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  1. Hi, I registered to ask a tech question. Hope you don't mind! :) I was fiddling with the settings on my install, following the instructions in the TweakGuide for Doom 3, and somehow I've mucked up the rendering of shadows and dark areas in Doom 3. http://lh5.ggpht.com/_gXAKzRcxI1U/TEQJYe_nRsI/AAAAAAAAAQ8/r-I1lS2byu8/s800/Doom%203.PNG In the screenshot, you'll notice distinct banding in all the dark areas, especially the dark corner directly in front. Previously dark areas were rendered far better. I also play Quake 4, and darkness is rendered properly. I've tried removing my autoexec.cfg and modified doom.cfg files from the /base folder, and re-instating the original, backed-up default cfg file, to no effect. I'm on the verge of just re-installing Doom 3 and ROE from scratch, but given the length of time this takes and the fact that this may not cure the issue, I thought I'd ask for advice here first. Also, I'm struggling to make Doom 3 work at resolutions of my choice. I have a 1680x1050 monitor, but using this resolution in my autoexec.cfg causes substantial mouse lag, so the game is unplayable. Nevertheless, Wolfenstein and Quake 4 both work without issue at this resolution, at the highest settings (not sure about AA or AF settings). Currently, I'm using the default DoomConfig file with a custom autoexec.cfg, containing the following: When the game loads, I get Ultra, 16x AA at 640x480. I've tried doing so many other things, such as: modifying the DoomConfig file directly, then making it read-only; various different resolutions; etc. On one occasion the resolution I chose was applied, but the game neglected to change the resolution of the system, so what I got was a 1440x900 game running fullscreen on a 1680x1050 screen—the remainder of the space was taken up by my desktop, though the mouse couldn't interact with it. I'm frankly at the end of my tether with Doom 3's settings hullaballoo. Hope someone can help me out before I snap and start using hacks to take out the innocent civvies at the beginning of the game! :-) Regards, S.