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  1. Well, I'm almost finished with Stylin' 2, the sequel to MAP01-Style (yeah, I decided to change the name to something that sounds cooler). I'm pretty much done with the architectural aspect (not counting secrets, which I hate doing), now I just gotta add monsters and whatnot. Dang it, every time I get close to finishing a level, it puts me in a bad mood. Maybe it's because I can see that the end is near, but that I've also still got a lot of work to do. Whatever... I'm not even sure I like Doom level editing. I mean, sure, I like designing individual rooms and whatnot, and I'm fascinated with the process of taking a bare room and turning into something interesting, but it's putting a bunch of rooms and halls together to make a level that's a real pain. I think that's why I started my Stylin' series. I wanted to do a bunch of levels where I didn't have to worry too much about the layout, and so I just decided to pattern the layout after the original levels (heavily modified of course). It gives me a base to start with. Maybe not much of one, but at least it's somewhere to start. Oh well, I should just go and finish my level, an hopefully I can finish the monster placement today.