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  1. Hey Im 16 years old, and Ive been lurking these forums for a little while, and I always feel really young when people are talking about how they were in high school when Doom came out, etc and I was still barely out of my mom's cooch. Anyway, I'm wondering if any other members have become addicted to Doom even though its old (but who cares about graphics). I had vaguely heard of DOOM, but since I had no personal connection to it (I didnt play it with my dad, cousins, etc when I was little) and the fact that i HATE PC games (give me a controller and Ill be strafing and dodging Mancubi while I burst fire at lost souls, give me a keyboard and mouse and ill lose 1v1 to a shotgun guy) so it was a Godsend when they ported DOOM to the 360 and I snatched it up, played it for a little while, but got bored because I could never figure out where to go, and didnt touch it for a long while. Then DooM 2 was ported, I snatched it up again, somehow figured out how to go really easily in all the levels, and Ive been playing it every day since mid-May, and I have yet to feel a hint of boredom.
    Unlike Halo or Cod, which I havent played in about a year, (im an rts guy) Doom has depth to it, "Hmmm...should I get in a small area with this cacodemon so I can chainsaw it and save ammo, but what about the chaingunners that will snipe me on the way there, should I just SSG it?
    The resource management is a great thing that, with the dumbing down of fps games due to my generation, has sadly been completely lost in time. Theres never any question of "Do I really need to use the BFG to take out this AV? I could probably just hit it a couple times with the RPG and run behind cover before it fires". In Halo, its just like "Whatever Ill get a whole bunch of new ammo in the next level anyway."

    tl;dr Young Doomers tell your story how you got into this timeless classic.

    Oh and ps: I grew up in the same town (shawnee KS) as John Carmack. Im pretty proud of that :)

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    2. AveryMaurice


      I'm 16 as well, I joined the community when I was 14, and I have been playing doom since I was 8.

    3. Joshy


      19 here. First played the shareware demo of knee deep in the dead when I was 5 I think. It came out of a box that had a joystick and controller and was with hundreds of other games titles in one cd. It also had the simpsons mod in it as well and I remember freaking out hearing two Ned Flanders coming out with a high pitched voice in E1M8 (and I adored the characters)

      My first 'full' version was final doom for my 8th birthday I think it was and started mapping around 2004 or 2005 and joined the community in 2006-ish... or was it 2007? Either way.

    4. ReFracture


      AgentSpork said:

      I was 12 when I first became involved in the Doom community (5 when I first played Doom). Now I'm 21. The fuck?

      6 at start, 13, at community, and 21 now.

      The fuck indeed.