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  1. j4rio

    Beat 1000 Table Fillers Month

    plutonia m31 tyson 20:56 pl31t2056.zip
  2. j4rio

    Speed of Doom demos (-complevel 9)

    I'll give it a check, although I've never been a huge fan of tysons with boom behaviour.
  3. j4rio

    Speed of Doom demos (-complevel 9)

    Looks like you didn't include that 18t demo in the zip.
  4. j4rio

    Why'd you choose your title?

    I'm a man of my word
  5. j4rio

    Why I left this community.

    I'll gladly swap that label with you.
  6. j4rio

    No More Masks For Fully Vaccinated People!

    What more do you expect to come? For example basically the entirety of Israel is already vaccinated with pfizer and, relatively speaking, back to normalcy. The only way the situtation can drastically change course now is a sudden roadblock if you get some vaccine resistant strains unleashed into the wild. I'd dare say we're already almost at the stage of looking back and laughing - the last year was a gigantic fiasco in every possible regard.
  7. j4rio

    No More Masks For Fully Vaccinated People!

    Low risk due to gender? When did you go transgendered? I vaguely remember you had some masculine pictures flying around. ;) Blood group was already ruled out as a poor indicator of survival, iirc. "Higher than average immune system potency" could also be detrimental to your survival chances actually. The lung scarring of covid patients visible on x-rays was caused precisely by this potent immune system destroying lung tissue. Immunology is the most unpredictable field of medicine, I wouldn't bet anything on it. As an aside, some drugs successfully used in hospital care for covid have mechanism of action based on impeding activity of your own immune system. Yes, the thrombosis is there, it is bad if it happens, not much more to say on that matter. Astra had primarily agreed to supply EU and Britain, as America wasn't their primary supplying partner, so the reasons are political rather than medical. In any case, EU bought a metric fuckton of pfizers and proclaimed that no more astra will be purchased in the future, so you should have more alternatives available in your area in a month or so.
  8. j4rio

    No More Masks For Fully Vaccinated People!

    We already have some lame preview of a cataclysmic event and you've already been thrusted into the position to decide what's the least risky approach to take. A low risk for something with a relative 1:100 chance to kill you compared to a high risk in the range of 1:40000 (which is not automatically fatal, contrary to sensationalist media reports), or doing just nothing? Tough maths, I guess. In any case, how did you come to the conclusion that you are high risk group for astra? Are you a woman that smokes a pack daily while taking hormoncal contraceptives? On the other hand, how do you know you are at low risk of covid? Are you a man? I mean, that alone does skewer your chances downwards a little. Worth mentioning that survival alone is really not the only thing to worry about, as you can emerge quite crippled from that disease with months to years of lung recovery to follow. Besides, if you are still bothered about that thrombotic event to such an extent, mRNA vaccines so far have no recorded cases of it happenning, so just grab pfizer or moderna. Astra totally screwed up the registation process and proceeded to do take some really stupid political decisions in regards to EU deliveries and manufacturing, so I'm totally down to make them eat dirt.
  9. This just in - Internets invested over two slimy slithery cunts in a mud flinching contest.
  10. j4rio

    No More Masks For Fully Vaccinated People!

    Unfortunately, this goes beyond the scope of medicine. There is no such thing as a perfect drug. There is also no way for you to evade taking random chances of dying every waking day in a miriad of possibilities, ranging from simple accidents through inhaling a brain eating amoeba from your tap water source to getting your head smashed by a meteor that didn't fully disintegrate in the stratosphere. Statistics like these were and will forever be part of our nature, it's for the better to just accept it.
  11. j4rio

    No More Masks For Fully Vaccinated People!

    Rich people have already been investing in drug development, because they are potential goldmines if you stumble upon groundbreaking discoveries. Your patent will be untouchable for a set amount of years, during which you'll be cashing in on it. Of course, if your drug ends up not good, you'll be throwing a few billions of dollars into the bin. For example, Alzheimer research devoured well over 100 patents, which is a few trillions of dollars basically tossed into garbage. If you actually succeeded in developing working cure for it, your entire family tree will be set until it dies off. So yeah, you could say it's like a kickstarter, but that plays around with numbers that have a few more zeroes. Another point that wasn't mentioned in regard to vaccine developement is enrollment of people. Ebola spreads miserably slowly, so you'll be stuck in third phase of clinical trials for abysmally long time. The main reason covid vaccines could be enrolled this fast is because of abundance of infected in the population. Third phase of clinical trials for vaccines is a huge roadblock, because that's where you are obtaining data about your vaccine actually working, so what you have to do is basically vaccinate half of enrolled human lab rats with your testing vaccine and then placeboate the rest. Then you unleash all those people back into their enviroment and wait for them to get infected. The problem with stuff like ebola is, well, you won't get results that sufficiently differ vaccines from placebo anytime soon. Worth mentioning - there were more people enrolled in clinical trials for covid vaccines than for any vaccine so far. There is no chance you would get any better data or trials during non-pandemic situations. The argument how astra or johnson could have figured out about those hyper-unlikely thrombotic events had those trials lasted longer is just wishful thinking. It hasn't happenned to a single volunteer out of those tens of thousands of people that were tested in clinical trials. Anything with so scarce incidence will simply be discovered only after it's entered the public domain. Lastly, one huge timesaver with covid vaccines was a very serious risk those companies willingly undertook - the manufacturing process of those vaccines started long before those clinical trials ended, so the enrollment would be instant if and only if those trials were successful. Some companies that terminated their vaccine adepts, like Merck, took massive losses because of this.
  12. j4rio

    No More Masks For Fully Vaccinated People!

    Well, it's probably the "safest" approach in theory, if there was any incentive for anybody on the verge of caring to get vaccinated. But there's none, so I believe that to be a short-sighted approach. Again, statistics. The thrombosis event is roughly 1:40000, you dying from covid is about 1:100 (yeah, yeah, I know everybody has a different chance depending on a heap of factors, but let's slap an average value here for the sake of simplicity). The kicker I'm sure pains everyone, so far we could sue the Wuhan Institute of Virology for every covid inflicted death. Statistics. Every drug has this proportion carefully evaluated before reaching general public, and remains monitored basically forever. Your entire skin could come off after you take an ibuprofen tablet, the downside is that it happens to one person out of a few millions. It's the same with everything you get into your body, not just medicines. Some edible plants could kill you, just because you happen to lack some enzyme that would break down some of their chemical content, and you could be the only person in the world that has such a predisposition. We can just generalise everything that happens around us, including every medicine side effect, because there are going to be many outlier freak cases caused by how variable we are by nature. Another point to add - as weird as it sounds, not all drug side effects listed in the list of side effects are caused by the medicine. They are simply effects that people reported to have experienced after taking the drug. People tend to notice every little disturbance when they take a drug and ascribe it to them, even if there was no correlation whatsoever. Of course many of those side effects have a direct correlation, but just because one person reported to have gone schizophrenic after a pain reliever doesn't mean it is automatically the thing to blame. The bureaucracy of drugs however requires them to have all, even these freaky cases listed in their respective information pamphlets.
  13. j4rio

    No More Masks For Fully Vaccinated People!

    I think people are missing one notable point. By rewarding vaccinated people with lifted sanctions, you drive up vaccinations. Masks themselves don't work sufficiently to curb the spread to non-pandemic levels, so betting all your tokens on driving up vaccinations with these "rewards" has better long term prospects. Sure, ideally you want both masks and vaccinations, but that could slow down vaccinations, because you wouldn't have any real drive to vaccinate if you still have to follow all the rules. You need to think about this like a basic idiotic human being (unless you are one, in that case just think like you usually do), which we (experts) want to get vaccinated. Oh you poor commie pinko Yuropean. Only in 'Murica you get vaccines that don't spread the disease. Goddamn, what a heap of bullshit this sentence is. Medicine doesn't work in absolutes, it doesn't work in black and whites. The closest synonym to medicine is statistics. First, vaccinated people have a much, MUCH more reduced chance of transmitting the disease. Second, you can catch every disease while being vaccinated, the key point is that you will survive catching it. Every covid vaccine so far has 100% reduced hospitalisation rates, so at worst you'll have a mild cough. How do you think other vaccines work? Flu shots don't make you immune to flu, but your symptoms of flu while being vaccinated may at worst end up being just a runny nose and mild cough rather than incapacitating you for 2 weeks with horrible full body ache, so you might not even know that you caught flu. The most likely scenario is that you simply don't develop any symptoms at all. Just fyi, CZ (commie pinko Yurope shithole) plans to open up businesses for vaccinated next week. If it ends up working as intended and wouldn't open up floodgates of fake vaccine certificate markets is for another debate.
  14. j4rio

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    map 29 tyson 11:26 lv29t1126.zip
  15. Enjoy, hope it helps