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  1. map 6 max 2:51 4c06-251.zip
  2. Why did Linguica fire you anyway?
  3. Keep aiming for outer parts of hitbox when further away, or directly into the center of its hitbox when you manage to get inside of it. Because chainsaw changes your angle after each successful hit, try constantly rotating to sides when sawing.
  4. map 7 max 1:36 4c07-136.zip
  5. map 5 max 2:37 4c05-237.zip
  6. I almost forgot about my sunlust stuff. The one I'd dare mentioning from those would be my sl12 max. It contains one of the most unimaginably lucky infights I've ever managed to get included into successful demo attempt. Having the spider infight cyber was one-in-a-thousand-attempts thing and I've seen it happen only 2 times over about 5 days of recording, the second time being the demo. Also it took me far longer to do than any other of those maxes, basically draining me of willpower to continue with the rest of maps. My sl20 demo was rather effortless in comparision, I haven't bothered with the map seriously... yet.
  7. av20 tyson is pretty much the only thing I did this year that I wouldn't have a slightest bit of shame mentioning
  8. map 4 max 1:34 4c04-134.zip
  9. map 2 max 1:22 map 3 max 1:15 4c_j4.zip
  10. Doesn't roll off the tongue as nicely. The revenant problem for Mockaward.
  11. map 1 max 0:49 4c01-049.zip
  12. He studied art or something like that, so at this point he is probably begging for money under some bridge.
  13. Good thing I'm not a mod, I'd permaban the fuck out of all meme posters.
  14. I take it you've missed the glorious Killing Adventure UV-Max D2ALL record, but that's fine and all, I'm generous so I'm willing to give you an opportunity to change your mind, this time without any repercussions.