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  1. DoomFan421


    Anyone else played The Hotel? Just recently found it, and it scares the everliving fuck out of me. Maybe I'm a wuss, but its genuinely creepy for me... don't have a way of linking cause I don't know where I got it unfortunately, but it's for Skulltag and I found it on my external a month back. I just played it yesterday and... it made me sweat (not even kidding). The texturing isn't phenomenal, and there isn't any significant detail in the level that I could see (in fact it's kind of meant to be a maze from what I saw). However, it some spectacular sprites that can seemingly go in and out of the level and stand out in the distance (in darkness), which is a really eerie effect that I haven't seen done very much (if at all). I was just wondering if anyone else had played this WAD and what they thought of it if they had, because until yesterday, I didn't even know about this WAD (probably because I never saw anyone talk about it here on the forums).
  2. DoomFan421

    What are you playing now?

    Recently I've been playing Garrys Mod (which is incredibly bad compared to when I last played it early last year), Sleeping Dogs, and finally a lot of my own shitty Doom maps that I found on an old external from when DB2 first came out.
  3. DoomFan421

    Most dreaded maps/wads

    Yup. Plus, if you're like me in any way, the first time you played it, that map took you an eternity to beat. I basically have no sense of direction in Doom to start with anyways, so the first time playing Map 11 of plutonia for me was probably comparable to giving a first grader a calculus problem for homework... and probably yielded similar results: I got stuck on it for hours, and I eventually got so frustrated that I gave up and went to bed. Took me three days to beat it the first time.
  4. DoomFan421

    Most dreaded maps/wads

    My most dreaded WAD would have to be KDiZD. I've played it three times, and every time I get more frustrated at how poor either the game is or how awful I am. I can never figure out which it is, but I often look back after I finish and think its a mixture of both. I have yet to beat it on Nightmare, which should be a chore and a half, but I don't hate KDiZD like a lot of people seem to, though I do think some of the map designs are absolute overkill. Either way, I'd rather spend my time playing through KDiZD than some totally obscure and shitty WAD from the mid 90s that no one remembers because its ball cheese.
  5. DoomFan421

    Things in Doom you've never done

    I've Never... Played AV at all, nor even watched any videos of it. Played most highly praised TC's, and the ones I have I never finished (Aliens). Legitimately beaten a Cyberdemon since early 2009 Played through the entirety of Doom II without IDKFA since (around) 2007 Killed a Pinky with the chainsaw on UV.
  6. DoomFan421

    Something wrong with Realm667.

    Well, there goes my mapping for a good while, was looking to add a new weapon, but I only knew of it ever being hosted at 667 (y'know, like a lonnnng list of other great custom stuff that's there). Google didn't help me out either, so I guess I'm at kind of a loss for now.
  7. DoomFan421

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I have several possibly mind boggling things to confess to that could possibly cause me to be considered a pansy: 1. This I think is a relatively big one: I've never completed ANY Doom game (official or MegaWad) on Nightmare difficulty... 2. I often get lost in E1M4 for some reason, even if I use the automap. 3. The Pinky demons in E1M4 (in the 'maze' that I get lost in) usually catch me off guard and scare me. 4. Pinkys in general... scare me when they catch me off guard. 5. I sometimes STILL jump when I play classic doom. 6. Chaingunners usually kill me at least once in any given playthrough of Doom II if I play on Ultra Violence. 7. I often waste plasma rounds and regret it later when I have to fight a big enemy. 8. I've accidentally switched to the rocket launcher and gibbed myself more times than I could even care to count. 9. I often kill large numbers of enemies in doorways so I can sit and watch them being gibbed by the door crushing them when it closes. As such, I end up often achieving the SUCKS par time at least once per playthrough ever since I was 12. 10. I often play through Doom 2 using nothing but the SSG, and often times resort to cheating just to do so. 11. I've never completed Plutonia at all without cheating.