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  1. This only true to an extent. I'm sorry, but certain time periods in human history have produced better art than others, period. Sure, there will always be junk no matter when you live, but when you have a population that is more energized to make great art then more great art will emerge. Are you prepared to say that neanderthals from 30,000 years ago had an equal amount of crap to the Italian Renaissance?
  2. What a shame that you are unable to finish this. I certainly understand, but still...damn. For some reason some areas remind me of certain places in the first F.E.A.R. game. Great work!
  3. True. "The authors know their job and have clearly given us a breath fresh of hellish air... On the other hand, kudos to Osifil for taking the time to do so many of the reviews. He appears to have done the vast majority in this /newstuff chronicles.
  4. @ComicMischief: Good screenshots, man! Keep it up.
  5. Wow, thanks! I had no idea there was so much behind-the-scenes disparity between the two source ports. This explains a lot.
  6. I use -complevel 9 with 1680x1050 resolution. I mostly use it to test wads I'm making or to play old stuff like AV or Eternal DOOM.
  7. Sorry if this has been addressed previously; I tried to do some searches but couldn't find anything. I'm using PrBoom-Plus a lot these days, and although I really like it, I've noticed that it runs a great deal slower than ZDoom. I'm using the latest version btw. I have it configured to NOT be graphics intensive(no glBoom) and to emulate original DOOM graphics and behaviors, with "uncapped framerate" selected. However, no matter what wad I play using PrBoom-Plus, including any of the iwads, it is quite a bit slower and laggier than ZDoom. I seriously doubt that it's my system because I have a fast system for starters, and secondly ZDoom is never slow, even with very large wads. Is there anything I can do to speed up PrBoom-Plus, or might there be some odd option that I could disable to make it run quicker?
  8. Sad indeed.
  9. You can always play on something other than easy or normal.
  10. All of this. Consider granting some leeway in your ruleset.
  11. In my opinion, Eternal DOOM trumps anything previously mentioned in this thread.
  12. Yes, you are the only one. As Kristus said, they gave you the huge goat-legged horned devilish guy(the Cyberdemon) at the conclusion of Episode 2. This was done on purpose. Most people would expect a creature like that to appear at the end of the game, and when it doesn't they are thrown off guard. The Spider Demon challenges people's preconceived notions of hell. It's a cool and creative boss. On the other hand, another fucking Baron of Hell recolor would've been way too obvious and wouldn't have added anything to the game.
  13. Here's DOOM if someone truly made it "newer". and another one...
  14. Yeah, 'cause Daily KOS sounds like a really reputable source for news and information.
  15. Sure. Here's the melee-based level, and here's a link to the page detailing the project I'm about to release.