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  1. So I was taking the bus home from work today, and there was this woman in the back with her toddler. I think he was fidgeting in his seat or something, because she kept telling him to sit still. Point is, he was clearly doing something that was only a bother to the woman herself. Finally, she got tired of constantly telling him, so she spanked him. Great, so now we go from a fidgety kid who was only bothering his mother to a crying kid who's disturbing the whole bus. I'm thinking, "Great, lady, did you really have to do that? Seriously." And this kid was really bawling, too. It wasn't any of this "softly sobbing" business, it was full-on top-of-his-lungs waterworks. Just when I think the situation can't get any worse, she proceeds to start screaming at this kid at the top of her lungs to shut up. Way to go, lady, you're officially now more grating than the little kid you're trying to silence.

    Luckily, my stop came up shortly, so I was able to quickly escape the madness. Point is, though, I can't stand parents who do that. Believe me, I know full-well how obnoxious kids can be in public when their parents don't do anything to reign them in, but the only thing I hate more than that are parents who escalate the situation. At least when a kid is being obnoxious, it's just a kid being a kid. My personal feelings toward the situation, though, are that parents are adults, and should therefore know better. I know raising a kid can be stressful, and everyone has their breaking point - yeah, it's inevitable that at some point, any parent's going to just get to the point where they're so fed up that they snap at the child. I dunno, though, there's just something that really bothers me about situations in which the parents are more obnoxious and disruptive than the kids they're trying to control.

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    2. myk


      Please don't scold us, geekmarine, we'll behave!

      Actually, are you sure the kid was doing nothing? He could have been doing something to his mother that wasn't easy to see, like pulling her hair or trying to ""test" her, such as by refusing to sit still or by grabbing stuff.

    3. geo


      STORY 1: THE BUS

      Speaking of unruly kids on busses... I was on a Greyhound once and getting along with the dude next to me (he had to go to KY and prove he didn't stab someone with a knife, he threw it and the dude didn't catch it).

      Anyway, the 3 kids in the very back were obnoxious, the mother was no where to be found. They were all 8 or somewhere around there. I remember what it was like on my school bus with A-Hole kids behind me.

      1 punched or kicked the seat. I figured. Once is an accident... Twice, three times, I'm rolling my eyes thinking now what can I do to these kids as a 25 year old at the time that wouldn't make their fat mother appear out of thin air.

      THEN I got lucky and the kids didn't. One of them punched the seat of the guy next to me. He said, you better tell these kids to stop it or I'm gonna tell them and I'll get kicked off this bus.

      So I turned and told the kids to stop hitting the seats. In response I heard "it was him!" "No it was him!" "It wasn't me." Yeah, whatever kids.

      The dude next to me snaps, gets up, punches one of the kids in the neck! That's when their mother appears from the middle of the bus. She rounds up her kids that are fighting her.

      She didn't say anything to the guy or me, she was just yelling at the kids.


      5 or so years ago I was sent to Radio Shack. There was 1 guy working and he was trying to sell a cell phone package to a couple with 2 kids. I'm just waiting in line behind them watching their kids.

      1 of the kids was driving a remote control car, and the other jumps off of a stand and double stomps the RC car! It was completely destroyed. It was done intentionally. Then I notice the price of the cars on a display $200+.

      The guy working went to the back to get a phone, set up a plan or whatever. The couple was discussing the cell phone plan and not paying attention to anything. Then the man of the couple notices the kids. He starts quietly yelling at the kids. One of the kids tells him, "You can't yell at us! You're not our daddy!"

      The guy points out to the woman what the kids did. She sides with the kids! She starts saying the kids are right, he can't yell at them, he's not they daddy! The 4 of them bolt.

      The employee comes back and I point to the car and tell him, they did it and ran. The employee went running outside into the parking out after them. Then I start thinking... yep this only happens to me.

    4. geo


      I went to K-Mart with my best friend's mom when I was a teen. It was PACKED in there, Saturday morning shopping and we had 2 carts worth of groceries. The lines were extremely long and ahead of us there's a kid that's just being a menace. Punching potato chips, ripping pages of magazines. The woman puts up with it for like 10 minutes.

      Eventually she has enough and hits her kid, then turns to us and says I hope you don't think I'm a bad mother. My friend's mom said, "Lady, I would have smacked that kid a long time ago."