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  1. Android 2.2 Motorola FLIPSIDE user here, would love to test.
  2. sheeple

    Vanilla Or No?

    Vanilla for purism/serious play, and for the challenge of making a truly old style map. Newfangled EXEs like ZDoom if you want advanced features.
  3. sheeple

    Waterfall texture glitch

    My DM levels used to look good like yours, then I took a waterfall texture in every line. The story is I added a waterfall texture to my WAD for a water temple level, and here's how one of the other levels looks in ZDaemon. Skulltag screen: Zdaemon: Anybody know how to fix this? The WAD is for vanilla Doom and is intended to be playable on every source port with networking capabilities.
  4. sheeple

    Doom pin metalwork

    I carved the Doom logo into my arm with a rusty fillet knife.
  5. sheeple

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I probably play Puyo Puyo or Halo more than Doom these days.
  6. sheeple

    Doom 4 should have...

  7. I actually don't find Hexen format that hard to work with, I'll help her if she needs it. Btw, she's testing in singleplayer I believe.
  8. I came back here with this problem my new girlfriend's having with Doom Builder 2. Each time she tests a map in Skulltag, mobs don't show up, despite her putting them here. She's testing with Skulltag 0.98d-r3021 and editing on the latest Doom Builder 2 release, making the map for Zdoom in Hexen Format.
  9. sheeple

    Regenerating Health

    Being faster at the game and memorizing different maps often eliminates the need for elaborate strategies.
  10. sheeple

    Involuntary Celibacy

    That would be rather difficult for me, since I cannot normally bring myself to let go of my cautiousness.
  11. You just won the internet! Seriously, I wonder how much better the internet would be if nobody was spewing out "THE GOVERNMENT DID 9/11!!!!!1!!!!one" or "TEH MOON LANDING WAS FAKE!!!!!!11@!@#@$!" whilst disregarding all dissenting views, complaints, and logic. Not only would it make the internet kill my brain a lot less than it already does, but we all can focus on real issues, like World War III or the New World Order. Besides, this kind of shit doesn't belong on gaming forums anyway, it only causes fights. I don't even think our government is evil or tyrannical in any way, they're just ignorant and spineless. I believe that the real evil is certain corporations that are largely unregulated by the government, and as such are allowed to try and take over our lives. There's various political groups that work at preventing our lives from being owned by the corporations, and they seem to be doing well at their jobs. Otherwise, we wouldn't have the internet as a platform for free speech since it would be taken over by corporate media, and a SWAT team would break into your home if you even let your friend borrow a game or CD you own. I know some of this is kinda in place, but activists are working on changing all that to make sure that our lives aren't controlled by corporate media.
  12. sheeple

    Life Hacks

    More like "How to deal with bees, Micheal Bay style".
  13. sheeple

    Buying Second-hand games could now be illegal

    It's all just corporate shill, it's what they're forcing into our lives for money.
  14. sheeple

    Logical fallacies

    "Vote for Hitler or you're a Nazi!" How's that for a fallacy?
  15. sheeple

    A couple Linux ZDoom problems

    Well, I tried QJoyPad in ZDoom and the analog output is way too fast to be effective (I'll inch the mouse stick to the right and I'm looking at the floor and spinning really fast). I'll probably eperiment with different gradient modes in it to see what I can come up with that'll be ideal for looking/turning. Well, I just tried it in OpenArena and when I moved the stick I bound my mouse to, it just went right/down really fast, I'll try it with my generic pad. It would appear as though mouse left/up is broken in full-screen applications. And if bot support in ZDoom is dead, I could just use Skulltag when I have access to the Skulltag wiki again so I can download off the terminal.
  16. sheeple

    A couple Linux ZDoom problems

    1) Cannot get ZCajun working. I have a zcajun directory in my ZDoom folder, but it's not picking up. Does anyone know of a solution to this, or at least a better bot engine compatible with ZDoom? 2) ZDoom will not read any game controllers. I want to use my old second model XBox controller, which I converted to USB a while ago and recently installed xjoy for it. It works in ZSNES just fine though, and Contra 3 is awesome with it. I also tried my Logitech Dual-Action, which I know is a generic USB gamepad with nothing special needed, and ZDoom didn't pick that up. I already know both problems can be solved by using Skulltag instead of ZDoom, but I would like to fix the problems within ZDoom rather than using another port.
  17. Name - I was reading that Cracked article about internet arguments and thought it would be funny to have. Title - Standard dynamic forum title, in Doomworld Forums' fashion. Would be cool if the topic could extend to user avatars though.
  18. I use Linux, so I don't get General MIDI. I installed and configured Timidity for Linux with several soundfonts - A full MIDI soundfont named "ChoriumRevA.SF2", a "death metal" guitar soundfont named "Dethmetal.SF2" or something to the effect, and a nice drumkit soundfont named "SJDrums.SF2".
  19. I have a fuckton of PWADS, and I recently retrieved all my stuff off my computer and installed Xubuntu 9.10 for use as a main OS. I started installing software, including VLC media player, Skulltag, and Doomseeker. Skulltag ran great on it. I recently tried loading a couple WADS, but I couldn't find the binary for Skulltag. The next logical thing was to use BASH, and using the only two logical ways of loading my WADS I knew of, I came up short-handed. If anyone has any suggestions, that would be great. I may try to modify that Chocolate Doom frontend I found here while lurking and see that I can get some results from it, but any help is welcome.
  20. sheeple

    Linux Skulltag - loading PWADS using BASH?

    Well, I basically have my Skulltag set up the way I want it, plus some Timidity soundfonts installed. I now realize that Quake 2 weapon mod I downloaded will not work in Skulltag anyway, and I got the file loading down in the terminal, plus aliases for easy access.
  21. sheeple

    Linux Skulltag - loading PWADS using BASH?

    I guess I'll try your setup, but I'll also alias some of my favorite MegaWADs and TCs for easy access via terminal.
  22. sheeple

    Music/Media Players- what should I use?