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  1. Do you know any tricks how to force your memory to remember any sort of utter nonsense with the least effort possible put to actual remembering process?

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    2. 40oz


      Memfis said:

      what if you decide to wear another pair of shoes

      do you have a different place to put every pair of shoes?

      printz said:

      What if you squash them? I prefer putting important objects in my backpack, early.

      It doesn't have to be deep inside your shoes. It can stick out to a point where it would be obviously uncomfortable to put your foot in it. I don't think my suggestion was so bizarre that it merit being refuted this much. And I know a thing or two about saying controversial things.


    3. j4rio


      cannonball said:

      for science, writing it down repeatedly helps, especially with equations. Damn physics.

      Funnily enough, I had exactly that exam yesterday. I can remember equations pretty much instantly, but detailed descriptions of them is just a memory torture. And our national wiki is full of shit so I have to translate that junk from englesch as a bonus.

    4. Mechadon


      I have pretty terrible short-term memory. So I tend to write just about everything down (and then if it's something really important, I'll tape it to my keyboard so I'm forced to read it).