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  1. So several months ago, my legs basically gave out on me. Out of the blue, I had developed a rare nervous disorder known as Guillain-Barré Syndrome. This occurs when your white blood cells decide to spaz out and attack your nervous system. Fortunately, I was hospitalized quickly (yet stubbornly against my wishes - I was convinced nothing serious was wrong with me), and was treated before the condition spread - it starts in your legs, but eventually works its way upward, sometimes even getting as far as your lungs and causing you to stop breathing.

    Let me say... moving back in with your parents when you're friggin' 30 sucks ass... Especially when you have to literally move thousands of miles in the process and abandon the city that was once your home. All told, though, I should be incredibly grateful to have such loving parents and to have people to take care of me in such a dire situation. It's one of those things where, you realize that whatever you lost, you're reminded of what you still have, which is a seriously bitchin' family that has your back.

    The real point, though, was I just wanted to brag about how much better I'm doing (yeah, I normally don't like to brag, but eh, I feel entitled). I've still got bad pain in my legs, but I've built myself up to being able to walk several miles a day, which is no small feat given the circumstances. I'm also in the middle of applying to grad school, so we'll see how that turns out. As cliche as it may sound, I guess the real point is that I'm realizing how amazing my life is after having so much taken away - I mean sure I hate my circumstances, but I'm so thankful to have a loving family to take care of me, and this seeming setback may actually be a push forward in my life, what with grad school and all.

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    2. geekmarine


      "Cure" is kind of a strong word. There's no magic pill you can take that can undo everything - they just basically shut down your immune system temporarily and hope that when it boots back up, it doesn't continue attacking your nervous system. Once the disease has been (hopefully) stopped, the only real treatment is long-term physical therapy to recreate the connections that had been damaged (as well as rebuild muscle mass). Though honestly, I'm a little surprised they even managed to come up with that - it's incredibly rare, and I have no idea how they figured out what was even happening, much less how to stop it.

      BTW, just to give a short status update, at this point I'm mostly at where I was before the illness. I have almost no pain now, except for when I sit for long periods of time, and I've even regained the ability to run (albeit slowly and deliberately, but at least it's something). Biggest problem now is with my toes - they still tingle as if my feet have fallen asleep.

    3. Tango


      that's awesome news man :D

    4. TwinBeast


      Congratulations on being able to run again!

      Maybe you could curl your toes into "fists", open, and repeat? At least it helps me, if my toes/feet feel numb...