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  1. I just want to point out that I said, in the Discord, that I liked the map before I knew it was Rad's. Other than that, I'm not gonna defend myself or get a rise out of you being a jackass, there's no point. You're taking this way too personally.
  2. You don't have to listen to me. I don't have to listen to you. My opinion is my opinion, I don't really care if anybody respects it or values it. I honestly agree with a lot of Decay says. Despite how I feel about him or how he feels about me, which doesn't matter at all, he makes some good points about a lot of the maps. Someone let Rad's map in, seemingly only to be picked apart and made fun of. Why do I figure this? "map10: Hobomaster graciously saved therektafire's map from condemnation and made a fairly good result, good job." What this makes me think is that Map10 was WORSE than how you guys perceived Map12, given a chance to be fixed, and is now a much better state, yet Map12 was allowed in a perfect condition to be roasted. For all I know, Rad was advised to make some changes, and knowing him, he would have made those changes. That makes me think that someone gave him some critique, but not enough critique to help him make the map "good enough." Lastly, Rad's is the only map listed above that doesn't have any critique stated. Just "we've all heard enough." Rad already knows how to map plenty good enough, but if that was some newer mapper, they wouldn't be able to benefit from anything. It's the exact same as me saying "this map is garbage."
  3. I had plenty of fun on it for the 3 minutes I got to play it. It's too big, should maybe be chopped in half, and some item placement could change, but if Rad had taken more than like 30 minutes or so to make it, it would be a real solid DM map. The rest of the maps aren't even really suited for DM, more for 1v1 or 2v2
  4. I don't like them because my friends made em. I like em because they're decent. I'm not going to waste time coming up with a list of actual critiques, because I know you'll just call me an idiot or a memer, which is par for the course with you. Hell, your feedback on your own map was "A+ I finally did it." It's nowhere near perfect my dude.
  5. Well I mean you think Doom 1 and 2 suck, so I can't take your opinion seriously, sorry pal
  6. Everyone shitting on Rad's map, but it was one of my favorites. It was a little big, yes, but it was the ONLY map that wasn't just another cramped, cookie cutter DM. Some of the maps were absolute garbage, but Rad's is the only one gettin picked on. Damn shame Other than Rad's, Alex's and Doomkid's were my favorite. The rest can sit in a garbage can and get moldy and would probably turn out better
  7. Yo in MAP02, i did all the shit, got the blue key, hit the switch, and....nothing. Pals in #doomtwid said it should've lowered me into a pit, but it did not. I'm running on Zandronum 2.1.2. edit: it worked this time when i went through. apparently last time a linedef didn't trip and it fucked everything up
  8. ALMN

    Demos with jumping, crouching and shit

    http://www.twitch.tv/unidoom/c/5650402 Ultimate Champion Ultimate Doom Ultimate Speedrun All four episodes continuous streaming. I even made a lot of mistakes but i got the world record with 12 minutes and change. i didn't record a demo but i was streamin it
  9. I've got 2 albums out. The first can be downloaded for free, the second is cheap, and will probably be free at one point. Not great quality, and there's mistakes because I don't like to fix things in post. 1.) The Dish Pit 2.) Back of Your Head EP Back of Your Head YouTube
  10. ALMN

    Stronghold v1.0 released

    So much for "time to move on!" eh torm? you never answered me bro, do you like donuts?
  11. ALMN

    Stronghold v1.0 released

    You obviously don't read my posts if all i post is cheap insults.
  12. ALMN

    Stronghold v1.0 released

    graf you keep complaining about maturity and all that shit but then you call us all idiots and morons faggot