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  1. Mystery Man in 3D

    Jobs you can get away with playing doom in.

    My factory ALWAYS lets us play DOOM whenever we don't have any work to do. We have two rooms in the factory reserved for those times, a game room and a computer lab (I helped set up the lab and populate it with games on every computer). Right now DOOM's only on one of the computers, but when I go back on Monday, I'm gonna put it on the other three. I even donated a router and they're trying to bring in ethernet cables so we can play DOOM, StarCraft, Diablo II, and other games against each other...
  2. Mystery Man in 3D

    My take on BFG Edition

    The BFG Edition for me was so-so, especially since I own more than 1 copy of the original versions of the games. I'm REALLY glad they made it for PS3 though. DOOM hasn't been seen on PlayStation in over 15 years and I have no intention of buying a 360, so I'm very grateful for that move. However, there's also DOOM Classic Complete on PSN that has Final DOOM and the Master Levels, thus making it the only way I need to DOOM on PS3, as I already prefer Classic DOOM over DOOM 3.
  3. Mystery Man in 3D

    If Classic DOOM ever became freeware...

    ...what would be the first thing you'd do after finding out? If and when Classic DOOM became freeware, I swear, I'd make 500 CDs, each packaged with all the Classic DOOM games, and casually hand them out to ANYONE who didn't already own the game...
  4. Mystery Man in 3D

    An MMO version of DOOM

  5. Mystery Man in 3D

    An MMO version of DOOM

    I meant the levelling-up, but they both sound fun... EDIT: My local buddy looked at your post and said he likes the planetside idea. Whatever way it goes though, I'm sure it'll be exciting...
  6. Mystery Man in 3D

    An MMO version of DOOM

    Is it possible? I was playing ZDaemon and Zandronum craving online multiplayer, and it just dawned on my that an MMO rendition of Classic DOOM would be stellar... If this has been discussed before though, I apologize.
  7. EDIT: Asked a question that already got answered. :P
  8. Mystery Man in 3D

    Downloadable cover for Doom 3 BFG PS3?

    I would've gladly helped you out here, but the place I usually get my DVD and Game Covers (cdcovers.cc) didn't have it either...
  9. Mystery Man in 3D

    Did DOOM Registered v1.9 ever come packaged on a CD?

    Thanks digger! You just made my day ;)
  10. Even though I can downgrade Ultimate DOOM to DOOM v1.1, then re-upgrade to DOOM Registered v1.9, I'd really like to buy this version someday, so I can at least say I bought the original version of DOOM. Which leads me to ask: Was Registered v1.9 ever packaged on CD and/or Floppy? It's hard to tell from Ebay and Amazon offers, so I figured I'd ask the pros...
  11. I work at a factory in Traverse City MI, and am allowed to play DOOM on my laptop whenever there's no work to be done, which happens to be one of those days. :P. Not only that, I was even able to get away with putting DOOM and DOOM II on their game computer, as I used the GBA versions. :D So, as the title says, who here are lucky enough to be able to play our beloved shooter at work?
  12. Mystery Man in 3D

    Best way to doom on the go?

    Until I'm able to get another GBA SP, I just play the GBA versions of DOOM and DOOM II on my Xperia Play.
  13. Mystery Man in 3D

    Videos of first time playing Doom

    Some time mid 1997: My mom rents DOOM 64 from our local video store, I take it home, play it, get my mind blown. First time playing DOOM. July 10th 1998: After my birthday party, I go to my Windows 95 computer, install Depths of DOOM Trilogy, fire up Ultimate DOOM under DOOM 95, and although initially disappointed that it wasn't like DOOM 64, get consumed nevertheless. First time playing DOOM for REAL.
  14. Mystery Man in 3D

    Thinking about buying DOOM II in a Box...

    I just bought the boxset you guys were pinpointing me towards. Thanks for your help! Much appreciated. Plus, with fraggle's comment (which I actually read AFTER buying the boxset), that will make this an even bigger trinket in my grand archive...
  15. Mystery Man in 3D

    Thinking about buying DOOM II in a Box...

    I already have 5 official PC copies of DOOM II (Hey, you can never have too many copies of DOOM, especially when it's your favorite game of all time!). I'd like to get another one, this time in its original box complete. Here's the two I have my eye on currently: http://www.ebay.com/itm/id-Doom-II-2-Rare-Vintage-Computer-Game-Big-Box-/170964492448?pt=Video_Games_Games&hash=item27ce4720a0 http://www.ebay.com/itm/DOOM-II-2-PC-CD-ROM-BIG-BOX-GT-INTERACTIVE-SOFTWARE-1995-/330834005367?pt=Video_Games_Games&hash=item4d073e4d77 Which one do you guys think is the best one to buy? This doesn't mean I'll buy it immediately, but it's something I'll definitely consider...