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  1. ...and DOOM II is now my DEFINITIVE Favorite Game of All Time!

    The only thing that was keeping it from being my favorite game was Super Street Fighter II Turbo and my love for fighting games. This changed after a brief visit to Shoryuken.com, where, even though I can beat the game and am pretty good at it, I was basically told "YOUR SKILL IS NOT ENOUGH". And then they had to throw in "Maybe a desk job would fit you better".

    Now I've been playing and loving video games since I was 5 years old, so the fact they think I shouldn't even be playing them pretty much sealed their doom (no pun intended). I'll still play fighting games, but if I had to change my Favorite Game of All Time for any reason, it will never be a fighting game again. Besides, there's a LOT of classic and a few modern shooters I DO enjoy playing.

    To Doomworld, where you're free to love what you do and not have to have the skill or the experience to do it.

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    2. Mystery Man in 3D

      Mystery Man in 3D

      Already learned that the hard way a long time ago.

    3. DoomUK


      Obsidian said:

      I don't really know what "shit" they pulled in the 2011 game

      No PC port, perhaps. It's admittedly disappointing.

    4. dannebubinga


      I'm pretty curious about what you posted on shoryuken.com to get that sort of replies. Beating the game in arcade mode has nothing to do with competetive gameplay in street fighter. So logging on to shoryuken.com and being all smug about beating Seth on the hardest difficulty will most certainly cause people to either laugh and troll or sigh at the naive "smugness".

      Shoryuken.com has been a goldmine for me when I was learning new characters and their bnb's, but other than that it's a pretty lame forum. The whole competetive gaming scene is full of fanboys and the gossip and bullshit is often worse than the shit you can read in various gossip papers about celebreties.

      The only reason to even register on shoryuken.com is if you're looking for practice buddies or want to show off your ultra-cool-super-modified-fightstick-deluxe-sanwa-whatever.