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  1. DANZA

    LZDoom 3.88b released

    I'm sorry to hear that, I would love to support a patreon, but I'm unemployed myself and still gotta pay rent, things in Chile are kinda rough right now. Thanks, for still maintaining the fork, but take your time, and focus on yourself, when you hit rock bottom there's only a way up, at least that's what I tell to myself. There's always little sparks of good in life to make it all worth it, I think. Stay strong.
  2. DANZA

    LZDoom 3.88b released

    Hi! This branch is great and runs smoothly two instances with mods! Sadly there's no way to play with more than one gamepad, setting all of gamepad's axi's function to "none" solves one player moving the other, but button presses for actions still occur simultaneously. I hope in the future there's a way to specify which gamepad one wishes to use or to differentiate one gamepad from another on the customize control menu ("ltrigger1" instead of global "ltrigger"). Thank you for your work and hope that coping with your condition gets easier with time, take care. EDIT: player one using Xpadder to simulate keyboard presses (with gamepad support disabled) also won't work, because the second player instance will still react to the first player button presses.
  3. DANZA

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v3.2

    Hi! This looks amazing! I was thinking of doing the same, but only managed to edit the weapon sprites, add a new blood splat animation and got distracted. I was using the same weapon sprites as you, but hated the muzzle flashes as they are too flat looking compared to the classic Doom ones (a result of the change in palette from the original png) so I edited all of them with muzzle flashes in the style of OG Doom to look a bit more professional. Here they are: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b57npbpu5exxu3l/D4lite.wad?dl=1 Is a weapon reskin wad using these sprites, feel free to take a look or use them if you want!
  4. DANZA

    Vae Victus fix?

    I'm playing it splitscreen coop with someone else in Eternity(Banana), now de can resume map 03. Thank you!
  5. DANZA

    Vae Victus fix?

    Hi, I was looking for the fix wad for the Vae Victus wad, someone uploaded it to dropbox for the Doom Ironman League of VV1 and 2, but the link is gone. It would be great if someone who has it could upload it, map 03 cannot be beaten without it.
  6. Yes! A DPB map pack with Blake stone vibes!
  7. They just "ordered" a pilot episode, I assume for internal viewing, and based on that they'll decide on whether to make a series or not. At least that's how I understand it.
  8. DANZA

    PSX Doom style mods

    The sounds are available in a lot of places, just search for "psx sounds wad". Colored lighting is another thing, as it has to be set in the maps themselves when building them. Here's a wad with psx sounds, plus a dehacked inside that changes revenant and lost soul behavior as it was on console (slower and less hp). PSXFX2.zip
  9. 4 maps in, quite fun! Interesting use of revealing spaces and verticality. EDIT: @Milkman Found an untextured platform wall at map 05, using PrBoom+
  10. DANZA

    How you play DOOM

    Prboom+ for singleplayer and Eternity (Banana fork) for splitscreen coop on PC. Prboom+ within Delta Touch on the tablet, I have a gamepad for it, but I'm used to the touch controls. Also, a custom soundfont, hd sounds, a dehacked for psx/64 behavior (slower revenants and less HP for lost souls) and sprite replacement for the blood drops and the Hell Knight, because a palette swap in a small roster like doom's is boring.
  11. Great reviews! Discovered many cool maps I missed somehow, thanks!
  12. DANZA

    PrBoom+ 2.6.66 (Jun 20, 2023)

    The fluidsynth playback quality seems to have been degraded since's seems muffled and crackly. I attached an audio file comparing the two using the same soundfont, first then (EDIT: Actually, I think all audio sounded cleaner before) fluid.zip
  13. DANZA

    Very, VERY worried about the final product.

    Yeah, the glow is overkill. It makes everything look too busy and not in a good way. Kind of strips the purity of its gameplay with that much visual clutter.