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  1. Wow, what do you know, we have blogs. I'm always the last to know about anything that ever happens. God, the world could end today, and I wouldn't find out until tomorrow morning when I got up to go to Doomworld and noticed that EVERYTHING IS GONE!!! Anyhoo, gosh, I've been here since what, 9th grade, and I really dislike my screen name. Heh, I remember when I chose it, and how at the time I really didn't care, because I just didn't think of it as anything important. It was a play on my e-mail address at the time, which was geekerman, with the -marine thing used to "Doomify" it. AND, geekerman was chosen simply because I couldn't get geekman. The point of this all is, it's the epitome of dorkiness, and I don't even want to think of what others think of my screen name. Geez, why couldn't I have picked a more normal immature 9th grader screen name like MeGa_LoRd_CyBeRdEmOn_WiTh_BaLlS_oF_sTeEl? Okay, maybe that's a bad example, but the point is, I wish I had given more thought to that seemingly innocous decision. Of course, that doesn't mean I'd be able to come up with a cool screen name if I were given another chance. I'd probably end up being Weirdguy, which is my preferred screen name on the Internet at the moment.

    Oh well, at least I came up with a cool DM persona (IMHO), The Mad Fragger. Actually, I came up with that one while playing Quake on the network at school (good times, good times), and I've used (and loved) it ever since. Now THAT is a truly inspired name. It's kind of a nod to Alice in Wonderland, but the real origin of the name came from this bizarre story of the "mad gasser". It was this weird case of apparent mass hysteria, where people in this town (can't remember where) reported that this weird guy would go around breaking into people's homes and spraying them with some gas that would make them sick. As expected, this "mad gasser" was never caught, and eventually the reports just stopped, but I always thought he had a cool nickname.

    1. The Ultimate DooMer

      The Ultimate DooMer

      Well, if you want to change it, PM or speak to an admin.

    2. Chopkinsca


      my names is more stupid than yours..
      at other boards I am chopkinsca.. or now 5157007296