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    You members are more oftentimes than not fine folks of making arguments over everyday issues as I pull off, so I'd like to share something of a dilemma with you:
    NOTE: sheerly radical examples don't count. I.e. don't go into lenghts like, said guy raped your elder sister, killed your parents or was the culprit behind the arson that cost your home. Stick to issues that are likely to happen in your everyday life and so.

    1. geo


      Someone can still be funny even if I hate or dislike them. However, some people I will intentionally stoneface any joke they have even if I find it amusing. I've gone to lengths to keep my stone face. I have been told I'm being passive aggressive when I do that.


      You might laugh at this, but I have people I get along great with, we have lots of laughs and you'd think we're best friends even if we hate one another. Us looking like genuine best friends is what life could have been like, but usually a woman gets involved and hatred happens.

    2. Memfis


      Yes, it can be hard to admit that someone I dislike did something good.

    3. Jayextee


      I don't ever have this problem because I literally do not hate anybody.

    4. Voros


      IDGAF about it. OK, so that person did something better than me, so why should I whine about it?

    5. geo


      Now that I'm awake, this isn't humor, but I've defended or agreed with people I dislike or hate. That's not even about being friend thought, its about doing what's right.

  2. Yet again, I bid farewell for a good amount of time.

    Nothing personal when saying being around (especially for an extended amount of time) just worsens my general performance by all means. Gonna work on compensating this while away.

    Whether I owe you something, fear not, I'll have that at your disposal when it's due.

    1. 40oz


      Are you saying the forum is effecting your ability to make maps or your performance as a human being?

    2. Cell


      Both, respectively. I get immersed too easily by a factory-installed failure of mine. :\

    3. Kapanyo


      Well, see you again sometime~ don't rush things!

    4. Memfis


      I know this feeling too well heh. If you remember my ban adventures...

    5. bzzrak


      We'll miss you. Get well soon! :]

    6. R1ck


      We'll be waiting for you 

    7. CyberDemonEmpress


      Take care please.

    8. Soundblock


      Stay strange!


  3. Perhaps the NO1 reason why certain mods and/or games suck - but at least this is what I pull off my experience - is that they consume themselves into overexcessive storytelling.

    Even though some of those are actually neat, promising and stuff (including sorts of originality), many still suffer of the very clichés of "youngest prince of the three"-esque bullshit, you're facing alone against the entirety of this cruel, nasty world, everything and everyone wants you for dinner, yet, by some sheer luck, you end up being victorious, then the cast rolls celebrating your triumph. Hooray, how original.

    You may or may not waste your time reading 859 pages of .txt documentary attached to the launcher file, but regardless of dat, some unenjoyable, cringeworthy indie attempt it turns out to be anyways - about 99.8% sure. So never trust anything coming with Notepad files "weighing" several hundreds of megabytes, made out of mere sugarcoating in ASCII chars.

    1. Albertoni


      Not only that, but a mistake quite a bunch of people make is that "is it fun to play?" should be the most asked question during development.


      You're definitely spot-on on the story thing. I think it was Romero who said that the story of a game is like the story in a porn movie, expected, but that's not why you're consuming that entertainment. Sure, there are some good story-driven games, just like there are some good story-heavy movies with hardcore pornography. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    2. KVELLER


      @Albertoni It was Carmack.

    3. Nems


      Another problem I encounter when it comes to storytelling in games and mods is how it's delivered, or as I like to call it: "Why should I care?"


      A story is good and all but a good story is one where the reader or consumer WANTS to know more about what's going on, what happens next, the possible lore behind the story. I felt like Doom 2016 did a good job of this. They got the gameplay nailed down right in my opinion but they also presented the story in such a way that I wanted to know more about the world and its lore. I found myself actually caring about the finer details and they were presented well, even if it was in a way self-aware of how silly it was.


      F.E.A.R. (the original and to some extent its expansions), in my opinion, did a great job of drip-feeding the story and having it escalate in such a way it kept you glued to the seat to find out just how deep Armacham's projects went into unethical territory. Hearing phone messages and checking laptops helped fuel that curiosity of wanting to know what happens next, of wanting to know how deep the rabbit hole went with Armacham.


      S.T.A.L.K.E.R. does a good job at telling a story through a number of different ways, from the NPC's, to the files you find, to even the environment. It's a hostile area that clearly doesn't want you there yet when I played I found myself wanting to know more about how things went down in the Zone while also wanting to get better gear to continue to uncover the Zone's story/secrets.


      Examples of games that didn't pull that off well to me? The Half-Life franchise (I found the contrived and forced, ham-fisted deification of Gordon Freeman in both one and two to be so laughable, absurd, and undeserving that the whole thing in general felt schlocky when it was trying to be straight-faced about it) and Guild Wars 2 (the dev team's knack for non-linear storytelling and leaving plot threads hanging only to maybe come back to them later [or not] instead of resolving them right then and there burned me out).

    4. Cell


      ^ Stories have a higher chance to be good, or at least affordable, if they're actually programmed to build up alongside your progression into the game. Big names in the game industry more oftentimes than not live up to the expectations, and should even one of said games' documentary typed in a Notepad file excess 100MB, perfect tactics for hatred evasion persuades them to master balancing storytelling and gameplay in a measurable degree. Then there are the companies either infamous or barely known for anything - you may already take the hint at this one.

      The irkiness of having a documentation with superfluous details in a separate text file actually derives from the devs themselves being too lazy and/or incompetent to implement this feature into their product - and if this is the case, it may also come along with the game itself becoming heapishly halfassed or otherwise disastrous. Worse yet, if companies hire flatout poets to write Pulitzer-worthy masterpieces of originality, yet almost all of the programmers for the project are career-questionable rookies, they already have all set for shutting down in a year or two.

      As harsh and radical as it may sound.

  4. All I remember that I was dreadly restrained from even daring pressing any of the four switches in E2M8, because I thought they would revive the dead Barons.
  5. It really lives up to its name. I liked that you'd be honest.
  6. "TIXƎ" is a horrible design choice and I strongly discourage anyone from using it. Shot taken from my submission (MAP17) for this pWad. [EDIT] @Jimmy: the answer to your question is (c).
  7. Here I am, illustrating a quite old story of sheer dumbness. So, here's the view of the Blue Armor secret in E1M1: All I remember that I really wanted to get out and into the yard, but I couldn't by any chance make it. To be fair, this was only my second or third playthrough of the map somewhere in '04 I guess. But, I played the second game before the first, and I could recall of seeing a structure quite similar to the light brown one to the right... Oh yeah, this is it! The entrance of MAP19. Could that one be an entrance, too?... Perhaps of E1M2!! My thoughts set me into action and I stormed eagerly forward and exited E1M1, only to be greeted by this view: Oh well... This was the time Cell knew, he f*cked up. But this further understates that back then, IWAD exploration was lotsa fun.
  8. I was point blank 4 weeks old when the first game came out. But I didn't got to know about it for another 9,5 years - and I was just about one minute into the game when my overprotective older sister scolded her current boyfrend for letting me play it. Between roughly summer '04 and summer '05 did I explore the two major IWADs almost by every nook and cranny, then I grew uninterested for quite a couple of years. My current infatuation is since summer '09, but every now and then I find myself becoming slightly unfaithful. This, in my view, qualifies as a rather poor second-gen.
  9. [EDIT] Moved into another thread after @TootsyBowl insisted on me doing so.
  10. 'Spite each and all the heated debates and pinpointed arguments made long before history... ... I still find FIREBLU a pretty neat texture.
  11. Doom Barracks Zone, both, in late 2009.
  12. During my latest mission, I descended into a ruined underground Phobos headquarters and wandered around only to find a control panel completely intact and... WHOAH IZ DAT STATIK
  13. Behold, young ones, as thy very moon of potential pain and gibbitude mournsome misery hath eventually begun!

    I think I miss the (not-so-)old times when, for me, August was a dread countdown to the new school term. :\

    1. geo


      Go bek 2 ur rokin cher old man!

    2. Cell


      Your insolent behavior will make you feel sorry by most extensions, bratty young one. :]

  14. Yay, I just discovered this amazing hidden feature of IPS Community Suite™!
    Now I don't have to type anymore. ^^
    ▶ 🔘─────────────────────────────────── 0:26

    1. MysteriousHaruko


      It doesn't play :""") you trolled me, lol. 

    2. bzzrak


      Symbol trolling level: master

    3. Voros


      >:( WHY

    4. CzechMate29200


      pure awesomeness...

    5. Cell


      @Voros because I said so. :P
      Oh. Did I say anything in the first place? :D

    6. Doomkid


      How could you

    7. Cell


      @Doomkid I'm a monster.

    8. Gustavo6046


      I can confirm it.


    9. Cell


      Also, I'm a psychological subject most suffering of projecting negative traits onto my surroundings. Thanks for the reveal. :D

  15. You'd just rid the player from the amazing experience of REURGH? ... YOU. MONSTER. And, surprise, it's even F*CKEN ENJOYABLE. How challenging is that fo' ya?