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  1. Ha, I can't f---ing believe it, my computer actually came. Jesus Christ, it's a miracle. I've got it set up in my tiny little dorm right now (gosh, my room is like a large walk-in closet with a bed and a window). Unfortunately, I need a frickin' ethernet cable to hook up to the Internet, so I'm currently still using computers in the labs, but I'm gonna buy me one tomorrow. Gosh, it's so cool, considering that because my computer got lost in shipping I had to go all through last year without one. Oh, this is a little late, seeing as how it got here yesterday, but whatever. Now I can resume work on Stylin' 3 (which is departing even more from the concept than ever, but I don't care, because it fits with my other two Stylin' levels). Of course, my current goal is to get all the way up to Stylin' 6, which even that seems like a stretch at this point, but whatever. Actually, I've kind of developed mapper's block, so I'm still working on the first room for Stylin' 3, but I just keep adding more detail because I can't think of how I want the rest of the level to branch out. God, if I could just come up with a general layout, I would have no problems whatsoever. Well, that's about all for now.