  15. jacnowak

    What's your favorite source port?

    IMO this poll is flawed because it doesn't include GZDoom which is definitely the most popular Doom source port globally by a large margin. Even on this forum which is biased towards more conservative ports I would bet it's at least in the top in 3. GZDoom is my favorite source port because it has the most editing features of any source port. And I'm in the Doom community BECAUSE of editing features. Because I can be creative and because I can see what cool stuff other creative people make. And yes, sometimes having limits boosts creativity but sometimes if you have less limitations you can create more interesting stuff. I enjoy mapping for vanilla, I enjoy mapping for Boom and I enjoy mapping in UDMF. Each format has its strenghts and simplicity is sometimes a virtue but I wonder where our community would be today if source ports didn't exist (and didn't evolve) and it would only be possible to make vanilla maps. Having said that I have a soft spot for Eternity Engine and I use that port very often to play non-GZDoom content (particularly when software renderering is recommended by the mapper). It has a nice balance of features vs fidelity to the original game. I wish it was developed more actively - I think there are just a few missing features/compatibility problems to solve (on both sides) that, when resolved, would make creating UDMF maps that work in both Eternity and GZDoom a viable option. It would be great to have a "standard" that is universally accepted and allows to make more advanced stuff than Boom (not talking about MBF21 here as it's centered around modding, not mapping). Absolutely not saying that we should dismiss Boom. People still map in vanilla/limit-removing even though Boom is there. Just that it would be great if there was an alternative that would make your map appealing to the "conservative" crowd for whom GZDoom feels too far from the original and still allow you to use more advanced mapping features. I think it would benefit Eternity if there were more maps that require it - even if those maps ALSO work in GZDoom (let's be clear - making Eternity-exclusive map is not a great choice nowadays as, unless you are skillsaw, your audience will be extremely limited). It would also benefit GZDoom and community as a whole as more mappers will be willing to try out more advanced stuff (which means progress).