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  1. Hi fellow Doomers, Could you recommend any UDMF wads that are very "vertical"? What I mean are maps that use features such as 3D floors (or portals) extensively for layout/gameplay purposes, not just for detailing. Multi-storey buildings and things like that. I would like to see what's possible and get some inspiration :) Thanks Jacek
  2. When cleaning the disk of my old computer I found an unfinished PWAD I was working on in 2015 but then got distracted by something else and forgot about it. This is by no means an ancient find in Doom timescale but for me this is a bit of a time capsule. I had a look through and found that this thing has potential for a fun old school map so I decided to finish it. The map was originally in Boom format but there weren't many features used that couldn't be replicated in vanilla so I thought I will backport it to vanilla as that format fits better with the feel (and level of detail ;) of the map. I needed to simplify the central room a little bit and add some sight blocking walls to keep visplanes under control but the changes were pretty minimal. I kept the original layout and architecture for the most part but monster placement got a significant overhaul - I'm really interested how it all ended up and how it plays. Tested in Chocorenderlimits, Crispy Doom and GZDoom. Screenshots: Download link: http://jaceknowak.net/storage/doom/helium.zip OR https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/g-i/helium Map data: IWAD: Doom 2 Map: MAP01 Format: vanilla Approximate playlength: 10 minutes Difficulty: medium, skill levels implemented Looking forward to feedback, I would be delighted if someone wanted to record a playthrough!
  3. The map is now available on idgames. I updated download link in OP.
  4. Thanks for all the recommendations, I will definitely check these out! @RonnieJamesDiner's suggestion looks exactly like what I was looking for!
  5. Thanks @Clippy for the playthrough video, really enjoyed watching! Thanks @DynamiteKaitorn for your feedback, really appreciated!
  6. jacnowak

    Is good playing Classic Doom with mouselock

    I think one of the more serious exploits you can do with mouselook is rocket jumping when looking down - then you can jump very high and far and get to unreachable areas of the map which can break progression. I think this can be considered "cheating" in vanilla maps but not sure how it should be treated in GZDoom. I think map authors sometimes overlook this possibility when they are designing a GZDoom map that allows freelook. Still even IWAD authors overlooked straferunning :) I tend to play vanilla/Boom maps without freelook but (G)ZDoom maps with freelook enabled but sometimes if there is a vanilla/Boom map with a lot of verticality and I play it in GZDoom I turn freelook on for convenience. All in all, play the game the way it is fun for you :)
  7. Thanks @Biodegradable for the video, watching people play my maps always brings a lot of joy to me :) Regarding the name - I just have a habit of naming my maps after chemical elements or compounds. Other maps I made include Arsenic, Hydrogen, Lithium, Carbon Dioxide or Methane ;) I just picked "helium" for this map as a word play with the word "hell" but in retrospect I should've probably called it "Copper" as it's red ;) I updated the map (updated the file link in first post points to), no significant changes, just a little bit more health and ammo (particularly on lower skill levels) and an alternate rocket launcher. If anyone downloaded the map but hasn't played yet and prefers a slightly less cruel version, please re-download :)
  8. Ah, I know what happened here. Yes, somehow in all my testing I had a rocket launcher before this revenant fight, or at least a super shotgun and more shells. But I see that it's actually 50% chance you will have any of them at that time, depending which route you take, as you have a simple left-right choice at one point. I will place an alternate RL there. For now, you can run away from that fight and come back to it later when you're more stuffed with weapons. But it isn't good level design so I will fix it. There is one in one of the secrets ;) Yeah, good point, I'll add a little bit more health. Thanks everyone for feedback, I'm glad people had fun. I'll make these two changes (alternate RL and more health) and post an updated map soon.
  9. @Dieting Hippo thanks for the video! Really enjoyable to watch! @Helm thanks for the video and commentary, I'm glad you liked my map, I didn't expect such a positive feedback! It's motivating :) And yes, you did pronounce my name correctly, which is rare ;) I also watched recordings of other maps in the set that I played already, it's nice to compare impressions. I think the videos are really valuable for the mappers and you can learn from them a lot. Looking forward for more videos from you guys! Also, I'm enjoying playing through the mapset in general, some really nice maps in there and it's impressive what some people can do with just 3 textures.
  10. I like to max the maps I play and I think many people like that too.
  11. Thanks @MFG38 for your feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed the layout :) That Generalized Lift can't be triggered by monsters as one of its bits is "monsters: no". It can only be triggered by the player. I wanted to have the activating linedef a bit further away from the lift, so that the player triggers it unconsciously during the fight with cacodemons.
  12. I made another one for this! Assets aren't randomly selected this time round, I just wanted to make a castle :) Map Name: Nukage Castle Author: Jacek Nowak Build Time: a few late nights Play Time: 6 minutes Music: Braachsel by decino from .MID the way id did (midtwid2) Textures: custom sky by me Difficulty Settings: yes Ports Tested: prBoom+, GZDoom 4.4.2 Description: Compact castle level with some verticality. It should be more difficult than my previous entry (nothing too crazy though), there is enough ammo but on UV you need to push forward to get it. Looking forward for feedback on how it plays :) 3-nukage-castle.zip
  13. Basically - how to make it so that it does NOT look as in the image below. I know there are ways to fix that in GZDoom and probably also in GLBoom+ but I would like it to work with the software renderer (PrBoom+ and others). Is that even possible? I tried making texture patch higher or the texture higher but that only results in the engine displaying the bottom part of it and still ending it exactly at the horizon, I tried to fiddle with offsets in the Sky Transfer linedef but that doesn't seem to have any effect.
  14. I actually tried this solution with negative offsets and it does indeed work in prBoom+: the sky is stretched below the horizon. Unfortunately it does look ugly and not work as intended in GZDoom as in that engine the bottom of the sky is drawn at the top (so if I set Y offset to -32 in GZDoom the first 32 pixels from the top are actually taken from bottom of the texture, so it does "wrap around"). In prBoom+ it works fine though so I marked your answer as best answer, however it looks that there isn't an universal solution in Boom format that will work in prBoom+ but also display correctly in GZDoom).
  15. Thanks @JadingTsunami, I will try putting negative Y offset.
  16. Thanks @DiaboluciĆ³n but I wanted to do it with a custom texture, the one on the screenshot was just to ilustrate the problem :) But looking at the thread you linked, it looks that it can't be done in Boom and the workaround is to create a texture that will look ok when tiled vertically (which isn't always doable if you have, say, mountains at the bottom).
  17. I updated my map. The changes are as follows: - added a "block monsters" line so that hell knight can't enter the teleporter - added a lift back up from the exit area - fixed one texture misalignment - added music: "Dear Onion" by Lippeth, taken from ".MID the way id did" (midtwid2) Thanks everyone for feedback! Btw. I didn't specify source of the sky texture in the template when submitting the map. The sky is made by me :) 3-metal-pipe-skin-v2.zip
  18. Thanks for your feedback and for the demo - I really like watching people play my maps :) Yes, this hell knight shouldn't do this - I will stick a "block monsters" line before the teleporter, thanks for finding that.
  19. Looks and plays very good, I like it! I can beat it on UV so I think it means it's not too difficult ;) I found one issue which I think is not intended - the torsos hanging from the ceiling are blocking, so if you play in prBoom+ you hit invisible obstacles in random places.
  20. jacnowak

    Should I upload on Doomword my first sh*tty megawads?

    I think if you made the maps in the nineties or so, definitely upload them! And state creation date in the text file (it can be different than upload date). I made a few maps back in 1996, using EdMap, I was a child back then, the maps were utter crap but my friends at school were enjoying them, probably because it still looked as a great achievement to them that I was able to make A map for a computer game. Not so long ago I had an idea to do some face-lifting of these maps and/or rebuild them with modern standards and release them but I couldn't find them anywhere. I was making backups of my stuff even as a child and I kind of assumed they ought to be somewhere but they aren't anywhere - so many years passed and it looks that they are just lost...
  21. This map is awesome! I recorded a demo of my playthrough (attached). I had a few attempts but on this one I managed to max the map. Funnily I found the soulsphere secret for the first time on this run when I was at 4% desperately looking for health! That was great :) I really enjoyed the looks, the gameplay and the layout! prboom-plus -file 3x3_Toxic_Rumble.wad -skill 4 -complevel 9 -playdemo 3x3_Toxic_Rumble_demo_by_jacek_uvmax.lmp 3x3_Toxic_Rumble_demo_by_jacek_uvmax.zip
  22. I recorded a playthrough of your map, actually 2 playthroughs. prboom-plus -file Moss_Cushion.wad -skill 4 -complevel 9 -playdemo moss_cushion_fda_by_jacek.lmp prboom-plus -file Moss_Cushion.wad -skill 4 -complevel 9 -playdemo moss_cushion_tda_by_jacek.lmp Details in spoiler: I won't provide too much feedback as I'm not the owner of this CP, I'll just say that the map is very easy for 95% of the time but has two difficulty spikes when it's easy to die, particularly as you're relaxed for most of the map so you're not paying much attention and not expecting threat. I do suck at Doom though, so take that in mind ;) moss_cushion_demos_by_jacek.zip
  23. Haha, yes, that's my name :) It's a fairly common Polish name, perhaps not in the top 10 but I met at least a dozen people with that name personally in my life. Looking at your surname (and your surprise :P) you are probably not Polish, which makes it interesting for me how you got your name ;)
  24. @MrTAD I recorded a demo of your map (attached), consider it an FDA as I just went through 3 first rooms for a minute to see if it looks manageable on UV before recording the demo. I died at the end with only 7 monsters left to kill, most of them I could see so I think I almost reached the exit :) It was just a quick lunch break play so I didn't have time to retry. I enjoyed the map, it was a fun little romp and very classic style. You have the same set of monsters as in my map :) prboom-plus -file 3x3Keep_Out!.wad -skill 4 -playdemo 3x3Keep_Out!_demo_by_jacek_UV.lmp -complevel 9 3x3Keep_Out!_demo_by_jacek_UV.zip
  25. No, no, don't change them to regular pinkies :) I think the point of spectres is that they are hard to see and IMO they fit your level and all that sludge very well and I think that their placement is very good - it's just their nature that they are annoying ;) Changing them to regular pinkies on lowest skill levels only might be an idea though (it does meet the rules of the project as far as I can tell).