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  1. jukenukem4d

    The /newstuff Chronicles #373

    Non-linear maps suck. This is Doom. It's not like you get special powerups that allow you to reach areas within areas you were before that you couldn't previously reach, or you get separate missions within one map. Non-linearness is pointless.
  2. An exciting description =/= "jokewad." The only "jokewads" around are your maps.
  3. It's one of the best in terms of enemy placement and one of the most unique in terms of level design. Hurry up and download now.
  4. Thinking this was the sequel to Vile Flesh was your first mistake. Not downloading it would be your second. Hurry up and download now. :3
  5. It's okay bro. I don't think much else other than "wat" is ever on your mind.
  6. Yup. That's usually what people say after experiencing the excitement and action of this WAD.
  7. They're weaker because I wanted to speed things up. I wanted more ducking in and out between walls and less circlestrafing. And thanks. :3
  8. Entrails will surely follow once you play it. Hurry up and download now.
  9. This awe-inspiring WAD features more slopes, bridges, unique environments, unprecedented surprises, action, blood, violence, intelligent monster placement and DECORATE features than any WAD ever before! Come walk through windswept valleys, clear out underground demon cages, kill a whole new group of boss monsters lurking in the waterfalls with your marine buddies, clear out a boatload of hellspawn (literally) before coming across a new "blood stadium" under construction. Finally, storm through an infected base and touch the magic door, pass out and awaken to find the base in ruins around you, then you'll jump into the magic gate and awaken in the ABODE OF THE DEAD (a.k.a Hell, but I guess that sounds cooler) and try to take down the most relentless, evil and unforgiving boss monster EVER imagined. tl;dr: This outstanding WAD features very unique environments, slopes, bridges and loads of DECORATE features, so get downloading. ftp://ftp.fu-berlin.de/pc/games/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/v-z/vilef2ry.zip Replaces MAP01 to MAP06. Cacoward tiem nao?
  10. jukenukem4d

    Doom Builder 2.1.0 released

    Hey! I just downloaded it. Is it capable of embedding a DECORATE file now? =p
  11. jukenukem4d

    Lighter sounding plasma

    This is the exact reason I never use the plasma gun in my levels. Plus it requires boring open-area circle-strafing, instead of ducking in and out of walls.
  12. Wadup Gs? In some WADs I've played, I've noticed the rather dull blue water colour and the inside of the cacodemon's mouth has been changed to a vibrant colour that's more like a swimming pool water's colour. How do they do that? Also, how do you get the orange glow for imp projectiles and magenta glow for cacodemon projectiles? I use ZDoom and GZDoom. Thanks in advance.
  13. jukenukem4d

    Map 07 Speedrun...

    I just opened up DB2 and moved the platform so that it's right next to the centre podium, and, it is indeed possible to step up from the mancubus platform to the podium.
  14. jukenukem4d

    Zdoom bridge

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xALVLt7Un0 This is a pretty good video on how to design bridges in DB2. Nothing on rooms above rooms, though.
  15. jukenukem4d

    Can Doom Builder 2 embed decorate?

    I just realised Doom Builder is open source. Surely someone can modify it to allow DECORATE and MAPINFO. :P