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  1. Violator

    Black Friday Riot Breaks Out At Walmart

    Fuckin worthless animals we've become, imagine how were gonna be when there is shortened food supplies
  2. Violator

    children killer released after <4 years

    Freedom of speech is non-existent among people who preach its importance, don't bother bro
  3. Violator

    Duke 3D For Free on GoG!

    Thanks man, really appreciate the heads up!!
  4. Violator

    Finalizing PSN

    Was really surprised that Bethesda emailed me back, whether they stay true to their word is another story and agree with you there, heard some of the midis and they sounded like a cat getting slaughtered haha.
  5. Violator

    Finalizing PSN

    I emailed Bethesda about the lack of Widescreen support and they said they were going to work on it :) also they are going to fix the lag in Co-Op.
  6. Violator

    Obama wins the election. More of the same now?

    And lets not forget Obama doesn't count people who gave up looking for work or people living off handouts as unemployed inb4 fake stats showing how great he is. America had a chance to make a real change but instead chose the same war mongering puppet to lead them into more oppression and debt. Romney was equally as bad but at least it would've made the left anti-war again if he got elected.
  7. Violator

    Election 2012: Conservatards vs Librodouches

    4 more years of destruction, RIP degenerate USA. Enjoy your increasing debt, pointless wars, assassination of American citizens and abolition of your rights.
  8. Violator

    Election 2012: Conservatards vs Librodouches

    Would be interesting to see which war mongering puppet wins, either way it makes no difference.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxW0jBcUqZQ been watching shitloads of these documentaries, wish they showed more of these on TV
  10. Violator

    Soldier Of Fortune 2: Will it run on Win7

    Yeah, I got it running pretty easily in Windows 7, the first one also works in Windows 7. You might have to change the compatibility mode to Windows 98 though, haven't tried it for a few years but it did work.
  11. Violator

    Death of Amanda Todd

    RIP poor girl, such a sick/confusing world this new generation has to live through.
  12. Violator


    Just passed the first level, really cool, can see why some people were bitching about the visuals they look amazing but some areas will look a bit dry, that being said it didn't really bother me seeing as I've been playing through old school point and click adventures like Indiana Jones until I put this on my PC. Extremely impressed by how smoothly the gameplay is and how solid and complete the game feels.
  13. Violator

    Ultra-Feminist Propaganda

    I love woman for what they are and what they do don't get me wrong, I hate womanizers and people who think it's okay to cheat, abuse and treat woman badly and vice versa, I might come off as a womanizer but I'm just giving my honest opinion here - I have had some crazy experiences with woman and their emotions far too often in life to acknowledge that we are completely the same in those terms
  14. Violator

    Ultra-Feminist Propaganda

    Woman and men are separated by their different roles within society, much like that in the animal kingdom