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  1. Woot! I finally got my very own copy of Hexen. I don't know what inspired me to buy it. Perhaps it was just that I was bored with everything I have, and I thought it'd be interesting to get a game that was pretty different from the games I already had (different as in different setting more than different type of game). I got it from half.com for $5, including shipping and handling. I've just started, and I'm really enjoying it. The whole hub thing is really giving me a headache, but other than that, it's really cool. Now all I have to do is get a copy of Heretic and I'll have completed my Doom engine games collection. Of course, the really cool part is the fact that I can play it using Zdoom (man, my Doom2 directory is becoming very cluttered; I already have all of the Doom IWADs there for convenience purposes, and now Hexen is in there as well).

    BTW, has anyone ever played the Quake mission packs? I got Quake a while back (second copy), mainly just for collecting purposes, and then I saw that someone was selling both of the Quake mission packs on half.com, so I bought them. They are really sweet, especially the first one (Scourge of Armagon). The levels are very well done, and they look beautiful (for Quake 1, at least). My favorite level was this big cathedral, where you had to climb all the way to the top of the tower to open a door to the catacombs. The level was really fun, and it was also one of the best-looking Quake levels I had ever seen. I suppose the main reason I like the mission packs is that each level is very distinctive, and it actually looks like it could be a real place, as opposed to "some sort of vaguely gothic castly thingy." Anyways, I just thought they were really cool, and now that I think about it, I never even finished the second mission pack. I should go back and do that some time...

    1. Ultraviolet


      geekmarine said:

      $5, including shipping and handling

      So it actually cost $0?

    2. geekmarine


      Nah, it was like $2 and s/h was like $3 if I remember correctly.