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  1. Oh my bad, didn't read the date - you know I'll be there then o\
  2. Holy crap I wish I was there.
  3. I love you Zzul.
  4. MAP12 UV-Max in 9:11
  5. MAP05 UV-Max in 2:39
  6. Playing Speedo Doom
  7. Thanks for introducing me to this WAD Paul, really had fun with it yesterday and I gave you my feedback already, so I just wanted to thank you again for a great mapset!
  8. MAP03 UV-Max in 1:13 MAP19 UV-Max in 2:39
  9. Some more Sunlust
  10. March Ironman challenge (Ran into some problems, will notify when ready)
  11. Highlights are up. Sorry for the delay.
  12. A blind run through this challenge which made this first Ironman experience really fun. Dead at map04. Pleasure to join! Demo
  13. About to attempt the ironman challenge for this month, Legacy of Heroes
  14. Eris has been poking me to try an ironman so I'll be joining in on Monday afternoon. Will post when done!
  15. - TNT Revilution beta, continuing from episode 3