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  1. The Big Robb


    Dammit I got beat 40 frags to 5. I'm still the greatest doom player ever. I love you all.
  2. The Big Robb

    Yeah baby yeah yeah yeah!

    Doom tournament me die in the first round? not a chance ill make it through im big robb i make it all the way you think you can beat me? not a chance im big robb i can take you all on when ever i want whatever place what ever tournment daddy! beat me? not a chance im big robb im in this tournament for the long haul im in this tournament untill i want to be here im the big robb!
  3. The Big Robb

    more doomed dreams

    Everyone knows Rob McKay brought "doom dreams" to doomworld. He is the original dreamer.
  4. The Big Robb

    A Christian guide to doom!

    To hell with you chistians its gonna be me and you one on one the last man standing match you and the big show!!!
  5. I was thinking about 2 seconds ago and decided to post this topic. Doomguy wears that green body suit with a helmet in the game but all the zombie men have different uniforms on. If Doomguy was in the same platoon as all of the other marines then surely he would be wearing the same uniform? Why is he wearing something different? And why does he have a helmet and none of the other marines have helmets?
  6. The Big Robb

    What's your favorite Doom & Doom 2 Level?

    Well thats great you can list the levels but its pointless unless you give us a reason for why you like them. As for me: E1M8 Why? Because its just so damn evil and simbolic of what Doom is. The Music the design the first "big guys" you have to face and the hopeless ending. You destroy the big guys then die anyway when you warp out of the level. Simple, atmospheric and simbolic.
  7. The Big Robb

    Scariest Doom monster?

    I'm shit scared of all of them. Oh and all you guys saying none of them scare you. Shut the fuck up and stop trying to be tough we all know your just speccy, virgin, computer nerds, with bad haircuts and acne. Personally I'm shit scared of all of them.
  8. The Big Robb

    Great music for Doom detected!

    I love classical music. What do you recommend?
  9. It's gone! I need to download it again!
  10. The Big Robb

    My face its like over to the side. Why?

    Lol the wad sucks and its not finished cuz ive still to do each of the damage levels.
  11. The Big Robb

    My face its like over to the side. Why?

    Got it man. Its central now. :)
  12. The Big Robb

    My face its like over to the side. Why?

    Thanks bud. :)
  13. I'm creating a custom wad. It won't be released because its just for me and my friends to have a laugh at. In place of the doom guys head I have my head. Now for some reason it seems to be off to the side slightly instead of in the centre. Anyone got any fixes for this. I was pasting my face over the doomguys face then replacing it in the wad. I got it pretty accurate but in the game its off to the side slightly. No big deal but annoying nonetheless.
  14. The Big Robb

    Downgrading Ultimate Doom.

    I still want to play it.