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  1. the_moralist

    Master Of Puppets

    what? are you only playing the pre-set maps? you can play on any map you want from ultimate doom to Final doom or beyond that, you just have to have the wads to play them
  2. the_moralist

    Master Of Puppets

    yeah well i personally dont see alot of immature 10 year olds on doom, so far its been very fun for me and i hope nobody ruins that
  3. the_moralist

    Master Of Puppets

    I wasent expecting anyone to know what it was, so i was kind of waiting for someone to say that :P and thanks for the advice, i should have done that in the first place Heres a link to download and try out the wad http://wadhost.fathax.com/files/mop_beta_v0.371.zip
  4. the_moralist

    Master Of Puppets

    Does anyone else like this gametype? Its were you get to be the monsters and control them to stop the marines from exiting the level. It can be found on the doomseeker server bord
  5. the_moralist

    Whats your Doom Origin?

    I was about 3 years old when my dad got a share ware version of doom, and i was pretty interested in what he was doing. My mom was really pissed that he let me even look at it, but we were having a good time. After that i kinda looked back at doom as kind of a land mark of gaming for some reason. Later when i got older i picked up a copy of doom collectors edition and played it alot and just a couple months ago i heard of skull tag and got really excited. Now I'm here typing this post hoping no troll will make a stupid remark on my post. :)
  6. yeah he kinda implodes into himself, and his dead body looks really messed up
  7. the_moralist

    Plutonia - Hunted, WTF?

    i agree, this one was a chiller, expecially at the end of the level if you chose the wrong teleporter to exit the level