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  1. zdoom error

    I use Zdoom Launcher, and I'm trying to play a pwad, or even sometimes with the iwad , I get this stupid error. It'll start loading, and do its usual crap, and then, I get this message: Exception could not continue: Could not create new screen (800x600) 8876086c What is that and how do I freakin' fix it! I want to try out Eternal Damnation is Doomed and the ARMAS mods I downloaded rrom Mod DB!
  2. System Shock Doom

    I've been thinking about that, except my idea is something like a cross between System Shock, Marathon, Doom, Halo, and Dead Space. I've been thinking of some of the weapons for it. 1: fist/baseball bat 2: Glock 18/Plasma Bolter 3: AA-12 shotgun/Plasma Shotgun 4: AK-47 5: M79 Grenade Launcher 6: UT99 Pulse Gun I don't know what to use for 7.
  3. System Shock Doom

    How would I do that in Doom Builder 2? If it involves any coding, I don't do coding.
  4. System Shock Doom

    I like your idea. I'm thinking about using the System Shock textures for some maps.
  5. System Shock Doom

    I'm learning how to use Doom Builder 2, and attempting to create the first level from System Shock. I'm using steps instead of slopes, mainly because they're easier. I actually am using the texture WAD to do most of the texturing. The doors, I'm still using Doom textures. Right now, I'm trying to make the level look accurate by putting in proper textures, going by memory from what I remember from System Shock. If you've ever played System shock, and looked behind you, you would see the healing unit you were in. Anyways, I've started putting the texture for the healing unit in, but it's flipped in the opposite direction. How do I make it look right?
  6. zDoom: frontend doesn't use PK3s

    My frontend, zDoom Launcher [zDoom Wiki page: http://www.zdoom.org/wiki/ZDoom_Launcher_(Alternate)] doesn't recognize pk3 files as pwads, whereas another rrontend, ZDL, did. What I like about the frontend I have now, is that there are more options to configure my game. Anyways, is there any way I can convert PK3 files into WADs for use with my frontend?
  7. System Shock Total Conversion?

    How the hell was I supposed to know?
  8. System Shock Total Conversion?

    He, Ellmo, don't feel too bad. They gave me a hard time when I suggested a SS1 TC. Join the club. I suck at mapping just like you, and I asked for help, too.
  9. System Shock Doom

    I suck at making maps. Even though I think the map looks like the one from the original game, it still looks like crap. EDIT Besides, I can't get any mapping program to work on Vista. It always gives me a message saying that the program isn't compatible.
  10. System Shock Doom

    That System Shock textures WAD doesn't do crap! Everything is exactly the same. Kudos on the nice attempt to recreate the medical level.
  11. System Shock Doom

    ==I agree with you 100%. Like I've said before, I don't do maps. They just end up looking like crap. Anyways, I've thought of some ideas for weapons/hazards/enemies. 1. Laser Rapier/Lead Pipe 2. Mini Pistol/Magnum 2100/Dargun/stungun/sparq 3. Riot Gun/aAssault Rifle 4. Flechette/RF-Skorpion 5. Railgun (more of a rocket launcher rifle)/Frag/Gas/EarthShaker/Concussion Grenades/Landmines 6. Magpulse/Plasma Rifle (hurt you more than enemies) Hazards Radiation: On the first level of System Shock, the "resistance was holed up in an area of Beta Quadrant, protected by a radioactive trench. Any areas like this, (Reactor/area on Level 8 before Bridge) will do damage while in the area, and continue doing damage for a few seconds after. Virus: On Beta Grove, SHODAN is creating a mutated virus that she/it is going to release on Earth. Same effects as Radiation Energy Drain Mines: Drains any availzable energy, not health, just energy.
  12. N-Strike mod for Doom and Doom II

    I told you before, I suck at models AND maps! Believe me, I've tried. They just look like crap! EDIT I figured out 2 options for the BFG replacement. Either the Goliath UB-1 or the Crusher SAD-G
  13. System Shock Doom

    Has anyone played System Shock? Not System Shock 2, but the ORIGINAL System Shock? I suck at mapping, but I was wondering if anyone who is good at mapping could try to recreate the game in the Doom engine. If you haven't played System Shock, I recommend getting it.
  14. Vuvuzela Doom Weapon

    That's almost as good as the Rick Roller boom box mod.
  15. N-Strike mod for Doom and Doom II

    I idn't see anything that would help there. Now, my ideas for the ammo pickups are: Weapon Small Large 2 3 darts Nerf Ammo box 3 Recon Clip Raider Drum Mag 4 mS Clip Vulcan Belt 5 1 rocket Nerf Rocket Box 6 1 ball ball refill pack 7 ? ? MS is short for magstrike Anyone familiar with the titan should know what the rockets look like.