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  1. So this morning, I wake up, I try to sign onto AIM, only to find out that my account has been terminated. This really sucks! I have no idea why, I received no warnings or anything... I just woke up to find my account was gone. I am so incredibly pissed right now. I mean, sure, if I had done something, it would be understandable, but even then, I would appreciate at least some sort of explanation. But nooooooooo, we can't do that. We are the all-powerful AOL. Bow down before us, bitch! Anyways, I had to go get a new SN this morning (way to go, AOL - if I'm such a troublemaker, why allow me to register a new SN from the same computer with the same e-mail address?). I'm just really upset because I really loved that SN, and it's a big hassle to go add everybody to your new buddy list and to let everybody know that you've changed SNs. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!

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    2. Fletcher`


      aol is like a penis..... eh i got nothing

      someone finish this line

      its messy white and all in your face
      i'm going to quit now before somoene gest mad
      long night yep

    3. Sharessa


      "Why the internet is like a penis: It's filled with little brainless fuckwits obsessed wiht impregenating a women. Most of them will never get there."


    4. geekmarine