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  1. Okay, so I just got to thinking, and I was remembering various (mostly stupid) projects I've come up with for Doom. I just thought I'd share a few of them here.

    Aliens TC 2 - Okay, well, this project never actually had an official name, but my goal for years was to create a better version of Aliens TC. I had a few ideas to improve some things, such as chestbursters that actually hatched, xenomorphs which would drop off ledges to chase you (trust me, it's a lot cooler than it sounds, because you can have ambushes from high ledges and whatnot, kind of like E2M4 from Aliens TC), and various other minor things. Well, this one never really got far off the ground, because I was basically trying to use Aliens TC as a base, and thanks to the extremely convoluted Dehacked work, it was nearly impossible. Also, my level designing skills sucked back then, so it would have been terrible.

    Doom 3 - I don't remember if this was the actual name, but the idea was to have another Doom sequel using the Doom engine. Basically, what I wanted to do was Doom with more special FX. It was going to have stuff like new weapons (flamethrower is all I can remember right now), and random cool touches like blood puddles that stayed and breaking glass and whatnot. I may or may not have planned on modified monsters; I can't remember. Once again, it never really got anywhere.

    Firefighters TC - Possibly the most work I have ever done on one of my little projects. The idea was that you would go through a level and put out fires. I had a really nice Dehacked patch which would cause lost souls to stand still and spawn other lost souls, and also they hurt when you were near (used demon bite). The fire itself I pretty much had complete, and I was working on weapons like fire hose and fire extinguisher. I even had part of a level, which was actually just my house (yeah, real n00b strategy there). Another idea of mine was to replace keys with victims you had to rescue. Sadly (or to everyone else probably happily), Firefighters TC is long gone, though I may start it up again some day.

    1. Danarchy


      I tried to make a Megawad once, and I got about half a level out of it.

      I've also had dozens of cool ideas, but I knew I'd never complete them, so I didn't even bother starting them.

    2. Xaser


      I am currently working on a 32-level megawad called Total Insanity which also includes new monsters, weapons, textures, etc. It is over 50% complete, and yes, I AM going to finish it.

      You should really finish the Firefighters TC. It sounds really cool!