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  1. Cell

    Share Your Jokes

    Cruel&nasty. Girl asks boy: - Say, how much do you love me? Boy answers: - As much as many stars are shining in the sky up above. Girl remarks: - But... it's daytime. Boy says: - Exactly.
  2. Cell

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Go ahead, they said. You cannot map dice using stock textures only, they said. Little did they know what I am capable of. Who's laffin' now, I ask. [REPLY EDIT] The pool is merely a simple cosmetic touch, though making it playable, hmmm... sounds like a fine long-term plan I should admit. :) Originally it was going to hold the dice, but turned out to be too small relative to the 12x12x12 fugly metallic pseudo-object. :D
  3. Cell

    What is your best map?

    MAP17 of this (CP) WAD.
  4. Cell

    Share a random fact about yourself

    It is because of the personal value system of nowadays, constantly deteriorating into something vestigial and childish. I personally don't feel like dealing with any person who gets offended over an opinion that is clearly not a fact. Meanwhile... I have pica transferred from childhood, and a huge portion of my spinning chair - made of sponge - is missing. I think the two might be related.
  5. Cell

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    A mod where this could even remotely be possible: would be equally stupid and cool I believe. (Yup, necromancy apparently makes chains disappear as well.)
  6. I believe this is an interesting topic and needs more investigation. Got to know a person IRL whom I'd best describe as a "makeshift journalist". Which means that he could at any time from any source and topic (preferably of no significant interest whatsoever) craft entire walls of text. That isn't supposed to be amazing per se, but he did it in such way that "common plebs" could actually perceive them as some sort of intellectual observation on that certain issue. Of course, anyone with a better understanding on how articles and accounts should actually be made could see through this paper-thin disguise of over-the-top bullshitting about a topic that the author may not even know the finest details about, thus rendering it non-authentic at best or making a complete fool out of themselves at worst. Funny thing is, when I pointed the faulty nature of his writing methods out for him going into painfully meticulous details, he countered me with the reasoning "Anything that doesn't live up to the definition of word salad is very well considered talking sense". To prove him wrong, I chose to share this video with him: I haven't heard of him ever since, and as far as I know, he hasn't published any further articles either. P.S. I believe he (I mean the author, not Barrymore!) was the perfect showcase of a certain saying that goes: "Say something only if your words make more sense than silence itself".
  7. Cell

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Same for 5_2 and 5_3, too. (Well, basically 5_2 is just an acid-damaged version of 5_3.) Also, FLOOR5_4 and FLAT8 have their tiles (tile gaps) on the exact same spots. This could help you as well. ;) What I became aware of despite experiencing it every now and then, yet ignoring it constantly: - The maps playing "The Demon's Dead" are always followed up by one having "The Healer Stalks" in Doom II.
  8. Cell

    Doom music: Sign of Evil - intended instrument?

    And yet another one: the "eponymous" soundtrack of MAP05 and MAP13. What I'd like to point out in there is the "second verse" (seriously, what do you call it anyways?) of the OST, which sounds vastly different in the Genmidi and OPL versions. Also, I'm not entirely sure, but isn't this music an extension/rendition to the Shareware/Registered/TUD intro music? That would explain its title. I meant the beginning part of the soundtrack (which, according to a random trivia I found in a YT comment, is supposed to represent breathing), just forgot to mention it. Of course D_INTRO is a, like, 6-7 seconds long OST with those heavy drums that outloud/outnumb the other instrument, but I swear it sounds like that.
  9. Go ahead, make my day. Levels at completion of full playability are E1M1, E1M2, E1M7, E2M2, E2M5, E4M7 and E4M9. Only tested with ZDoom, but Boom-based ports should be able to handle them as well (I think?) [EDIT] Oh, sorry. I also have MAP17 in Five Rooms of Doom. A note about it, though...
  10. Cell

    Doom music: Sign of Evil - intended instrument?

    I have the same sort of question about Suspense (E1M5/E4M4). After 0:46, on every four beats I suppose, a weird, faint note can be heard, which resembles the "fast door opening/closing" sound effect to me. In the SoundBlaster/AdLib version, however, it rather reminds me of honking of some sort instead.
  11. Cell


    Probably because meme music and this sort of culture are interesting for people the average age of whom is, like, one third of the average DW member? :P
  12. That does it! - I exclaimed upon having seen the following one... I cannot even begin to describe it - and I won't either. Look it up yourselves, but at your own expense. Just to tell you in advance, this might be one of the grossest, most squicky, merciless and gruesome ways any video game character has ever become done for. I wasn't playing the actual game, but watched a sort-of introductionary video of it instead - Breath of Fire IV. At some point of the plot in the beginning, it is revealed that the eldest princess of Wyndia, Elina has gone missing. And it isn't even disturbing up until the time - and the condition in which - the heroes actually find her. The worst part of it? The bastard responsible for the events to turn at her demise becomes a Karma Houdini, because the game devs had run short of time before the release date.
  13. Cell

    How did you come up with your username?

    It's part of my long-term plan. Once I get rich enough, I want to buy a powerhouse and name it Mytochondria.
  14. Cell

    Things about Doom you just found out

    In E3M3, the water is damaging. But I am not only speaking about the "heavy water" around the bridge leading to the secret "furnace" area with the Berserk, the Backpack and the raising floor with the Pinky(ies). The "sink" just before the Invulsphere in the "cellar" (Sector 51) also does a good number on you if you decide to bathe a little. In fact, it's more damaging than any blood or nukage in the same map. Also, the inaccessible parts of the nukage in the southeastern room (Sectors 12 and 15) are harmless - justified as they cannot be reached via nonlegitimate play -, and a small portion of the outside part of the "fenced balcony" next to the bloody pipe room with the BFG (Linedef 919) is (not set im)passable. Okay, okay, I checked the map in DBuilder to be convinced that the Invul-water is indeed damaging and found more than I was inclined to.
  15. Cell

    Random Image Thread

    On the topic of Santa...