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  1. Good thing I'm not a mod, I'd permaban the fuck out of all meme posters.
  2. I take it you've missed the glorious Killing Adventure UV-Max D2ALL record, but that's fine and all, I'm generous so I'm willing to give you an opportunity to change your mind, this time without any repercussions.
  3. git gud scrublord
  4. lel epic troller lmaooo xDD
  5. Removing demos is a bannable offense from now on. Post only optimal demos in the future.
  6. 31 tyson 3:13 ty31-313.zip
  7. 20 tyson 5:39 ty20-539.zip
  8. 19 tyson 7:57 ty19-757.zip
  9. 18 tyson 4:52 ty18-452.zip
  10. It is with great pleasure that I may announce a wonderful new discovery with plethora of uses for fellow speedrunners. Attached demo plays back with doom2.wad, happens after around 2:00 on timer. This is by no means a joke. As for the naming, I personally lean towards "j4riorocks", but feel free to debate me. newtrick.zip
  11. 17 tyson 7:08 ty17-708.zip
  12. About 75% lost sensitivity because of drastic emergency circumcision.
  13. paraphimosis
  14. My foreskin once cut off blood circulation to my dickhead, I almost ended up having it amputated. Couldn't walk properly for 3 months afterwards.
  15. 16 tyson 5:39 ty16-539.zip