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  1. Ugh, I went to bed late last night, and I had been planning to just sleep late, but so much for that plan. Shortly before dawn, I had this incredibly disturbing dream. It was, well, it was like Beetlejuice, only extremely gory. It was like, well, at one point, the main characters, you know, the ones that are ghosts and their names escape me, well, they get trapped in this room, and it was like the walls themselves were made of flesh. It was full of bones, and blood, and guts, and it was absolutely repulsive. Then, to make things worse, skeletons came alive, spewing forth guts across the room. I remember one skeleton crushing another's skull, resulting in more disgusting things spraying forth. I woke up, horribly traumatized, but I was tired, and so I went back to sleep. The next dream, I was in this mental hospital. God, it was the most disturbing thing ever. The doctors there were performing sick experiments on the patients. God, I remember this one scene which stuck out, where these doctors had gotten like IV tubes, and hooked them up so that they exchanged blood with their patients, and then they would torture themselves and see if the patients were affected. God, and it actually worked, too. I came in there, and they were all dead, the doctors and the patients, and there was blood everywhere, and the bodies were all mangled from the torture. I woke up from that at about 7:00 A.M., and at that point, I was incredibly tired, but I couldn't go to sleep for fear of another disturbing dream. It's like Friday the 13th or something.

    1. Ralphis


      heh, I've had a reoccuring dream lately. It's not actually the same dream, but it's the same creature killing my friends. A few doomers were even in them but I think most of you guys got wiped out because...you suck.

    2. Xaser


      I got eaten by a cyberdemon once. Afterwards, I just went back to sleep and I was just fine.

    3. SmellyOgre


      Xaser said:

      I got eaten by a cyberdemon once. Afterwards, I just went back to sleep and I was just fine.