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  1. Okay, so I had this really cool dream last night. I dreamed that a new Doom sequel had been made. Not Doom 3, but a Doom game made using the original Doom engine. First off, it had some new monsters, like I remember this mancubus thing, only it was nastier-looking, green, and had some hair (not much, but like Gollum's hair in the Two Towers), and then there was this lost-soul thing, sort of like the alpha lost soul. Then, there were two episodes, TNT style, and an involved plotline, as well. In the game, you're a crew member on a sort of space coast-guard ship thing, and you find this abandoned ship out in space, which is huge, like Death Star size. Anyways, you're like one of a small team who goes to investigate, and you find that hellspawn have overrun the ship. The first episode is you're trapped in the ship and have to clear out the hellspawn and somehow contact your ship to let the captain know you're still alive and not to blow it up until you get out of there. Then, in the second episode, you get to the communications center too late, and the captain opens fire. As it turns out, though, the missiles she fires don't destroy the ship, but only send it flying through space, causing it to collide with an even more gargantuan ship.

    So then, you're on a wrecked ship which has become embedded in another ship, and it's weird, because the hull breached in such a way that the hole is vaccuum-sealed and the two ships are now connected. The second ship, by the way, is a large biosphere-type thingy, so it contains Earth-like environments. Anyways, now you've got to destroy the hellpswn on the bigger ship, because they've escaped and are now slaughtering the crew of that ship and calling in reinforcements. My dream ended at the first level of the second episode. It was cool, because I was actually in the game. I remember the level started off with a battle with some hell knights and mancubuses, and then I ran off into an alleyway, and on the other side was a corridor where zombies were walking down, but they hadn't seen me. I just hid in the alley and kept popping out and shooting them with my shotgun. It was actually kind of scary because I was in the game, and so of course did not want to be shot or anything, and at one point I was even trying to use my shotgun one-handed so I could shoot without having to pop out and become a target.

    Well, as it so happens, I miss when I'm firing at one of the sargents, and he comes after me, and I get scared and run. Now, I should mention two things about the sargents. Firstly, they had been changed so that they have hair, and each on has unique hair, and secondly, I noticed when one of them got close to me that it wasn't pixelated, which at the time had struck me as odd. So anyways, I go running off, and I think I've outrun it, but then I turn back and watch as the zombie starts to run. Wow, I didn't know they could run, and so I dive behind a corner, wait for him to show up, and because I'm out of ammo (I had fired and missed several times at this point) I jump out and begin to punch the bejeezes out of him. And because I was actually in the game, it was my actual fists, not some crappy representation on the screen. I actually punched a zombie to death. Well, I don't know if I actually killed him, because at this point I woke up, but I landed four or five good hits and he fell down. No brass knuckles or anything, just my fists. Geez, I still can't believe I did that.

    Well, anyways, that was about it, I really thought it was cool, and I wish id would actually make this or something. Also, I should mention, the story was really cool because they actually had cutscenes and everything. And it was much better than my dream where I was back at school and I lost all my books and my backpack. That just sucked.

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    2. Draconio


      BlackFyre said:

      Dream it, build it, live it :D Some of my best map ideas have come from dreams.

      You're not alone.

    3. geekmarine


      Yeah, I know there are total conversions, but I would like to see something professionally done. I don't know what difference it would make, because I mean the community has gotten to the point where almost all of the really good levels are better than the originals, but you know, there just aren't that many people out there who can create monsters on par with the quality of id's. I guess what I really want is more id-quality Doom-type monsters. Of course, the two extra episodes wouldn't hurt anything, either.

    4. Ultraviolet


      Sprite art is like, a dying art. Very few practitioners remain.