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  1. I have always thought that it was due technological limitations back in the day, to save memory... The sprite is pretty big and is animated. It's pretty weird if it's only an oversight.
  2. Paar

    Eureka 1.24 Released

    I heard that DB family editors run fine through Wine. It's probably a hassle to set up though.
  3. Paar

    Eureka 1.24 Released

    I was talking about SLADE, not about Eureka. That's misunderstanding.
  4. Paar

    Eureka 1.24 Released

    Unfortunately is seems that it's author doesn't care very much about improving the map editor (apart from some bugfixes). I can't blame him though since majority of the community uses DB2/DBX/GZDB, it's hard to justify the development time.
  5. I wonder why he didn't do that while losing the fight with Corvus :D.
  6. Paar

    Eureka 1.24 Released

    That explains it. Thanks.
  7. Paar

    Eureka 1.24 Released

    Well SLADE3 is cross-platform too. The old hardware can be an argument but knowing how laggy Eureka feels (and I have quite competent machine) I wonder if this problem isn't pronounced on older hardware even more?
  8. Paar

    Eureka 1.24 Released

    I have tried Eureka briefly and my impression is that the editor looks like something from Windows 95. It doesn't help that it feels slugish, either in 2D or 3D mode. I'm happy that there is an alternative mainly for people who prefer it that way. But even then I wonder why should I use Eureka instead of Slade3? What is it's selling point?
  9. Maybe they tried to make a contrast to final area of Doom? You know, hell and fire and so on. I'm glad they did because water levels are my favorite in the game, especially E3M9: The Aquifer.
  10. It looks nice, don't get me wrong. It just loses the essence of the original game, at least visually. For me there is always a limit for what I consider a Doom mod before it gets lost in it's own thing and PBR materials certainly help push it in that direction.
  11. Hey, that's some heated up discussion. Graf has a difficult position and a lot of responsibility on his shoulders and I think he's doing a grest job. He may not be always right but who is? If he finds the project interesting only if he's able to add modern features to the engine, it's fine. After all, it's his project. I agree some of them are a little too much (PBR materials in Doom?) and for me I would love him to address inconsistencies in different renderers as they are a mess right now. But the modding options of the port don't have a match. There are alternatives after all if you don't like GZDoom.
  12. Paar

    Level of accuracy for Heretic support

    I really like Heretic (surprise), so much so that I enjoy mapping for it more than for Doom, even though I consider Doom to be a better game. My dream project that I would like to achieve in my lifetime is to take Heretic and do some kind of remaster that would solve some balancing issues, change a weapon or two, add some variety to textures in all of the episodes to separate them thematicaly, make new decorations and maybe create a bonus episode. I aim for it to be as vanilla as possible so accuracy of the Eternity means a lot to me. Same for Hexen eventually. To me, Heresiarch is the true Serpent Rider 😇.
  13. It was a joke obviously. But it's true that I like to play some WADs in the original Boom source port in Dosbox from time to time. It's fun.
  14. Paar

    Doom and Quake weapons: Which are better?

    Nah, nothing beats chaingun from Quake 2. They nailed it.