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  1. ...and DOOM II is now my DEFINITIVE Favorite Game of All Time!

    The only thing that was keeping it from being my favorite game was Super Street Fighter II Turbo and my love for fighting games. This changed after a brief visit to Shoryuken.com, where, even though I can beat the game and am pretty good at it, I was basically told "YOUR SKILL IS NOT ENOUGH". And then they had to throw in "Maybe a desk job would fit you better".

    Now I've been playing and loving video games since I was 5 years old, so the fact they think I shouldn't even be playing them pretty much sealed their doom (no pun intended). I'll still play fighting games, but if I had to change my Favorite Game of All Time for any reason, it will never be a fighting game again. Besides, there's a LOT of classic and a few modern shooters I DO enjoy playing.

    To Doomworld, where you're free to love what you do and not have to have the skill or the experience to do it.

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    2. Maes


      Mystery Man in 3D said:


      *sniff sniff* I smell some "competitive" adrenaline oozing from there....yup, those places tend to be somewhat unfriendly to anyone who's not "selling" themselves as top-notch "pros".

    3. Mystery Man in 3D

      Mystery Man in 3D

      Yet they applauded me when I announced that DOOM II is now my favorite game and FPS is my favorite genre. They even started having a friendly conversation about classic DOS shooters. :P

    4. Maes


      In general, be careful with who you challenge in such environments, especially if you're new and don't yet know who is who.

      If you're new to online competitive PvP in general, there are a lot of "tricks to the trade" to learn. Not only game-specific, but -perhaps most importantly- diplomatic.

      A "fearsome" community presence (verbally aggressive, condescending, paternalizing, abrasive, always based on the premise or presumption of superiority at the game itself) seems to be almost as important -if not more important- than actual competence at the game. If actual superiority is indeed exhibited, then there's no stopping the "pwnage 1337" behavior. Complaining about a perceived injustice or unfairness just feeds the "competotrolls". Serious business, indeed.

      It doesn't mean all people hanging there are necessarily bad, but there always is a "competitive bully" or two hanging around, ready to pick on the "newb". Yeah, getting an easy win or two against the newb and then calling him a "scrub" to his face is what some people live for in those environments, taking their role as "breakers of noobs" a bit too seriously, so don't be too surprised at the "welcome" you received.

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