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  1. Heh, been working on the second map in my Stylin' series (or, if that's already taken, D2-Style series). I already got a couple of areas done, and I'm starting to figure out how the whole map is going to work out. I really hadn't planned on doing a series, but when I finished making MAP01-Style, I felt that it needed more. So, I decided to make a second level. I don't really have a plan for as to how many maps this series is going to have, I'll just keep making 'em until I get bored with it. To clarify, the whole idea behind it is to kind of take the theme of the original map and make a completely different map with it, kind of like what some of the Freedoom levels are like. Of course, I don't really stick to the theme very tightly, for instance for MAP01-Style I decided to use STARG1 instead of the whole TEKGREEN stuff. Anyways, you can see a couple of screenshots of MAP02-Style at http://www.geocities.com/great_wise_yoda/m2style.htm Sorry they're so small but I'm on 56k rigth now AND I'm listening to internet radio through winamp and couldn't be bothered to wait for higher-res pics to upload.

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      Pretty darn sweet. I'm currently remaking E1M2 in the MAP02 style :)