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  1. Doomguy458

    What makes a good WAD?

  2. Doomguy458

    One Millionth Post

    Congrats everybody! Now reward yourselfs! Go outside! Get a life! Get a girlfriend! Be social! You all deserve it.
  3. Doomguy458

    Ubisoft fucks up again

    I think Splinter Cell is one of their best games they have made. I just got Conviction after playing the poop covered Double Agent,but I also own Chaos Theory for my Xbox (same with the other two) I'm getting Splinter Cell and Pandora Tomorrow for Xbox via amazon too (would rather play these on Xbox than PC-way more cheaper and the Xbox controllers feel like they were designed for the games really well) Can't wait for Retribution. Sorry for you DRM guys though,they should be putting in a completely in new system if it fucks you guys up ridiculously.
  4. Doomguy458

    Dissatisfied with modern games?

    Holy crap,that article described Doomworld in a nutshell.
  5. Doomguy458

    Did anyone feel that Earthquake?

    Living in New Rochelle,NY. Felt it for a split second while taking a nap,nothing much. People in California get tons of earthquakes,and they completely ignore it.
  6. You mean you're just like everybody else on the Doomworld forums? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcxpbhM0DaA I keed I keed,I'll be here all night folks.
  7. Well,I was referring to the thread,though I should have edited it earlier.
  8. Just checked out this FireArms mod. The way it's setup for you is not like COD4,there's a buy-system,like Counter-Strike. So,this argument that it ripped off from this mod is faulty. But then again,nobody really cares anyway,don't they?
  9. Doomguy458

    The Halo Combat Evolved remake

    I have Halo Custom Edition. Definitively considering about getting this game,can't wait to play with old friends on Blood Gulch. BTW Sure sounds /v/ in here.
  10. Of course you guys were on that thing,a very small percentage of you at that time,but yes. I knew you were going to turn to the PC. But sorry mate,not everything great and innovated and revolutionizing always lands on that platform. I don't know about anybody else. But I'm getting this vibe from you that anything that was developed on a console or audience of a game that is largely comprised of people playing it on consoles,is not worthy enough for your standards or whatnot. I have a feeling you have something against the new kids. Yes,they sometimes come out with poop,but once in a while,they pump out something we haven't seen before,something we didn't expect,and even if the way they present the idea may be crap,it can be experimented on with simple trial and error to make it even better. I love my Xbox,I love my PC. But I don't prefer one over another. They are both great machines. Damn,I can't even think straight anymore.
  11. Doomguy458

    "Guess this game" game

  12. As a musician myself,in music,you hear a lot of stuff similar to others,but that's of the norm around my field. As long as one song doesn't completely sounds like another (for example the riff for Lady Madonna in another song is okay,but having the same beat and rhythmic pattern and some lyrics that kinda relate to it are not) So they didn't rip off something, it's just coincidental. Also,thank you for the name of the mod,just watched some gameplay of it,may have to check it out soon.
  13. But I wasn't talking about those games,I was talking about CoD4.MW2 and BO couldn't match CoD4's fun and innovation in online multiplayer. Besides,for most of it's life,MW2 was broken as all hell,until they patched it back in May or something,but at this point it's too late.
  14. That's what I'm thinking. Don't be too snooty about the game mate. In fact,the game isn't THAT unfair,or boring,or unbalanced. The weapons are varied enough to chose between them with advantages or disadvantages. Last time I checked,I couldn't kill someone with a shotgun blast a mile away,a yard away? Maybe,but miles,hell no. Yes you can shoot the guy straight in his fucking face,but the shotgun can't be always shot at point blank. Some weapons have high recoil with high DPS,or have low recoil and a medium DPS so you can keep your eyes on the target more. None of the weapons are broken (And even if some of them were, Infinity Ward would have patched ALL of them by now,they are on to much bigger and better things) and perks change the game,there's a reason why people are pissed off at Martyrdom is that it works,but it doesn't work so much to the point where to have a 0% chance of surviving. You've obviously not been playing CoD much,get the demo of the game or a crack or something,you'll see the difference.