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  1. Cell

    Your thoughts on Plutonia

    Slightly cranked up difficulty may not be my personal cup of tea, but I ca n withstand it whereas I get to be introduced to some lushy landscapes, water-themed scenario, brimstone structures, etc. I mean, sometimes the setting to Plutonia means to say "LIVELY". Which is somewhat ironic given how the gameplay often pronounces "DEADLY".
  2. Cell

    Post your Doom textures!

    I am a nasty bastard. (The texture is really amateur tho, it's rather inspirational than being finished standalone.) [EDIT] @Teder it's not a swollen eye, it's supposed to be gouged out. :] Also, nice "MRBCMPBL" textures over there. :D
  3. Cell

    The story behind your custom avatar

    Quite a time ago I made an awful joke, and then one person insisted me following through on it. YA HAPPY NOW? :D
  4. Cell

    Switcheroom 2 - Alpha 2

    @Jaws In Space First off, I really don't agree with your methods, despite the rough fact that Scif indeed pseudo-neglected the project for a ludicrously extended time. However, I'm still willing to participate (as far as I could) if the project happens to take your leadership in so-called legal ways. In that case: There are quite a few issues addressed in my map, but my current schedule doesn't really allow me to do the touch-ups required (it's been 4 freakin years ever since damnit). Also: It's only the name that I can suggest a change of right now, to Tech Zen (or Tek Zen if that sounds better). I am lenient on any of the possible modifications mentioned above being applied onto my map by anyone else to fit the taste of the playtesters best, majorly because I found out in the past years that I am really not into all this gameplay set-up thingamajig that serves as the heart and soul of mappery. That being sa(i)d. Regards, Cell
  5. Cell

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Haha, you can consider yourself lucky for having only a verbal prohibition on having long hair. My own parents theoretically screwed me over with their/my own genetics which pretty much assure me a rough time having long hair. Shampoo consumption is at the topmost peak at that time - unless I want to have everything covered in grease and dandruff getting in touch w/ my head - and I shed my hairs everywhere. They also get thin ends quickly. I don't even know why I wanted to have long hair so bad in the first place, but it was something I could've associated w/ peer popularity. 'Spose at that time I decided so, I was concerned by my looks for real, and I honestly believed that the acceptance of them fellow secondary school students would depend on how I look like. Please don't get started on how ludicrous it sounds from a male teenager, even with hormones controlling emotions and stuff. I have a condition ever since the age of 14 that whether I am chewing something edible which needs a bit more space and/or force put into consuming, my jaws would be cracking in a rather unorganized manner. I am suspicious whether this overlaps with two of my wisdom tooth unable to have sprouted till this day and still sitting in my lower jaw. ******* ...Okay, here's something new standalone. Um, I don't really think this one actually makes me a special snowflake, but after all those years experiencing genre-bias opinions and the vast popularity of them, time was more than mature enough for me to say so.
  6. I'm essentially not working on it as for now, but here ya go: my most recent "WIP" of some sort. It has five different custom maps on slots E1M9, E2M1, E2M4, E2M5 and E2M6, each of which are either fully playable but not finished, mostly laid out but unplayable, or merely just stubs.
  7. I have only one, um, quite stupid question here. Would you nominate a successor in case you - God forbid - die in midst of your pursuit?
  8. Cell

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I feel absolutely no regrets for taking guesses on that one.
  9. Cell

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I can relate to that on a spiritual level. In 2007, I made contact with a Happy Tree Friends fan community shortly after falling infatuated w/ the series itself. There I made up I was 10 years older than my actual age (which meant 23 at that time), being a horrendously tall (6'7), incredibly strong and muscular and also somewhat ghoulish-looking individual who herds goats, makes turntable mixes for a living and lives a hermit life in a friggin' 4-storey cottage/hut/chalet/wooden house thingy on a faraway mountain, but yet also made acquaint with a pretty girl whom he was currently engaged to. During 2008, the whole story conveyed onto yet another platform, some pre-Facebook community page called HotDog (shut down nearly a year ago). There it concluded into an eventual marriage and the so-called bride becoming pregnant with twins, whilst DJ Chamois, to name my alias by its respective name at last, gave up on vinyl scratching and living a so-supposed "Karma Houdini criminal" life in general, and went working night shifts into a nearby factory, where he would move several tons of weights of machinery during all the worktime. (In the reality parallel, I actually went to secondary grammar school that autumn.) Said "twins" were eventually "born" on 13 March 2009. This was essentially the point where the whole story came to a halt, was never spoken about again and nearly all the acquaintances made then faded into oblivion ever since. Umm, yeah... the believablity of all this is beyond ridiculous, so any person above age 16 didn't really fall for it or at least remained very skeptical, for the right reasons. 'Course this, in fact, doesn't even come close to what you've lied all around ('tleast at first glance), but by the time I essentially stopped that arc, I was already fifteen, and this is where another arc of being a compulsive liar came around, this time concerning a rather squeamish fairytale-esque "what if", featuring real people in false roles, and it dragged about for more than 4 years this time (meaning I was 19 by that time). I wouldn't elaborate into it here further as it is/was a rather touchy issue. ******* But... here's something that happened to me for real. When I first joined a Facebook group which had Doomworld members in it, there was a post in there which inquired about the Doomworld nicks behind the real names. Ever since my name at that time had at least two fragments of "Cell", I thought it was elementary and let the others guess who I was - and in direct response, @PRIMEVAL falsely accused me of being Romero in disguise. :D I hardly doubt he isn't in denial till this day that I didn't live up to his expectations. :D
  10. In grade 7 (spring 2007) I once had a pop quiz in History class which I absolutely hadn't have prepared for, so obviously I ended up receiving a mark '1' (the Hungarian equivalent of 'F') for that one. Being particularly upset over how I wasn't required to write about that one topic I actually knew stuff about and interrogated from just the other, I swore up to serve justice... by crinkling up the piece of paper into a ball and gobbling it down taking advantage of my moderately advanced condition of pica. This is where the cringy part essentially started, given I absolutely forgot that the teacher was gonna re-collect all the tests after letting us see them. I initially tried to weasel out by stating I've lost it, but she was just insisting so hard on it being retrieved that I had no other choice but to come clean about the whereabouts. So yeah, this is where I was taken to the headmistress who flat-out threatened to have me go through a gastric lavage should this happen again. Her exact words echo in my head till this day: "As long as you're a student at this school, you don't annihilate anything that is a document, unless you want to be in for severe penalties!" -, but as for that time, I 'got away' with simply a warning.
  11. Do you think I should replace it with something quiet?


    1. Scypek2


      I saw a notification that you posted on my profile and this is the exactly what I expected to see.

    2. Cell


      Gee, I've become predictable over the years. :C

      Never mind, I won't promise this is going to be the last iteration on this running gag. :D

    3. Cell


      @bzzrak may I ask you to check your Discord?

  12. Cell

    The story behind your custom avatar

    I don't feel like writing it down again (not even using Copy/Paste).
  13. Lol avatar XD

    1. Cell


      When I was eleven and first played Doom, I gave the Imp (not knowing its name and origin) the nickname "Hedgehog Man", because it was anthropomorphic and had spikes, the latter of which I associated with the quills of a hedgehog.

      The quote just gave itself due to my haphazard ravishness of creating something, just to have unfavorable circumstances blowing my enthusiasm not too long after.

      [EDIT] Changed my avatar since then, but before doing so, this dankish err, stuff was the culprit:

  14. Strict measures had to be taken.

    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Said the dominatrix ;-)

  15. Cell

    Worst Doom Level

    But has a charm to it. Particularly DINGDINGDINGDINGDINGing up the "secret stairsteps" on ZDoom. :^) My pick would be E4M4. Easy-peasy, a kindergartener can do it difficulty map wedged amongst the rest, relatively hard levels of TFC. Also, MAP24. Walk the walk, biatch, or fall. But hey, some decently designed computer labs inbetween.