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  1. Dang it, there just aren't any good games anymore. I mean, of course the games are good, but not like what I want in a game. I've given up on the whole "uber-realistic" crap. I want a game with graphics that don't try to look real. I want a game with crazy action. I want one with lots of weapons. I want a story, but not one that is integral to playing the game. I want something like the recent Castlevania titles for GBA. Those things are awesome. Anyone played them? We need PC games like that. Heh, not exactly like that, 3D wouldn't hurt or anything, provided they kept the action. Of course, add-ons are a must. If I can't create my own levels, I don't care about it. There's no replayability there. I'm in a total rut. I play nothing but FPS, and I'm sick of FPS, but I can't find any other type of PC game that is enjoyable, save for the occasional Age of Empires or something. Heh, more games should be customizable, too. Sure, FPS are famous for it, but there are tons of games out there that could benefit from it. I'm done ranting.

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    2. deathz0r



    3. kinkyfriend85


      rpg/rpg shooters

      Ultima underworld 1-2
      Diablo 1 [way much better than the second...]


      Bstone 1-2
      Descent 1-2

      Mario 1-3 + yoshi Island
      All Sonics to master system + mega drive

      there are way much more to mention but i am WAY too sleepy for that. [Been drawing game sprites many hours now]

    4. Fredrik


      Mm... SNES...