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  1. I had an NES when I lived in Minnesota - honestly, I've had an NES most of my life - but when I had to move down here, I didn't have really have much of an opportunity to pack thanks to my illness, so I lost most of my thing. Well, it really meant a lot to me, and I was sad to lose it, but last weekend my sister dragged me to a con, and while it wasn't exactly spectacular, I did manage to make one pretty sweet purchase. Probably paid a little more than I shoulda, but considering the paint job, and factoring in shipping costs for if I had ordered one online, I think it was worth it.

    No games yet, as the prices they were charging for games at the booth were ridiculous (though I realize that honestly, no matter where you shop these days, NES game prices have gone up in recent years). However, I have managed to order Super Mario Bros. 1 and 3, TMNT (yes, the original, the crappy one with the horrible dam level - what can I say, nostalgia is a powerful force), and Marble Madness.

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    2. Mechadon


      That's a pretty cool NES you've got there! Just grab all of the TMNT games for it and you'll be set :)

      I have a soft spot for the first TMNT NES game, though it is pretty awful. The Arcade Game and The Manhattan Project are lots of fun though, particularly if you have someone to play them with.

    3. Bucket


      Ribbiks said:

      cool shit.

      I know it doesn't have quite the same retro appeal, but have you messed about with emulation? Get yourself a usb controller, some emulator software (for pretty much any console <= PS2), a bucket full of roms, and you're good to go.

      Better yet, mod a PS2. The controller is one of the best in console history and it'll handle everything up to most SNES games without slowdown.

    4. geekmarine


      Well like I said, I've already modded my Wii, not sure I want to mess around with PS2 modding on top of that, and the Wii does work pretty well for that purpose, especially with the Classic Controller.

      To be honest on the TMNT games, I never really got into TMNT 3. Maybe it's because I didn't play it growing up, maybe it's because they nerfed the special attack (understandable, once you get the hang of the special attack in TMNT 2, there's no real reason to use any other moves), but I've always just preferred TMNT 2.