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  1. KingofBabylon

    What makes you nervous?

    I'll tell you what pisses me off, assholes who abuse their power.
  2. KingofBabylon

    XWE hates Vista

    Everybody hates Vista. Games hate Vista too.
  3. KingofBabylon

    Fuck the ATF

    Cowards, all of them. Afraid of every single little thing.. Bunch of wusses I say!
  4. KingofBabylon

    Why doesn't anyone talk about Stalin?

    Cause he was an evil dictator that ruled over a totalitarian government?
  5. KingofBabylon

    Toy Story 3

    Ahhh, shaddup!
  6. KingofBabylon

    Classic Doom 3 mod

    It's not that great of a mod actually.
  7. KingofBabylon

    Falling to your death in RoE

    Yeah I fell into the first one a couple of times, but after that things went pretty smooth for me.
  8. KingofBabylon

    Enemy idea for Doom 4, or something

    And maybe add in the Baron of Hell too.
  9. KingofBabylon

    Enemy idea for Doom 4, or something

    The Spiderdemon and the Icon of Sin, those are my two.
  10. KingofBabylon

    Scary Moments in Doom 3

    I'm not scared of anything in video games. I used to be when I was little, but not anymore.
  11. KingofBabylon

    Stupid things you done in Doom 3

    The whole game is stupid, dark rooms, dark corridors, not enough monsters. Too little space to do anything and the ambushes are really annoying, not scary. Doom is not supposed to be a horror game. Was the original Doom a horror game? No.
  12. KingofBabylon

    Freedoom now on iPhone

    Oh please, those jokes are so old.
  13. KingofBabylon

    need a multiplayer partner

    What a dick.
  14. KingofBabylon

    Concerns about MAP 32

    So will this be removed in the next version or not? I think we should keep it, adding a few changes here and there to make it more playable.
  15. KingofBabylon

    When next release

    Don't mean to sound rude but that's just my way of asking people.