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  1. I know I sound like some grumpy rambling uncle, but I happen to have some basis in opinions regarding what sucks for maxing and what doesn't. Off the top of my head: First and foremost, the most important factor is available health. It's a factor that's unfortunately very unlikely to notice for the observer and basically dictates how hateable map is for maxing. Go check for example sl05 max (which is absolutely gruesome to max) and then compare to this one. I'm trying to keep the same pace, but doing so means 1000 restarts in one map and 50 in a different one. Then there are outside factors, the most important being obviously infighting. If there's newgothic-like amount of infighting going on, maxes will be improvable pretty much eternally, which is a detractor. Maps where this factor is minimised make each attempt more "stable", the outcome of attempt is more predictable and therefore doesn't require acknowledging hypothetical scenarios. While chaos may increase overall entertainment of demo, it makes squeezing out seconds a chore and final time becomes basically just an indicator of how many monsters died on their own. Other notable outside factors are freely roaming monsters on huge terrains, sections where you have to put up with infinitely tall actors, basically stuff that randomly ruins attempts which player has negligible chance to control. PE vs rl is obviously a stupid thing to do normally, but it's unfortunately the thing you'll likely need to force yourself into doing in maxes. The animation required to spew lost soul is almost instant so whether these kills happen or you get blown up is always down to raw rng. Bonus points for orchestrating these fights in huge open enviroment. Berserk centric means automatic suckage. Just small sections where it's obviously faster than anything else if it works favorably are rage incarnate. Lastly, actions required to pull off shortly after the beginning of an attempt can ruin the experience quite easily as well. Having only pistol and sarge close to you to get shotgun from then followed by chainer next door? Maxing will likely suck. Now I'm not saying presence of these factors in maps make them bad, it's just that maxing them will probably be a chore.
  2. ... about half an hour of attempts? lols It's not that good, there's enough health to play carelessly so it skews the image.
  3. Old attachments don't work, redirects to dev.doomworld
  4. 17 max 2:30 sl17-230.zip
  5. Another successful youtube harvesting. Slowenian synthpop.
  6. This is going to take a little getting used to...

  7. sl16-536 sl16-536.zip
  8. 12 max 2:24 sl12-224.zip
  9. 12 max 2:40 sl12-240.zip
  10. 15 max 5:12 sl15-512.zip
  11. None of which matters a diddly squat when he makes roughly 10 grand a video. He's already settled for retiring. Hurt are those hundreds of people behind the scenes that worked for him.
  12. Are you sure? It got him roughly additional million subscribers.