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  1. Legalise recreational ketamine! #endwarondrugs
  2. j4rio


    @4shockblast we need answers @4shockblast
  3. jump on my lap and rub my hairy legs
  4. Of course it does. We are expecting an influx of american immigrants who finally realised that the best country on Earth is absolutely beyond repair. How did you manage to almost vote in a personification of global embarrassment?
  5. j4rio

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    map 10 tyson 7:21 lv10t721.zip
  6. j4rio

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    map 9 tyson 7:31 lv09t731.zip
  7. j4rio

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    oh hey it's jongo!
  8. j4rio

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    map 8 tyson 7:36 lv08t736.zip
  9. If a company owning a game decides to bring this issue to a court, it's guaranteed that they are in the right. Those outdated copyright laws are fully in their favor and the current state of affairs is that they just allow the current status quo to happen, because it benefits them. It's merely a question of time before streamers will have to purchase licences from game developers to be able to stream them.
  10. Once your healthcare infrastructure collapses, all other diseases become a threat. TB does simply not have a potential to override healthcare providing capacities. Curability is not the most important factor here, transmissibility is. You don't live in constant fear of contracting rabies, even if you are almost certainly going to die once you happen to contract it. For covid, that is an unmatched factor in just about any disease we've observed so far. The transmission rate, lenght of recovery and post-recovery lingering chronic symptoms are more than sufficient to cause a complete disruption in many societal infrastructures, even if we were to just opt to ignore everything. Healthcare will be the first one to get completely wiped out, with higher viral particle concentration in health institutions, so good luck moving onwards with life when anything even remotely life-threatening becomes terminal. There's also a question of quickly diminishing antibodies in blood of recovered patients, so possibilities of reinfection are definitely not something you can rule out entirely at this point. Advocating for herd immunity now with our knowledge is not only anti-ethical, but unscientifical. Learning to live with it simply doesn't seem feasible, it will still be merely surviving with it. Also, please stop downplaying flu as a non-existant threat. It almost completely wiped us out 100 years ago and it's almost certainly not the last time something like that occurs. People just like to forget things once they are out of sight.
  11. It's pretty much identical here, but we've gone from "champions" of containing the spread to worst in the world per capita. We weren't hit during the first wave almost at all, so nobody is taking it seriously now. Restrictions barely matter unless everyone is in on it.