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Status Updates posted by Scotty

  1. I loved this little touch, it was the cherry on top of a great wad. Thanks for making Overboard, it was the most fun i have had with Doom in ages!



  2. Been pimping up a 6 year old map this week, for Ultimate Doom in Name Only! It needed it...



    @cannonball @dobu gabu maru

    1. dobu gabu maru

      dobu gabu maru

      Awww yeah nothing like updating maps that are over half a decade old and then praying the set comes out so you won't have to do it again half a decade later!!!

    2. cannonball


      Fingers crossed that this should be done in five months, let alone another five years. Hope to see the finalised Tower of Babel in the near future.

    3. Scotty


      Just gotta find an hour for finishing touches and do skill settings, then it is ready :)

  3. I am very keen to get some new maps together to give some real impetus to the Cereal Killer reboot - i have 4 or 5 close to being done, here is one of them.



  4. "Only wads like Abandon and Sunder inspire a similar degree of awe in me, and this one has the advantage of being actually playable for the average Doomer lol."


    Abandon will have skill settings really soon, so i hope you check it out when that arrives and let us know how it goes, we definitely want at least HNTR to be very accessible!

  5. Old vs new... just to prove that Abandon hasn't merely sat untouched for the last 12+ months





  6. Cydonia map32 in the bag, can move the wad to RC1 soon and then get it sent off to idgames :)



  7. Mapping goals for the remainder of this month, in order:


    1. Finish 1k Lines 3 map (70% complete)
    2. Secret map for secret wad (99% done, only final tweaks are needed)
    3. Make Cydonia map32 and move that wad to RC state
    4. Tweaks and skill settings for Abandon, at long last (2 maps worth)


    Posting this publicly to try and encourage myself to achieve all 4 goals.

    1. Scotty


      1k3 map more or less in the bag :)