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  1. Herska

    Check a script's activator?

    On a sort of related subject: is there a way to check whether a thing was succesfully spawned OR count the number of things with a specific tID on a map? Earlier I tried to make a similar serial spawner script where things would spawn at a specific point at the map but as the spawn point would be occupied all the required monsters couldn't spawn. I was trying to make a script where exactly 10 cacodemons would spawn (and would need to be killed for a script to trigger). I'd need to make the script "try again" if the spawn would be unsuccesful or loop until 10 things with the set tID would come to existence.
  2. Herska

    Check a script's activator?

    Cheers mate! That did the trick. Usually the problems I come up with seem to be fairly simple if you know what you're doing but I don't know what to search for in ZDoom Wiki.
  3. Herska

    Check a script's activator?

    Hi yall, I've come back to modding after a 5 year break and have found that I've lost most of what I learned way back. Anyhoo I'm trying to make this script sequence where endless amounts of lost souls are being continuosly spawned in a big outdoor map until the player kills a set amount of them. The problem is that the souls keep killing each other and ending the sequence on their own. There must be a way to work around this? Id like the counter to only tick down when the player (or another set tID) activates the script, i.e. kills the lost souls. The script in question: int lostsoulstokill = 30 script 67 (void) // script that spawns endless lost souls { spawn("lostsoul",(65536*random(-2368,4096)),(65536*random(-4544,2496)),(65536*random(24,300)),80); SetThingSpecial(80,80,68); // spawned souls activate script 68 on death delay(5); restart; } script 68 (void) // kill a lost soul { if (lostsoulstokill==0) { ACS_Terminate(67,0); Thing_Damage(80,1000); hudmessage (s:" ";HUDMSG_plain,10,CR_tan,0.5,0.23,0); } delay(1); lostsoulstokill--; SetFont("bigfont"); hudmessage (i:lostsoulstokill;HUDMSG_plain,10,CR_tan,0.5,0.23,0); }
  4. Herska

    Breaking Bad discussion

    I'm at season 3 episode 6 at the moment. Easily one of the best shows I've watched, the scriptwriting is just so compelling. One major bothering point has been though that I watched all seasons of Malcolm in the Middle before even hearing about Breaking Bad. The characters of Hal and Walt look very, very much alike and it was hard to take the act seriously in the beginning. Luckily Walt loses his hair in the show, so there's at least one distinctive difference between the characters even if Cranston's mannerisms are very similar with Hal and Walt.
  5. Herska

    Make a deep water sector non-deep water?

    God. Just god. I made a script displaying floorz in real time and guess what? The script couldn't reckognize the point where the value hits -48 because the value grows too fast (I think it doesn't go through every integer when it grows too fast and skipped -48 in this case) Lowered the sector raise speeds from 30 to 10 and it works like a charm. Good thing this didn't bug me enough to stop me from working for 2 days. Oh well.
  6. Herska

    Best WADs to have never won a Cacoward

    Op posted my schedual for the next few months.
  7. Herska

    Make a deep water sector non-deep water?

    Map here I didn't include the huge texture wad files, so some textures display invalidly. All the scripts and essentials are in there, though. I'm new to 3D floors, can they be done with Zdoom in Hexen format? I'd rather not use that approach, I would rather ease myself into 3D floor mapping in a different map or section so I don't take more I can chew. Edit: The map is MAP06 so skip in there with idclev06.
  8. Herska

    Make a deep water sector non-deep water?

    I'm using Zdoom in Hexen format. Is this a problem? I simplified the area to first understand how to make a working script like that. My problem now is that the script can't pick up the moment where the floor height hits -48 and thus can't enter the "inner script", as I like to call it. I think it has something to do with the part rectangled in the picture of the script. What should it read there and why? E: resized the script picture
  9. I'm trying to add a secret in my map that raises a set of underwater stairs to a higher floor, making another area accessible (illustrated). Sorry about the typo(s) My problem is, I can't make the deep water effect go away from the floor as removing the deep water things via scripting doesn't remove the effect. Do you know any workaround on how to make a underwater sector not-underwater?
  10. I recognized myself from the starting post. In fact the forgetting dilemma is not at all uncommon. Me and most of my friends that compose music for their leizure-time bands or other projects have tons of audio files in their phones and mp3 players of themselves humming a melody or a rhythm. I recommend this myself, too. A decent recording device would be nice, of course, but now that most cell phones and other pocket-size electric devices have a recorded built in them, who cares? It does the trick and the you are going to record or produce the thing again anyway with better sound quality. Also knowing any method to preserve your music to any literary or otherwise concretic form is helpful, so if you don't know yet, learn the basics of notation, tabulatures, midi- or other music composing software. Again, the final form of your composition is not key yet, it's just about preserving the material until worked to its final form. I myself have in my drawers and computer a ton of sheet music, lyrics and single melodies, song stumps and other stuff. Sometimes if I have to compose something and get writer's block, all that material in stock can be used as sources of information or motifs in the piece in the works.
  11. Herska

    Doom modders who work in the game industry

    How come I haven't thought of the possibility that DW mappers can jump into bigshot game industry and vice versa? Maybe Romero himself dwells somewhere in the forums under a false identity.
  12. Title says it all. Here's a chance for every mapper and modder out there to post a screenshot or another sampler of what is currently on the works. This way other Doomers can get an exclusive glimpse of what can be released in the near or far future. Remember to comment others' posts, it gives the author motivation and fresh ideas and points of view. Mappers love feedback! :3 I'll post mine later if the thread catches on.
  13. Herska

    Electro/breakbeat music - help needed right now!

    Thinking outside of the box here, but if you're into dub stuff and 8-bit sounds, I recently found this pretty cool dub artist with minimal electric, 8-bit sounds, Tapes. If you're using Spotify, here's a link to a pretty cool tune of theirs. A bit modern, but minimal if that was a key thing you were looking for. Other stuff: The Knife 808 State Dunderpatrullen
  14. Can't wait to see what comes out of it. Looks and plays awesome. Nice to see a wad with great humour. Gotta say, I laughed my ass off the first time I saw the pirate demon. You also have a nice touch with difficulty. Captain difficulty was truly challenging to say the least. Overall nicely done, keep posting MOAR!!
  15. Herska

    What are you playing now?

    When I'm not working or building my own VariableZ -wad, I've been playing Temple of The Lizard Men. Awesome shit, stellar scripting and nice use of custom weapons, items and monsters.