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  1. map 19 max 5:51 sl19-551.zip
  2. map 12 tyson sl12t3301.zip
  3. This is just about as bad as it gets.
  4. Few years later that number of demos you consider trash will be somewhere around 98-99%.
  5. Ayup. I don't think there is an equivalent capable of similar mass destruction in any fps up to date. Even if used by a moron (well, except handicapped_gamer, apparently), the combination of massive hordes presented by doom and a weapon that is capable of instantly eradicating them makes it very memorable.
  6. Whenever you get a bunch of posts that basically end the argument presented in a thread with various points, Memfis comes to the rescue with his contrarian view just for the hell of it. Thanks for keeping these threads alive.
  7. Very nicest. What's the deal with exiting in map17 before all monsters were dead, whil all of leftovers were in plain sight by the end of demo?
  8. You'll get used to that.
  9. Another fine example of why nobody should ever procreate.
  10. 1 max 1:41 sl01-141.zip
  11. I read posts on dw only if they have 10 or more likes.
  12. +++ dv2 ng2 +++
  13. If those ios spawns don't count, why should spawned vile be treated differently? It's counter-intuitive to make ressurections by spawned viles count, you probably wouldn't ever be able to proove validity of any sod30 max that way anyway.
  14. I'd pick those "harder, over-complicated" tactics anyday just so I can evade incorporating those "lame" pixel precision requiring tricks.
  15. Isn't that how every basic human society works?