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  1. Paar

    [WIP] Eviternity - A Boom Format Megawad

    Probably will not notice anything in GZDoom, especially with OpenGL renderer. PrBoomPlus could struggle but I'm sure it will not be a big of a deal. It could be interesting to test the map pack in DOSBox with Boom source port.
  2. Paar

    [WIP] Eviternity - A Boom Format Megawad

    Looks impressive. Hope it will not induce a performance dip on high resolutions.
  3. Paar

    [WIP] Eviternity - A Boom Format Megawad

    There are some screens which show slopes even though all maps should be Boom format. Are those achieved by breaking a sector to many minisectors?
  4. Well, that often happens to me too, an idea that doesn't work as I would like. That's why I usually make a prototype to see if the idea looks good or is even possible in 2.D engine such as Doom. I'm not talking about your level, just generally about my mapping process. I had to ditch several "good ideas" just because they weren't possible unless using true 3D engine. However the motivation is still there because you can make truly beautiful level full of interactivity even with these compromises. One could say that I like the simplicity and challenge a Doom engine provides (be it the original or source port). If I were you I wouldn't change the map pack very much. It is a product of a time. Instead I would focus on a new project, be it only one map, and try to experiment a little. That is if you're interested in making other maps. I will definitely finish the pack this week and give you a feedback on the rest of the levels.
  5. There is no map I really disliked. I would have to play the pack again to pinpoint specific locations but if I recall correctly the outside area in "The City" struck me as very squarish. Or almost all corridors in the second level.
  6. Don't get me wrong, I think your map set is fun and I would recommend it. It has certain Minecraft vibe and I liked it. Maybe you could focus on it in the future and make everything square, it could be interesting. About details in a map or rather lack of them... It is more visible when using high resolution source port like GZDoom. I'm sure it's not as visible in let's say Crispy Heretic. I think your maps are detailed enough so I wouldn't worry about it too much. However when developing Doom, John Romero's motto was "if it could be done in Wolf3D, than you're doing it wrong". That's why it's better to avoid angular corridors and make them more zig zaggy. That's the weakest point of your maps, they're often just squares and rectangles. It would help if you at least cut the corners and make them more round. That's my opinion.
  7. I have played five maps of your pack. I must say that this is a weird project. I don't know if I have to take it seriously or not as there are some jokes as inverted screen title or racoon on the intermission screen. The levels themselves are alright. I'm not gonna lie - today standards are higher regarding how much details a map should have. Of course it's only up to you to choose a style of your own. There are just so many angular corridors for my taste. There were times when it looked like a Wolf3D mod rather than modern Doom engine game. I assume that was intentional. Every level has a distinct theme which is nice. There are interesting moments, like seeing a faraway ship in the first level or a tall green castle in level 4 or 5 (I don't remember exactly which it was). Played on medium difficulty and it was well balanced except for a few occasions (e.g. disciple ambush in the second level). The new music wasn't exactly in a spirit of the original game but songs where okay and relaxing. They set the mood.
  8. I have updated the link with newer version of the map. If you downloaded the previous version and haven't played it yet I suggest downloading the new one. Changes: Fixed a ton of misaligned textures A little easier beginning with fewer monsters and more options how to kill them Minor changes to monster placements More details in some areas
  9. Thanks for the feedback!
  10. Great, I'll give it a try when I have some time. Those are indeed completely optional. You're right, every building was created so it could be self-contained sub-level, so to speak. In almost all instances you're provided with a preview of the reward and it's completely up to you if you want to explore or ignore it. At first I wasn't very fond of adding blue sparkles around the exit switch as it's texture should be self-explanatory. But then I tried removing the switch completely and putting blue sparks into nearby boats and must say that the result looks much better! Happy that you liked it. The open area at the beginning is the first thing I did when creating the map and it shows. I certainly got better in later parts. I have revisited the area several times before releasing the map and made some changes and it has certainly improved but it's still not perfect. At the same time I wouldn't say it's terrible, just not as good as the rest of the map. I have added two time bombs right after the section with collapsing ceiling, they should come handy when disposing of all those gargoyles. Very good and thorough review, thanks a lot.
  11. How could you resist killing those liches. For me it's one of the most enjoyable things in the game (still hating their tornadoes though). Thanks for playing, I hope you had a good time.
  12. Unfortunately it doesn't work, it gets desynced right at the beginning. Did you play it on normal difficulty? Was the pacing better? I look forward to your feedback!
  13. First, thanks for playing and reviewing, it means a lot to me. When I fired up your demo I knew exactly where the problem was and it is my fault. You see, I wanted to streamline difficulty levels a bit so I made three custom ones - easy, normal, hard. From the demo you posted I immediately knew that you were playing on hard. I assume that you used "-skill 3" command line? Well, that's "hard". Your problems with high enemy number and ammo starvation is exactly the thing I was aiming for hard difficulty (it's even in the description in the first post). The biggest issue with this is me not communicating this well enough in the first place. That being said I didn't know this would be a problem. So I suggest playing the map with "-skill 2" command, I am sure that you will enjoy it much more. I have tried replicating the issue with the game not pausing when in menu but everything worked fine. I hope that the initial bad experience with the map won't put you off and you will give it another chance. I am sure that the best the map has to offer is yet to come.
  14. Fantastic. Heretic doesn't get as much love as it deserves.
  15. I would like to introduce my new map for Heretic that I have been working on for some time. I wanted to give myself creative challenge so I chose Doom format to see how many ideas I can come up with. At first I wanted for it to be small, something that would be the size of normal level, but over time the project grew and grew and in the end transformed into something that I hope is close to a quality of an official expansion. You will be the judge if I have succeeded. It should take you around an hour to finish it, maybe a little more. There are no new weapons and no new enemies, just some new textures. The main attraction is the level itself and it's design, which you will hopefully find appealing and fun. It's largely linear with some areas that are open for exploration. You can choose from three difficulty settings with medium recommended for the first playthrough. The hard setting is for those who are familiar with the level layout otherwise you can expect to run out of ammo and get killed. The level is direct continuation of the Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders, with Corvus stepping through a portal after defeating all Maulotaurs in the fifth episode. You can find a story introduction in the attached text file if you are interested. I took some liberties with the lore as the original story is very vague. I will be happy for any feedback you can give me. Plus I would appreciate if you could share a recorded demo of your playthrough so I could see if you played the level as I had intended. It would be a great studying material. The map is not compatible with the vanilla game as it is simply too large. It was designed specifically for GZDoom but could work in other source ports with some missing effects (didn't test that properly). The map uses custom difficulty levels (easy, normal, hard). If you want to start the game through command line with intention to play on "normal", please use command "-skill 2". No jumping! Download Screenshots: