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  1. AkiraZXE

    New Forum

    I guess I'm in the minority opinion that the new layout is just...not very good? Ironically, despite it being a modern design, I feel like I've gone back in time to the days of 640x480. Everything takes up so much space, but accomplishes so little. I gotta zoom out just to feel like I don't have my face pressed against the monitor, and that ends up with literally half my screen being empty margins. The 15 subforum links on the front page of the forums don't even fit in 2 screens worth of space at 1600x900 with default zoom. Again, it's just so much space taken up, but most of it wasted.
  2. AkiraZXE

    Reasons for success or failure of source ports?

    Just to weigh in from a typical user's perspective... As far as Doom goes, 99% of what I play on GZDoom and QZDoom work despite my 8+ year old hardware. Only the absolute craziest maps and effects have problems, and I don't think a 5% performance increase is really going to solve those particular issues. Even on hardware older than that, I still didn't have problems too often. With ports like PrBoom and ChocoDoom, I can throw them on virtually any machine I will come across without worrying about performance at all. If a port's development slows to a crawl, or skilled people jump ship, that's really not doing me any favors. If there's a new feature that modders want, but nobody's willing to implement because they don't want to touch the code involved, that's something cool down the line that I'm gonna miss out on. If there's a bug I'm running into, having to wait weeks to months for even a possible fix would be beyond annoying. I don't think that's a good trade off for an extra 2 FPS when staring at a corner in a vanilla map that I'm going to cap at ~120 anyways.
  3. I'm also one of those people who never uses a launcher. Most ports I use are ZDoom-derivative, so it's just easier to drag and drop from one window to another than to use another utility. I never create a batch unless I plan on playing quite a few sessions of that particular combination of wads, and even then, usually only if it's Chocolate Doom or PrBoom, which is rare enough in itself. The only launcher I've ever considered using was Doom Launcher. Having a proper library, but not bogging it down with features like user profiles, makes it ideal. Except that it wants to duplicate my entire wad library, which is a nuclear-level dealbreaker.
  4. AkiraZXE

    .OGG files

    The thing that caught my interest a few years ago, when I was tinkering with composing, was that OGG Vorbis let you set your loop points. That always struck me as potentially useful in modding, but I've never actually seen it utilized and the tools I found were all pretty clunky. It definitely wasn't supported by any composition software, so you'd have to do it in a pretty roundabout way. I don't know why it didn't initially catch on, but I can see why it's no longer a real issue for most people. Since I personally do nothing that requires maneuvering around the licensing of the MP3 format, the looping is the only real benefit I could get out of it today. I think the worst MP3 has ever caused me was requiring one extra step to get Audacity to export to MP3. On the other hand, moving my library over to OGG Vorbis would require an insane amount of time and effort for very little real benefit.
  5. The very first time I opened Doom Builder, I hadn't read any tutorial or had any experience with how maps worked on a technical level in Doom (or any game). I drew a few sectors, then proceeded to put the player start and a few decorative things outside the sectors I had just drawn, not knowing what sectors even were. I thought they would be solid objects in a big featureless plain. I do still have the map I actually learned how to use Doom Builder with. Like learning what "sector" meant in sidedefs, seeing what happens when you delete individual lines instead of sectors, having lines on top of lines, and using random textures I thought looked interesting so I could look back later if I forgot what they were called. The first time I actually tried to make a proper map, it was an awful big square deathmatch map, complete with crate areas, nonsensical ammo placement, seemingly random lighting, and a MIDI from Super Mario Sunshine. I then had the bright idea to release it on an unsuspecting community. Everyone involved probably would have agreed that it was a mistake. I don't have any of those early attempts anymore, though there's a couple really terrible maps floating around in an old megawad some friends and I put together on Doom Connector, but otherwise they're all lost to time.
  6. AkiraZXE

    Do you play with classic status bar?

    I used to use ZDoom's fullscreen HUD and advanced HUD. After a couple years of that, I switched back to using the original status bar. Playing a few older WADs in Chocolate Doom convinced me to. It felt a lot more "Doomy" to have the bar rather than some floating icons and numbers, even if it took up a lot more screen space. Relatedly, I've never seriously played Doom with a reduced screen size. Sometimes I forget it's even an option.
  7. Don't get your hopes too high over Code Lyoko. It may be what you were thinking of, but it's definitely a cartoon made for kids. I remember thinking it was pretty cool when I was younger, but when I watched a couple episodes relatively recently, it very quickly became clear that it wasn't meant for me. You'll understand if you watch it. If I had kids, I'd put it up pretty high on things I'd approve of them watching, but it's not really something I'd want to do myself. They also did a sequel, Code Lyoko Evolution. It came out a whole decade after the end of Code Lyoko, but it was made for kids as well. Not sure why, considering the only people who would have been interested were no longer kids. I don't think it really added anything to the original story (when it got one halfway through its run), and all its flaws were multiplied by having real actors who were all apparently told "act like you can't stand each other". Just a fair warning before you go reliving part of your childhood.
  8. If you look at a white person's life, how easy do you think it would be to point out the influences of white privilege with any level of certainty? Any situation where you could say their race was a positive influence in their life, you could just as easily attribute it to any other thing. This is especially true with poor white people, who already aren't experiencing much in the way of social advantages. You just can't distinguish coincidence from white privilege in the vast majority of cases. Racial privilege in our society is an extraordinarily difficult thing to find once you get down to the scale that matters to individual people. That's, at least, part of the reason it's often rejected outright. You can't say "be aware of your privilege" and have it mean anything, because even if "being aware" somehow made a difference, you're going to struggle to find anything to be aware of without resorting to ridiculous hypotheticals. Now, there are times that racial disadvantages exist, and they're very clear. Especially in specific cases, police profiling and the like, but even just being born in specific places. I, at least, am certainly not arguing that racism doesn't exist. However, trying to distinguish the absence of disadvantage without finding a clear and obvious advantage is just silly. White privilege doesn't work on scales that matter to individuals. You may be able to find a trend in society, but once you get down to actual people, they're either such a small part of it that it's irrelevant to their lives, or people actually involved are so rare that some sections of society may be completely unaffected. Simply speaking, trends only work in one direction. You can find trends in society by looking at the big picture, but you can't then divide up that trend evenly among all people in society and have it work out. Hell, I'd argue it's not all that different to a stereotype. It suffers all the same flaws as a stereotype, it just also is supposed to serve a functional purpose, which it apparently fails to do. These aren't complicated ideas I've come up with, they're extremely simple and obvious problems at the very core of white privilege, and that's not even all of them. They're not misunderstandings or caused by being blinded by privilege or secret bigotry, and the insinuation that they are is what gets people riled up.
  9. You're not very good at the redefinition strategy. "Defective" has negative connotations, which is not something I came up with. Most importantly, it's objectifying, because "defective" is a term we use almost exclusively for broken tools (in a broad sense of the word "tools"). If I were to describe somebody as different, I would use "different" or "unusual" or at worst, "abnormal". I wouldn't call somebody "defective", or a part of them as defective. Disabled, maybe, if they actually had a physical or mental problem limiting what they could do. Whatever the currently accepted term for it is that does not carry the same negative connotation. However, that's because it does not make it sound as if they are failing at what they are. To call somebody defective sounds as if they're bad at being people, which isn't something I'd use for anyone except, I dunno, people who torture children. People who are truly failing to be people, and that's not something I'm in much of a position to define. Now even though I'm explaining this to you, you already know this. You know the word has negative connotations that would never be used to define people otherwise, and certainly not in this context. I'd call it a dog-whistle, but it's too candid for that. You're making excuses, you tried for plausible deniability, but you know what the "theory" is really trying to say.
  10. Yes, a theory invented by racists. See, this is why institutional racism is treated as a separate thing from racism for the average person. Not a whole lot of white supremacy going on in this interaction, and if I were to say "there's a theory that black people are closer to monkeys but I don't know or care if it's true", there would be suspicions about me being a racist. Not because I have "power", I don't have any power, but because I'd be treating black people as lesser beings. You'd have to be talking out your ass to claim that saying somebody is "defective" is not treating them as lesser. For your information, though it probably won't matter, white skin likely developed as a response to lower vitamin D levels in early Europeans. Early as in migrating hunter-gatherer tribes. Dark skin protects better against the sun, but because of that, it's worse at producing vitamin D. Early humans in Europe likely suffered from vitamin D deficiency, meaning lighter skin was selected for. Eye color is a separate beast entirely, and while it's more common in Europeans, you can find non-brown eyes all over the world. About the only thing you got right was that, if you mix people enough, you'll probably end up with an in-between shade. That's really got nothing to do with white skin being a "defect" though.
  11. AkiraZXE

    Old games that should be remade

    This is something I've been wanting for a while, or at least something similar. A lot of Nintendo games of the time had the fancy art on the box or in the manual, but obviously the technology of the time wasn't capable of making it a reality. Now, it is. A western animation-style Zelda, or a Metroid that looks like it's straight out of an old D&D Monster Manual. Speaking of Nintendo, I have no idea why Super Mario 64 DS wasn't touched up and released on the 3DS. It's not that old of a game, but it was just released too early. Between the lack of a control stick and weak DS specs, the game never made it close to living up to its potential as a fun twist on what's now a classic game. It feels more like an early 3D game than the original does. As a fan of SM64 I really want to like it, but I can't if it's not willing to meet me halfway.
  12. AkiraZXE

    Let's talk about Overwatch

    This is the only relevant information to Tracer's pose. Anyways, I don't hate the game entirely (in fact, I'd say it's at least good), but I have no hope for it in the future. Between most of WoW's expansion, early Diablo 3, and Hearthstone's ridiculousness, I don't have faith in Blizzard to fix issues as they become apparently. Just to list a few: • D.Va was released borderline useless, and remains borderline useless. On almost every map, there's no reason to play D.Va other than to get your k-weeb fix. • Junkrat/Pharah damage. In TF2, Demoman does very little damage due to his attacks having blast damage. Similarly, Soldier's rockets are not particularly great. Meanwhile in Overwatch, you can switch of Junkrat or Pharah and top the team in damage with almost no effort. • Competitive is broken. Plain and simple. It's heavily skewed towards deranking, the tiebreakers are almost coin flips, and players in the 50s can be anywhere from pants-on-head retarded to potential professionals. I have other issues with the game, which aren't necessarily objective criticisms, but just turn me off from it. The boxes, for instance. I have horrendous luck, so anything based entirely in luck is just automatically crap for me. I played a bit of it, probably something like 300-400 games, and have decided to wait until next season to bother. If that doesn't go well, then that'll probably be it for me. I'd like the game to be great, but I have other things I could spend my time on.
  13. AkiraZXE

    Police Body Cam Footage No Longer Public In NC

    I disagree. When you boil down "white privilege", it serves no other purpose. All it does is tell successful white people that they don't deserve their success, and it minimizes the struggles poor white people go through. It tells white people that their successes and their struggles aren't worth anything. It certainly doesn't do anything to solve the issues in black communities, because white privilege isn't the problem in black communities. That's a legacy of institutional racism and the failure of society to solve what resulted from it. Deconstructing "white privilege", which wouldn't occur from telling white people to "be aware of their privilege" anyways, wouldn't solve it. Ultimately, you're putting white people down, rather than bringing black people up. The only thing left is shaming. Besides, it doesn't work to generalize millions of people across such a massive country. The entire concept seems especially ridiculous to me, living a few miles from Portland, Oregon. It's one of, if not the whitest cities in the nation, and also has some of the highest homelessness rates. If you want irony, come to Portland and listen to gentrifiers talk about how bad gentrification is. They'll certainly tell you all about white privilege, while pushing more and more white people out of their communities and onto the streets. They probably don't even recognize what they're doing, because they're doing it to white people. It's absurd to say the people losing their homes and livelihoods to this are privileged or have some kind of special advantage, when they're already losing everything to people whom they supposedly share that advantage with. Anyways, body cams. I don't understand why there's even an argument. Police are supposed to be held accountable for their actions, especially given the power they wield. The only way to make sure they're held accountable is transparency and public scrutiny. The public, by the way, which they serve and are funded by. Body cams accomplish this better than anything we have at our disposal. Police are not anti-terror forces in operation at all times, nothing they do requires a very high level of secrecy. To have as much power as they do and to want to wield it secretly is suspicious as hell.
  14. AkiraZXE

    crappy games of your childhood

    I know what you're talking about. I only vaguely remember it and don't recall the name either. Of course, it was a game meant for 4-6 years olds, so I imagine "bad" is a given, if it's even applicable. Entertaining people who know how to count and aren't amused by bright colors isn't really in the scope of the game. Besides that, I rented the A Bug's Life game a couple times. I liked it as a kid, but looking back on it, it was pretty bad. I'm not sure how it got ported from the original PS1 release onto both the N64 and the PC. I also had this "Games for Windows 95" demo disc. It had some good demos on there, including one for Doom 95, but there was definitely some crap mixed in. I remember one fighting game with buff furries or something, and the controls just outright didn't work 90% of the time.
  15. AkiraZXE

    Will swimming in games ever be good?

    Subnautica seems fairly popular despite taking place almost exclusively underwater. I've never actually played it (my machine could never handle it), but I've seen streams of it and nobody seems to have any problem controlling it. Might want to take a look at it, get a few ideas from there.