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  1. What a cool looking texture set and a great talent behind them. Can't wait!
  2. DANZA

    Btsx wad and Latest Brutal Doom issue??

    That's because the the sprites for the new animations in BD aren't in BTSX pallette, so load order won't fix it. You can delete the playpal file in BTSX wad to revert the pallette to vanilla, but then the textures on the maps will look glitchy.
  3. DANZA

    Doom 64 for Doom II - /idgames link is up

    Those are beautiful!
  4. DANZA

    ECMac - A Mac TC for ECWolf

    Oh! this looks pretty cool! Are you planning to extend compatibility to the SOD mission packs? A guy on the zdoom forums did a similar HD pack (not Mac centric), but the missionpack files didn't support the SD2 and SD3 file extensions.
  5. DANZA

    ''Military shooters are too brown and grey''

    Oh, Quake is a brownfest no doubt, it's part of the depressing/oppressing mood it tries to achieve. But most other FPSsss from the era, while having their tonal preferences, weren't afraid of embracing contrast, red and blue cacodemons over gray bases, shiny energy balls, colourful futuristic armours (quake 3,ut), etc. A lot of modern games use ambient occlusion and bloom to tint the scene in a single tone, wich to some extent it's realistic. Under a red light, surfaces get a little bit of red, depending on the strength of the light itself. The problem comes when the textures of the surfaces, characters and everything in the scene is previously gray or muted, so it can easily get overpowered by the ambient light. An extreme and not so modern example is Doom 3, where the enemies were mostly gray or white. In the real world, under a dominant ambient light, like an orange overcast sky, you don't see people using orange or white clothes to facilitate a mood, so the clash of colours, while being mostly orange it's still interesting. I understand the artistic decision behind the "gray shooters" though, but I think the developers got overexcited with the technique, and the games ended looking less realistic while trying to be ultra realistic... and honestly, visually boring.
  6. DANZA

    Any music genres you prefer?

    Post-punk, indie, revival, shoegaze and lo-fi... Anything that has surf rock or doo-wop bits, without being one of those genres specifically, will do. Oh, and the crappiest it sounds the better. Something like these darlings: My favourite bands of all time though, Blur and The Pixies.
  7. DANZA

    What was your first anime?

    Akira when I was a little *hit. Scared the hell out of me.
  8. DANZA

    Level design tropes you dislike

    That may be the case, it was more of a comment on d2 textures usage than on the proyect.
  9. DANZA

    Favorite First Person Shooter(s)?

    Besides Doom, I really like Quake 3, even in single player. It's like Super Smash Bros for Id Software shooters. UT2004 it's super fun too... and I have a soft spot for WOLF3D and Blake Stone.
  10. DANZA

    Level design tropes you dislike

    IMO, the same texture set/texture progression in vanilla mapsets (tech,concrete,hell), especially when a lot of effort has been put in the architecture front, but the textures are the same as Doom 2. BTSX is a good example of the contrary, while d64 for doom 2, would have been great with d64 textures shrinked to d2 size and pallete (It's a wonderful mapset nevertheless).
  11. DANZA

    Underused Level Themes

    - Tropical/Jungle - Heaven - Old West - Undersea City/Tunnels - Forests - Churches
  12. I wouldn't call it beautiful, but this is some of the things I do (Illustrations included). WARNING! It's super cheesy:
  13. DANZA

    Doom 64 for Doom II - /idgames link is up

    I love the current hud, the first was too visually busy. This one is simple and readable.
  14. I mean, it looks like every game with sprites/pixel art style from the era, and this era. It's more a thing of personal taste. I never owned a PSX, for example, so I have no nostalgia for it, but I love how gritty and interesting it looks, compared to the blurryness of the N64. Back then? Doom was not only cool looking, it was even scary!
  15. DANZA

    Preferred Software-Mode Resolution

    Prboom+, 640x480. Everything is visible without losing the pixelly grittiness <3 God, the color transitions are lovely, if you move closer, then far from one of the pillars in map01, it almost looks as if it has little protruding bits of decay coming out of it's surface... or maybe I just have a very active imagination.