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Everything posted by covaro

  1. covaro

    10 Years of Doom(world)

    And don't anyone ever forget that. :P -Cov
  2. covaro

    Not Dead, Just Sleeping

    Good god, I sure wasn't expecting this when I posted my thoughts on me little old blog. Basically what I was trying to say was that DW as we have known her is pretty much done. I never said anything of the community behind Doom itself. A community is its members, not the game they are centered around, the game is the community. The Doom community is a wonderful group of nutjobs, and will probably always exist, but look at it this way, DW the way she was when she was a newborn is no more. Will she continue on and rise from the ashes of her former self to become something different? Probably. And it was more of a prediciton than anything else. No reason for you guys to get all worked up. =P -Cov DW News Bitch v1.0
  3. covaro

    The /newstuff Chronicles #282

    Nice... I made the pic for the /newstuff article on the front page. Been to long since I had anything on the frontpage here. -Cov
  4. covaro

    Doom On DVD!!!

    Well screw it, I just went ahead and ordered my copy. *sighs* The things I do for this game. -Cov
  5. covaro

    Freedoom For Freedom!

    What you really should promise is to get version 1.0 out before machines will no longer run Doom. =D -Cov
  6. covaro

    Doom On GameCube Linux

    could be cause no one has a gamecube... or something like that. Damn flaimbate... oops. =D
  7. covaro

    iDoom 1.1 Released

    Check out the video of it playing on the Nano: http://www.acc.umu.se/~hyarion/highbw/iDoom_nano.mov And that's right, give me credit bitches. -Cov
  8. covaro

    Doom Movie Score Available

    NIN is played during the 3D FPS portion of the credits.
  9. Well, since it seems that the news@dw.com addie doesn't work anymore, since they didn't bother posting this to the front page... I figured I'd offer up my "original" Doom Cam sequence from my 1996 10th Grade World History Project. It's campy, and we had a budget of $0, and the quality is horrid (damn tapes degrade), but it's kinda funny. Especially with the cheap gun sound fx we used. But hey, I beat the Doom movie to it by like 9.5 years! Anyway, for those who are interested, go download it... http://www.notmyblog.com/2005/10/28/the-original-fps-movie-sequence/ -Cov
  10. covaro

    Doom Style FPS Video Circa 1996

    Um DUH... I've been using DW instead of Doomworld since we started this site as an abbreviation. What I meant was those ingrates were ignoring me. After everything I did for this site back in the day... you would think I deserve a little mention after coming out of hiding after 3+ years. -Cov
  11. covaro

    Doom Style FPS Video Circa 1996

    Again see: * Campy * $0 Budget * Crappy Sound FX =D And I wasn't the camera guy on that scene. Friend of mine. Besides it was supposed to be a battle. Also, that is just a small snippet of a much larger scene from the movie... so the music fits in better at the beginning of the scene. -Cov
  12. covaro

    Doom's #1

    Well hell, I'm sure the movie rights alone were upwards of $5 mil. John can buy quite a few new Ferrari's with that... although if I remember correctly hasn't Carmack gotten out of the car thing in favor of his aerospace project? -Cov
  13. covaro

    Doom: The Movie: The Review

    Goat had the shotgun. -Cov
  14. covaro

    Doom: The Movie: The Review

    Well since I went out and bothered to see the movie tonight I figured I'd throw in my two cents: http://www.notmyblog.com/2005/10/21/doom-the-movie/ I know, you guys never thought you would hear from me again did you? I'm just full of surprises. -Cov
  15. covaro

    IGN Buys 3DGamers

  16. covaro

    It's G-Phoria You

    The Spike TV award was BS. Seems they think all video game players and thugs or some crap. I don't believe how many of the "ghetto" games were up for awards... just goes to show you that gaming isn't what it was when Doom came out. -Cov
  17. covaro

    Mordeth 4 President!

    That's right... finish the damn thing already.
  18. covaro

    Your 'to do' list:

    My to do list: (Things in the next five years) - Get an oppurtunity to race one race in the GT or GTS circuit - Build myself a new computer - Buy a second laptop for work related activities - Buy a townhouse - Buy wife a SUV (don't want to but she sooooo wants one) - Help build the company I work for into a very profitable entity - No more kids lol Can't really come up with anything outside the next 5 years. Not realistic to think that far if you ask me. -Cov
  19. covaro

    Best co-op level ever?

    Twilight Warrior was badass in Co-op. http://www.doomworld.com/twilight Ling and I used to play it all the time. -Cov
  20. covaro

    Is your name in /idgames?

    I'm in 12 times under Covaro: Mockery - Lil' Ol Me The Seventh Level 3 - Prower Tantrum 2 - Ola David's DM #3 - Davide Gevert Simpley Evil - pixel rex Liquid - Cyb Water Castle - SailorScout Wally Texture Pack - Afterglow and me (started the next 3 projects) CWB Texture Pack 1 - See above CWB Texture Pack 2 - See above above CWB Texture Pack 3 - See above above above Mockery Teaser Release - Myself and others Uncredited: Late beta tester of GDM2 Gothic98 Webpage maintainer and DW contact for Matt and Dan Not too bad I think for someone who never was any good at making levels. *grins* Of course for all the things I posted for everyone I should have had more people kissing my ass. lol -Cov
  21. covaro

    little baby covaro #2

    Me, I'll be 23 on Feb 21st. I got domesticated early. LOL -Cov
  22. covaro

    little baby covaro #2

    Alexandra Faith born 1/8/2004 @ 10:22AM EST Weight: 8lbs 15.8oz Length: 21.5 inches Mommy and baby doing great! Pics from my dad's camera: http://home.comcast.net/~wrcover/alexandra -Cov
  23. covaro

    little baby covaro #2

    thanks everyone. she's a little cutie. Her brother still hasn't made a decision on her yet. should be interesting. -Cov
  24. Happy Birthday Doom. Thanks for the Memories. The Original Mockery... 2005???? *grins* -Cov
  25. covaro

    So sue me for being late...

    I know I know... would ruin everything if I actually put it out there for people to play wouldn't it. I should do one of those "as-is" releases -Cov