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  1. Goshdarnit, I hate technology. Like the whole thing with CD Keys. Okay, so I just found out that I still need the CD Key for Aliens vs. Predator 2 to play online, and I don't frickin' have it. I haven't even seen the case in God knows how long, and anyways, it's at home and I'm not. This just compounds my frustration at actually having a copy of Half-Life to which I lost the CD Key years ago. What the hell? Why can't having the actual, physical CD in the drive be enough? I am not about to buy another copy of both of these games because the game makers feel the need to punish me for crimes that other people commit. See, this just shows the evils of copy protection. It's the legitimate users who are really hurt by it. God, I could just strangle whoever thought up this crap. I just don't get it. I have the CD, that should be enough. Couldn't they print the CD Key on the label or something? That would make a helluva lot more sense than this crap.

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    2. kain


      i just go into the stores and open the box and look at the cdkey and write it down
      simple as that

    3. Danarchy


      My friend has a copy of Diablo 2. After a while he got bored and stopped playing it and put the CD away somewhere. Later, he decided to play it again and looked at the CD key label and it had RUBBED OFF. It was just a white fucking sticker. So he goes to their website and finds out he can get a new CD keys...for $10. Hooray! $10 for a fucking line of cheap ink!

    4. Ralphis


      kain said:

      i just go into the stores and open the box and look at the cdkey and write it down
      simple as that

      and its people like you who they make cd protection for. Thanks alot you selfish asshole