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  1. Z.Franz

    Delta Touch on Android

    I did it and now the loading times are reasonable again! Thanks for the super quick reply! :)
  2. Z.Franz

    Delta Touch on Android

    @Beloko Hi there, I'm a long time user of Delta Touch and I love it, but I need help to fix a problem. Some time ago my phone got the Android 11 update and the app works perfectly as always, save for Doom3. For some reason, Doom 3 now takes literally 4 minutes to load a savegame, when before my phone update it was about 2-3 seconds. I have no power saving features enabled whatsoever and changing graphic settings had no effect. What could be causing this?
  3. Honestly, I wish most doom 2 megawads didn't have a "Dead Simple" in slot 7...
  4. Z.Franz

    Key bindings for weapons

    As far as I know, you can't bind more weapons to the same number. In any case, if I remember correctly on PC i used this configuration: 1) heavy rifle; 2) shotgun; 3) SSG; 4) chaingun; 5) rocket launcher; 6) plasma rifle; 7) Ballista; T) Bfg; Ctrl) Grenade; X) flame belch; mouse5 & c) Chainsaw. But I might remember some of them wrong because I only play Doom Eternal on the Switch now
  5. Z.Franz

    Favorite map theme?

    Hell on Earth all the way
  6. Ok but why call it a reboot then? To me this sounds like an outright sequel kinda like FEAR Extraction point is to the original FEAR (it's not canon anymore, but it's still technically a sequel)
  7. If it's really a reboot, why tie the protagonist to the old one? Why have the Doomslayer be "Doomguy" with the same armor if it's not really him? Why not simply make him a guy from Argent D'nur at this point, like some people speculated in Doom2016? I feel like they didn't know what they wanted the game to be...reboot or stealth sequel. Kinda reminds me of Thief 2014. Also: what did the demons take from him if Doom1&2 are not part of this universe? And when?
  8. Yeah, I guess you're right
  9. Oh believe me, I know. I was actually referring to the higher ups, not Hugo or the other guys at Id software. I was simply suggesting that everybody would be more relaxed if the DLCs were not teased in advance with "season passes" and whatnot. Take Sekiro for example. The game got released complete and months later they released an update with the boss rush mechanic, outfits etc... It came out suddenly and everyone was pleasantly surprised. No legal shenenigans, no rush, no trouble :)
  10. Or better yet...a DLC announced when it's ready
  11. "Confirmed"...more like he made it up right there and then, considering they've changed the subtitle in the main game twice XD It's actually sad. I mean, it's fine to change ideas while working on a project, but come on man...
  12. I think that what NeoWorm is trying to say is, that the tutorial popup for the marauder explains that you need to attack him with a high damage weapon when he flashes green. Everything else is kinda unintentional. I see his point, when I played the game one year ago, I never found out about the other ways to kill him.
  13. That's because they didn't know he existed until they made this DLC. When you make stuff up as you go along, things tend not to make sense.
  14. To me, 2 really different phases would have been perfect. Keep the first phase identical, in the second phase he loses his armor and recovers way less health and only whrn he attacks you. On the other hand, he would become way more proactive and "in your face" with his attacks. Also less overall max health for all phases.
  15. Agreed. Hell is just word, the reality should be much worse Instead, it's just alien dimension n°1827494738 etc... Most people make fun of the novels for having aliens disguised as demons...I never would have thought that would become the new canon...