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  1. Hey, has anyone noticed this before? There seem to be several different dialects of smiley spreading over the Internet. I personally find this extremely fascinating, and a subject worth studying. Well. anyways, I know of at least three. Does anyone know any more? Here are the three I know of.

    First, you have your standard smileys.
    :) :( :D :O

    Then, you have your big-eyed variant.
    =) =( =D =O

    Finally, there's the ever popular (name escapes me at the moment).
    ^_^ -_- O.O

    So yeah... Okay, this is totally dorky, but I honestly don't care.

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    2. Danarchy


      ravage said:


      Its a happy fellow with a long face!

    3. Bill Gates
    4. Hobo


      8IIID, the man with many mustaches.