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  1. Oh wow, that was weird. Last night, I had a dream pertaining to Doom, which is odd because I honestly can't remember the last time that's happened to me. Like seriously, it's been at least a solid decade. Anyway, the basic setup for my dream was that the community was doing a new megawad project - the theme was clever and creative use of Zdoom's modding capabilities. There weren't really any rules, the idea was just for each level to really show off what Zdoom can do in its current iteration.

    Funny thing is, I've never done any modding for Zdoom specifically in my whole life. Don't know why, I just never got around to learning Zdoom. Maybe the dream was trying to encourage me to try. Or maybe this is some "Field of Dreams" BS where I'm actually supposed to host a Zdoom community project (really hope not, as I have neither the time nor the got-it-togetherness to do such a thing). Either way, just thought it was funny to suddenly have a Doom-related dream after so long, and one about modding and the community to boot. Wonder if it's because I recently fired up Doom Builder again after a long hiatus?

    1. Krispy


      If you start it, they will map.

    2. darkreaver


      I've had a few Doom related dreams. Don't know if that's sad or cool, but anyway: once I had a dream about this awesome place and the day after I started mapping out that area. It turned out to be my favorite section in any of my maps =)

      Of course I ruined it with bullshit gameplay, but still..

    3. Memfis


      Doom dreams are cool, for some reason the levels in them always feel super awesome and atmospheric, like 1000 times more immersive than even the best levels IRL. This is why I've never even attempted to remake any of the areas I've seen in my dreams: I just don't want to be disappointed when they turn out to be nothing special outside of the dream.