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  1. Cell

    The story behind your custom avatar

    ... I have a poor taste when it comes to custom avatars.
  2. Cell

    AI Generated Title Screens

    Well screw you, I'm with Team Graytall. Also worth mentioning its less acknowledged younger cousin, Graybig: Last but not least, a wad name according to NeuralBlender, this is what "Reverie" should look like. [EDIT] on @Noiser's request, the sacred triumvirate is now complete with Doortrak
  3. Cell

    The story behind your custom avatar

    I turned 28 today. The original GIF I made was too large in size for DoomWorld's avatar system too handle :(
  4. Cell

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I looked at E4M3 in Doom Builder to see what that skull switch in the alcove near the red skull did (re-lowered the thick metal column at the entrance of said alcove that would rise if you shot through one of its lines.) While fiddling around to see if there are any hidden triggers, I noticed an amusing detail: Each and every single instance when there's an upper or lower texture applied to a linedef, the same texture is set to be both the upper and lower texture on both sides. Shawn Green sure wanted to make sure no missing textures were present. I mean, this was still preceding the implementation of Visual Mode, so kinda understandable.
  5. Does this look reflect on the absentminded blunder you've made well enough?
  6. Cell

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    NSTCP - No Secrets Told Community Project Your average CP, but with an unusual restriction - you are absolutely forbidden to discuss any secrets in the public development thread. Got an issue with a bugged secret while playtesting? Private Message the author about it. What about E*M9 maps or MAP31 and MAP32, depending on the intended IWAD? Strictly between the project leaders and the mappers for said slots. Ingame premise for bonus points: all the linedefs of the secrets and the subsecrets (e.g. obscure switch alcoves) should be marked "Hidden" and placing any Computer Area Maps is also off-limits.
  7. Cell

    React to the Username above you

    I might have missed a detail there, but are you playing games or something?
  8. Darn huge respect for you for taking on the challenge.
  9. Beat Hadephobia MAP33, the enormous unfair fucker I unleashed upon this world almost 10 years ago. No restrictions, it's horrible enough per se. Maybe Fast Monsters if you're cocky enough.
  10. Cell

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Doom in OST name only. This is E1M2, and yes, it's a choir of Imps singing into Rocket Launchers conducted by a Sergeant.
  11. Cell

    Random Image Thread

    Before Pokéballs existed, trainers kept their Pokémon in, well... Pokéjars.
  12. Cell

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    Creating an atmosphere, I think... This is a secret area from an old map I'm revamping. Built said map in May-June 2010 as part of a rather... ambitious project that eventually failed to live up to its premise. The contraption holding the yellow key used to be behind the transparent door bars in the first version and looked rather underwhelming. Not sure how much justice I could serve it eventually.
  13. Cell

    React to the Username above you

  14. I earlier talked about TNT's Hanger having anticlimactic moments, but in hindsight, TNT actually appears to have those all over. - MAP17 is a complex with a fairly good balance of indoor and outdoor sections, most of the latter being secrets (they definitely took a leaf out of Romero's book on this one) and a really good progression overall. And then there's a set of red bars in the middle of a corridor revealing an exit switch which is not even in a separate room. Regardless of how inventive it could feel in 1996, I still find this solution kinda rushed and/or lazy. Oh well. - MAP21, a.k.a. "the big boi of Evilution" as Decino would put it. Large and somewhat confusing, this increasingly Hellish complex would take us somewhere else into a huge yard of semi-threatening, yet lengthy fights, which would end with... pressing a pillar with EXIT signs on. Yawn. - MAP29. Going through a curvy, bloody Hell tunnel would eventually bring us to the initial marble facade, something to rival E4M6 in its aesthetic. Taking one path in the brick crossroads leads us to the core complex of interconnected marble rooms, which might not have aged that well, but again, were marvelous by 1996 standards. Then the red door would come at the other end of the other pathway, and the level would just become dull and unremarkable thereafter visuals-wise. The ending fights and ambushes play fairly well, but that's hardly any consolation. There might be some more, but currently only these come to mind. Might update as the list goes on.
  15. Cell

    Random Image Thread

    (Why am I obsessed with these "children's drawings given increased versimilitude" things?)