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  1. Thanks for playing the level. I wanted to make a level with simple looks and fun navigation so I think the result turned okay. I'm working on something more ambitious, even more the Chasm of Sinful. The focus with the new level will be on more realistic environments, scripted events and a lot of interactivity (let's say Doomguy meets Duke). I'd like to do a variation of "Hell on Earth" theme so let's hope it will work out. The downside is the level won't probably be ready before Fall.
  2. @Bobby “lolmcswagger” Great to know you had fun! @unraveler I've updated the map in the original post. Thanks for noticing!
  3. Hi! Thank you for playing the map, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm not sure what you mean by the lamp secrets but it's probably an oversight. I'll look into it and make an update if necessary.
  4. Hopefully it's not as frustrating as Mr. Petersen's map :D.
  5. Thank you, am already working on my next thing, which will be completely different.
  6. Paar

    Revamped Base (Limit-removing Doom 2 map)

    I have watched a playthrough by @Biodegradable and liked visual style of the map a lot. The layout seemed a little flat (I prefer maps with more verticality that make you think in 3D) even though the navigation through the level seemed fun. Will definitely try to play it once I have some time.
  7. More of satisfied "customers"... I cannot be any happier :).
  8. Made a minor update to the level, just added some stimpacks and few ammo items. Nothing major, just to make the beginning a teenie bit more merciful.
  9. I'm not dismissing your complaints, I'm sure they're valid. It's always a delicate process to balance a map. For me, I want to give first-players good challenge but at the same time, a good challenge for people who would like to play the level repeatedly (who knows, perhaps there will be somebody who wants to play it again). Often, once you know the level and are familiar with all the secrets, it becomes rather easy, even on UV. That's why an input from first-players is invaluable as it'll get me important feedback to make some necessary adjustments. I will definitely make some minor rebalancing, mainly for ammo and health placements, and maybe make Soulsphere secret more obvious :D.
  10. Yeah, I'll probably put a stimpack or two in the starting areas in the next version. But he died only once, that's a good result I think.
  11. @Tarnsman Glad you liked it! @Biodegradable Thanks for the video, was pretty fun to watch!
  12. Everytime I played the level I had so much ammo I had to remove some to make it more fun. There is still plenty around if you look and especially when you use a chainsaw here and there. BTW there is a green armor right at the starting area but you have to jump down to the slime to get it. Thanks for playing! Hope you had fun.