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  1. You know, more and more I've been questioning the whole "so-and-so company is evil" thing... Like, yeah, sure, I guess to some extent many of these companies are evil, but compared to what? Nobody ever points out "Oh, but this mega-corporation is okay." Also, I've noticed that the trend seems to be that as soon as any business becomes big enough, it's automatically labelled as evil. Microsoft, EA, McDonalds, Wal-Mart, etc... Maybe this is because their evilness put them on top, or maybe it's because it's at that point that people begin to notice it. Not that I in any way condone their behavior, but it seems suspicious that the biggest ones are always the ones singled out for attacks. To me it appears that the problem is with the system, not those who use it to their advantage, but I don't know.

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    2. Coopersville


      Most anti-establishment types are just people who fail at manipulating others for their own ends.

    3. myk


      geekmarine said:
      Okay, the first part - I attend a small liberal arts college. The thing is, the really radical people here protest those kinds of things in principal - they usually don't bother to bring actual facts into the discussion. For example, they'll hold a boycott on Coke, and for all I know, Pepsi might end up not being much better. Now, I agree that many of the largest corporations do evil things, it's just that I suspect that the smaller ones also participate in such evils, it's just that not being as successful, they're also not as noticed.

      Well, I can't really judge, but it sounds like the social critique there is a mess. Not sure how colleges are set up over there, but without enough independence protests could end up being a weird parody.

      Basically, though I dislike the whole thing, I don't really see what alternatives we have, and so I grudgingly accept it.

      There's a huge stretch between looking for alternatives and accepting something. As far as (liberal) learning institutions go, their best role is providing critical insights that may not be easily available elsewhere. If that is working students will likely take actions that make sense.

    4. Danarchy


      I think Captain Red nailed it there.