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  1. I would like to share another project of mine, this time built around a techbase theme and non-linearity. Main focus was level structure and fun gameplay so it's probably not as polished visually as other maps around here. Still, I'm sure you'll have a good time. Weapon and monster roster has been taken directly from Doom 1 shareware episode, so no plasma gun or Cacodemons. Gamplay time is around 20-25 minutes for first time players. Enjoy! Game: Doom/Ultimate Doom Map: E1M1 Tested with: Crispy Doom 5.10.0 Requirements: Limit-removing engine, support for Dehacked UPDATES Version 1.1: - Added a little more of ammunition and stimpacks in the beginning areas Version 1.2: - Fixed a sector wrongly marked as secret. toxicity_1.2.zip And if you haven't, please check my other maps: Heretic: The Mysteries of Underville Doom II.: The Chasm of Sinful
  2. Thanks for playing the level. I wanted to make a level with simple looks and fun navigation so I think the result turned okay. I'm working on something more ambitious, even more the Chasm of Sinful. The focus with the new level will be on more realistic environments, scripted events and a lot of interactivity (let's say Doomguy meets Duke). I'd like to do a variation of "Hell on Earth" theme so let's hope it will work out. The downside is the level won't probably be ready before Fall.
  3. @Bobby “lolmcswagger” Great to know you had fun! @unraveler I've updated the map in the original post. Thanks for noticing!
  4. Hi! Thank you for playing the map, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm not sure what you mean by the lamp secrets but it's probably an oversight. I'll look into it and make an update if necessary.
  5. WHAT IS THIS ABOUT? This is a project that I started in the Fall last year to scratch my mapping itch but stopped because the level was not shaping up the way I was hoping it would. After some months I decided to start from scratch - even though I have reused one large segment which turned out to be okay. The basic idea was to make a level with lot of verticality in mind, which is something Doom is not exactly known for because of it's obvious 2.5D limitations. The map itself can be finished in about 30 to 45 minutes. IS THERE ANY STORY? No story, only a theme. You'll end up on the bottom of hell's chasm and your goal is to climb out and find the exit. That's all. WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? As I have stated before, the level is all around verticality, so you'll be doing a lot of platforming and exploring. Maybe there is plenty of other levels designed around this idea but I guess the number won't be very high. Especially since this is basically for Vanilla Doom with it's limits removed. The other selling point is - as I highly hope - quality. I have put a lot of effort in this level for it to play and look good. But you'll be the judge. There are things I would do a little differently but nothing too dramatic. I'm pretty happy with the result as it is. WHAT SOURCE PORT? The recommended way to play the WAD is Crispy Doom 5.9.2 but I have tested it with PrBoom+ and GZDOOM v4.5.0 too. Still, Crispy Doom is the way to go as I used it's capabilities as a reference for visuals. I cannot guarantee other source ports will provide the same experience without using software rendering at least. So be aware. Recommended optional settings: - brightmaps enabled - vertical aiming - ability to walk above/under monsters - smooth weapons and monsters Mandatory settings: - no jumping! Enjoy! I would be glad for any kind of feedback. And if you haven't already, please check my previous solo project, Heretic: The Mysteries of Underville. Thank you! And if you're interested, there is a separate thread about making the level. UPDATE to version 1.1: - Better ammo balancing - Some new monster placements - Changed some geometry to allow better monster movement - Fixed badly aligned textures - Disabled infinitely tall hangind bodies through Dehacked patch - Added level name in the intermission screen - Switched Megasphere with Soulsphere I think this will be the final version and anyone who chooses to play it will have a good time. Thank you everyone for your reviews! Chasm_1.1.zip Screens:
  6. Hopefully it's not as frustrating as Mr. Petersen's map :D.
  7. Thank you, am already working on my next thing, which will be completely different.
  8. Paar

    Revamped Base (Limit-removing Doom 2 map)

    I have watched a playthrough by @Biodegradable and liked visual style of the map a lot. The layout seemed a little flat (I prefer maps with more verticality that make you think in 3D) even though the navigation through the level seemed fun. Will definitely try to play it once I have some time.
  9. More of satisfied "customers"... I cannot be any happier :).
  10. Made a minor update to the level, just added some stimpacks and few ammo items. Nothing major, just to make the beginning a teenie bit more merciful.
  11. I'm not dismissing your complaints, I'm sure they're valid. It's always a delicate process to balance a map. For me, I want to give first-players good challenge but at the same time, a good challenge for people who would like to play the level repeatedly (who knows, perhaps there will be somebody who wants to play it again). Often, once you know the level and are familiar with all the secrets, it becomes rather easy, even on UV. That's why an input from first-players is invaluable as it'll get me important feedback to make some necessary adjustments. I will definitely make some minor rebalancing, mainly for ammo and health placements, and maybe make Soulsphere secret more obvious :D.
  12. Yeah, I'll probably put a stimpack or two in the starting areas in the next version. But he died only once, that's a good result I think.
  13. @Tarnsman Glad you liked it! @Biodegradable Thanks for the video, was pretty fun to watch!
  14. Everytime I played the level I had so much ammo I had to remove some to make it more fun. There is still plenty around if you look and especially when you use a chainsaw here and there. BTW there is a green armor right at the starting area but you have to jump down to the slime to get it. Thanks for playing! Hope you had fun.
  15. Looking forward to your experience with the map. I've tried something different and would love to hear some feedback if it works or not.
  16. @Shulbocka Hey, thank you for your kind words, really appreciate it. I'm really happy you liked it so much that you were willing to play it again. May I ask what source port were you using? BTW I'm close to finishing another limit removing Doom map. This time it's for Doom 1, techbase style, focused on non-linearity. I'm sure it will be finished in a week or two.
  17. With today's tools and mighty source ports as Eternity or GZDoom we have seen some really advanced Doom maps which are leagues beyond what Doom was in 1993/1994. The bar is certainly set very high. With that in mind, to what degree are you still interested in vanilla maps that could be played under DOS or Chocolate Doom? Do those still have a place in the community? Or the question could be: what is the minimal feature set you seek in a map for you to be interested?
  18. Hi @Helm, thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it a lot. Never thought the map would get such an attention from somebody after that long. I have watched your entire video to the end and after some though and after replaying the level again I came to a conclusion that I agree with your "complaints". But I would like to be more specific. If I got it correctly, the aesthetics felt unnecessarily complicated to you. I have used many texture variants and lot of details because I had this notion that the community demands detailed maps. I know now that it's plain wrong and if I had to do it over, I would use less. That said, I think you had this "problem" multiplied by the fact you used GZDoom with true colors and dynamic lights. When using software renderer everything blends more nicely together and the overusage of texture is not that apparent. Well, overusage may be a strong word as I don't think it's that bad, the level just could be a little cleaner. I've made an experimental map for a local contest recently and because of time contraints I have used a lot less detailing and I think the map benefited from that. And it was more fun to create as I've been making faster progress. That's why if I am ever to do a Doom map again, I would like to focus on vanilla. As I have mentioned in one of my previous posts, I am an aspiring level/game designer and this level served mainly as a practice work, and perhaps as a building stone for my portfolio. That's why your playthrough means a lot to me as I had the opportunity to listen to some in-depth constructive criticism. You certainly gave me a lot to think about and I'm sure it will make my future work better because of it. By the way, you played the map on medium difficulty. You would certainly have more fun on UV!
  19. Nicely put, I feel the same way.
  20. It's certainly good to "hear" there are lot of people that still enjoy (or even prefer) vanilla maps. I've done a limit removing map a few weeks ago and even if it turned out pretty good (in my opinion) it took a lot of time to complete and it was quite exhausting experience. I always had this feel the community expects big detailed maps full of custom textures and it was somehow demotivating for me even though it's apparently false! The more I dig into advanced mapmaking, the less I enjoy it as it doesn't speak Doom to me. I really enjoy making small, less detailed maps with focus on interesting architecture layout and gameplay ideas. I don't plan to make a map anytime soon now as I want to try Quake mapping but I will surely return to it, probably with vanilla-compatible episode for Doom 1. Now I know there are people that would potentially be interested in it and that it's worth it. Good to know!
  21. For anyone who's interested, I have updated my original post with a new version of my map. Fixed some wrongly behaving linedefs and added missing texture for a switch.
  22. Thanks for the contest. Even though I haven't won anything it was a nice and fun experience. Congratulations to all winners.