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  1. Scotty

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    WIP for @DyingCamel's Demons #2
  2. All sectors must be either 0 or 256 light level.
  3. I guess i should kick things off seeing as i instigated this party... Disjunction and Scythe X have been on my to play list for some time, and Counterattack was instantly one of my favourite wads when i played it (and rounds off the month nicely). So some wads are blind, some not. As usual, everything played with Boom on UV. Going forward i'll probably review maps in chunks, but for now... Disjunction map01 - Leaden Skie´╗┐s A small hangar installation based atop a giant canyon, somewhere very high up in the mountains. I adore maps like this, which provide a great sense of place and scale as well as being a small part of a much larger world - this is something that i feel Sunder (one of my favourite wads) did amazingly well and a feeling that is not easy to create. The screenshot below captures the spirit of the setting nicely, imo. I really appreciate the choice of sky and music here too, which add a lot to the atmosphere. Combat is nice and fast paced with plenty of opportunity to mow down gunners with the chaingun - barrels are always good fun with the explosive element and are a welcome inclusion in the map.
  4. Scotty

    Best Thy Flesh Consumed themed WADs?

  5. Scotty

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Struggle

    +++ Counterattack, Disjunction, Scythe X
  6. Scotty

    Doom 64 for Doom II - /idgames link is up

    Map25 HOM (sector 444) (occurs with GL graphics only)
  7. Scotty

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Orangey OTEX goodness. I feel really privileged to be able to create something using these resources pre-release.
  8. Scotty

    Ultimate Doom In Name Only - Limit removing project

    Like 2 months later and... Tower of Babel Hope it is worth the wait. Skill settings implemented but not yet tested. MP - player starts only. Thanks to cannonball and dobu for initial testing - hopefully i haven't broken anything else in my tinkering since then!
  9. E1: Survived E2: Dead on map09 Category 1
  10. Scotty

    Nova III - mapping deadline 31st October!

    Nice job, a very modern feeling map with a dash of KDitD vibes. I remembered to record an FDA for once here, sorry to others that i haven't done this for each map. The layout is great, nice shapes and progression is generally fine, the map is small enough that getting lost doesn't last for long. Combat wise it is perhaps a bit one-dimensional for the majority of things, although i thought the last fight was cool and a good finishing note. Removing all unnecessary doors would be a smart move here, it would give the double benefit of making the map more free flowing while also making the incidental combat far more dynamic as it promotes monsters attacking from more angles. I would also recommend working on the lighting, use some high contrast areas and lighting effect sectors to make things pop in places. The muted colour scheme is fine with me as an aesthetic personally, but higher contrast lighting would really help this map shine. I would probably use a more modern midi on this style of map myself, too - several BTSX E1 midis would work great on this map for example. But it's ultimately up to you.
  11. Scotty

    Griefless - Final Release (v1.1)

    This was fun, a great way to spend an hour or so with some casual Dooming. I feel like you captured the spirit of Romero's original Doom gameplay and paired it with some nice compact Scythe style layouts, a combo that will always win me over. Proof that simplicity is often the most effective way. Really tidy little boss fight setup on E4M8 too. I could happily play of megawad of these kinds of maps. Thanks for making it!
  12. Scotty

    Is it still a trap if you know it's coming?

    A trap is unexpected. A setup is expected/obvious. That's my distinction for Doom set pieces usually.
  13. 7 - Darkvault A very hot (and entertaining) start that saw me scrabbling for weapons and ammo while trying to figure out how to tackle the map. Once i carved out a niche the pace gradually slowed down, save for the drop-down trap. The exit felt abrupt; perhaps a finale arena fight or something would have served this map nicely. I always associate Pinchy with bold colour choices, and here is no different, with the muted purple shades accentuating the bright orange lava. A cool colour combo that is rarely seen in Doom maps. 8 - Lodi Eno Rebmun Si Ocin An exercise in extracting high difficulty from low enemy numbers, i guess, although the inherent consequence of this is that at times this felt like it was being difficult for the sake of being difficult. Still, pulling off 2-shots on Cybs in awkward spaces are quite satisfying to pull of - save for that perched Cyb past the yellow door which was incredibly dickishly placed. Like the previous map, this one had a key progressional switch in a weird non-obvious location, i'm not sure wtf that is about. Said switch did provide an entertaining little skirmish, though. 9 - Blood from a Stone A grimy tech installation built into a giant cliff face. Sunderesque vibes about this map, particularly once you get into the blue key building, and the map has this vibe of being a small section of some twisted microcosm, a feeling that i associate with a lot of Sunder maps. I remember remarking to myself that the map "wasn't actually too difficult so far" just before the blue key fight - heh. An intense, cramped trap immediately followed which gave me a fair beating. At this point, the impact of playing blind and not knowing where the secrets where became incredibly apparent, with meagre resources left to try and deal with the descent back to the blue switch. In this thread i have already remarked about my frustrations regarding artibrary 'viles simply there to rez everything' tropes, so predictably i found this part annoying - until i found some of the secrets, which are numerous and powerful in this map, and make a casual playthrough much more fun. The Caco trap upon the final ascent was meh - the player will always simply retreat here, and have to tediously pick them off (or ignore them and just leave the map, in my case). Regardless, i believe i shall revisit this map, as i expect that playing this with foreknowledge of all secrets will be a far more rewarding experience, and a more appropriate way of playing the map. 10 - Piston Hurricane Another hot start map here, but it was just a case of running around taking care of hitscan on the deck, then the rest of the map just felt like complete cleanup with no really notable threats save for a couple of chaingunner squads. Far too many low threat turrent monsters (ie HK's). This layout strongly reminded me of the map Pinchy made for Cereal Killer. Regardless, some good use of scrolling floors gave this map a convincing factory vibe. Neat, if slightly random Boom trickery at the end too. Very cool sky in this map, btw. I guess i felt this one was a case of style over substance. 11 - Quaker Plumbing Inc. After a fairly slow start, picking away at mid tiers with the regular SG and minimal rockets, having to be careful due to lack of armour, the map quickly moves up through the gears upon grabbing the SSG and some armour, allowing you to finally play at a high pace, something that felt like it was supposed to be the case from the start. Aesthetically this map was reminiscent of Valiant E1, ie (relatively) realistic manmade structures (a dam in this case) built into natural surroundings. The middle portion of this map is fantastic fun, with flowing, energetic fights. The second Cyb was... questionable however, and we get another visit from my now-well-acquantied-gripe "vile who is there just to rez shit" and some nondescript caco's who do a poor job of defending the exit. A shame to end on a low note but a very fun map regardless. 12 - Kepler Communications Some pretty cool architecture here, with massive structures that tower around the player at the beginning. Map starts off similarly to 11 with the same SG vs mid tier stuff. Yellow key fight is pretty fun stuff, trying to deal with the viles first while avoiding the potentially massively damaging attacks of the mancs and spiders. Once you go up the section of lifts where the cyb and mastermind are, the map falls apart a bit. I despise Lost Souls and so PE's in very wide open spaces like this are nightmare fuel to me. The mastermind/cyb crossfire is quite tricky too. Fortunately for my sanity, this map has a mega cheese spot back up at the yellow key fight, you just go there and put the Cyb to work. He eradicated this entire trap and the latter one too, and i just literally stood in this spot the whole time and didn't have to do anything. The other fights felt a little uninspired, too many boss monsters on this map for its own good perhaps. More work put into the lighting would have made this map a pretty stunning sight to behold too. 13 - Cybercrusher Well, at least you know it's going to be a complete gimmick map beforehand... The fact that you are sort of obliged to utilise the crushers can make things incredibly annoying if the enemies don't want to play your game. This was fun in parts, but i think i would've had more fun if i just had a BFG. The final area i just did the switch hunt and left making zero effort in combat, happy in the knowledge that eventually those monsters would be crushed to death on their own. I thought this map had a great look to it, highly futuristic, like something from a sci-fi film. 14 - Ancient Den Incidentally, Marcaek recommended that i check out this map (i forget why exactly) just a few weeks back, which is why the wad was on my to-play list in the first place. Anyway. Immediately - fuck yeah, what a great setting for a map, this looks amazing. The sky and sand as far as the eye can see really creates a sense of place, truly in the middle of nowhere. The brilliant midi is a perfect fit too. Combat wise this map is highly sparse - occassionally underwhelming (lone HK's and small Caco clusters are mere ammo sinks) - with Chaingunners, Revs and Viles generally providing the most invigorating moments wherever they are involved. Plutonia-riffic. The real strength of this map is the nicely tiered, highly interwoven layout that is interesting to navigate and explore. I got to the exit and- wtf, only 70 monsters gone? I explored some more, got bored of that, so cheated to find the switch necessary for the secret areas - worth it. Two cool larger scale fights, highly entertaining, my kinda thing. The arena rising out of the sand was really neat, i dread to think how long that must have taken to build up! A fitting climax to the map. This had a definite map15 vibe to it, shame all these well hidden, interesting secret areas and fights didn't lead to a secret exit really, it seems like it would have been perfect for that. 15 - Klockwerk SSG slog. Little for ammo or health so you can't really attack the map. Just slog through it all. I have very little time for this.
  14. Scotty

    Hard maps with low enemy counts?

  15. Scotty

    Which monster do you neglect when mapping?

    Lost Souls. Because i fucking hate the little bastards.