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  1. Cell

    Hey fam, I got my previous Discord, uhh... stolen. That's the public version.
    Do you still use the app? Because then I'd want to add ya again.

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    2. SOSU


      No :)




    3. Cell


      And perhaps add it, too, lmao

    4. SOSU


      Man i'm dumb :D
      I'd look at discord to find a "start a convo" option and use your tag but i need to send you a friend request xD

  2. Cell

    Share Your Jokes

    If poets write poems, then... who write idioms? Also, the inferior sequel to the Simpletonian™ story no-one asked for:
  3. When I clicked on this topic, the last reply was by @Endless which I consider slightly ironic, yet accurate.
  4. Cell

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    The Solidarity for Germany™ map mod for Doom 2. Because the two secret maps were modeled after Wolfenstein 3D with all the Nazi symbolism present, the German release of the game cut those maps. It's all fine and dandy, but what did they get to be compensated for that? Nothing. The secret room with the CRACKLE and the silver teleport pedestal on MAP15 was just an alternate route for MAP16. Here comes SfG, which would include two amazing id-style maps for the slots MAP31 and MAP32 (without any Nazi stuff whatsoever, because it's law-obedient, civil and polite.) Everything else would be the exact same as the 1994 release. Now, to show fairness. The mod would be completely free for Germans, and only for Germans, because they already paid for the game, roughly the same market price as the uncut original version. As for non-Germans, well... they would have to pay exactly 1/17th of the original Doom 2 price to download and play it. That's it, really. To provide context, I'm not really a finances and/or marketing expert.
  5. Cell

    What's the WORST youtube channel for Doom?

    Hungarian doesn't really count, so just a brief mention. 2010-ish I fell literally in love with the "game introduction" series of the YouTuber 'Reactor' ('UgyvanPlancsiznakEgy'). Except when it was finally time for him to introduce the actual 1993 Doom, his beloved most favorite he would occasionally glee about, he would say baffling, astoundingly moronic things about the ingame mechanisms. One of the less egregious stuff he'd utter - and mind you, he's acclaimedly a soldier - would be him being confused about how the Green Armor wouldn't nullify damage. As I told earlier, since he did the game introduction thing in Hungarian, there isn't much point in researching his work unless you happen to speak and understand the language, but: here's a snippet about another thing he's been trying to do on the ZDoom forums.
  6. Cell

    Any Doom-related dreams?

    I was finally on the verge of completely forgetting it, I think it serves you just right for bringing all this on yourself. :] But as you mention it, I'll fire up my vestigial ANIMDEFS skills again to add some animated barking textures to my experimental repository this time. Just kidding. THIS piece is timeless, zero doubts. My only complaint is that even Google images couldn't provide me with pictures of dead wipfs from the Clonk franchise. :[
  7. ... The past 10 years could have been less awkward and more productive.

    1. mrthejoshmon


      Those awkward years built character and tought valuable lessons chief, use what you experienced for the betterment of yourself.

    2. Cell
  8. Cell

    Post your Doom textures!

    More 'Mandela'! [EDIT] The stain should actually be good as-is.
  9. OK, I've already seen gruesome meltdowns before (e.g. SArais) but this is just low-key unsettling.

  10. Do you take maps from community projects the outcome of which ended up being underrated/immemorable/buried deep down below for any other apparent or unapparent reason? Because if so... [REPLY EDIT] You're one of the heroes this community is in desperate dire need of.
  11. Cell

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    The Misadjustment Floortexture Pack (a.k.a. "Is everyone else stupid or am I the only helicopter here?") Yeah, we could align the infamous CEIL1_1 and its fellow offenders to "be in their right place", but what about... > > > ...adjusting all the other flats to their misposition instead? Coming up next, the graphic/patch texture version! Stay tuned.
  12. Cell

    Share Your Jokes

    In the city of Simpletonia, a typical Simpletonian citizen enters the shop of the Simpletonian watchmaker and asks him: - Excuse me, sir, could you tell me what time it is? The Simpletonian watchmaker reaches for his holding bag, but owing to the fact that he's a Simpletonian, accidentally knocks it over while doing so, making it land on the floor. Not before retrieving it he proceeds to search its pockets, eventually getting hold of his smart phone the screen of which, much to his chagrin, have shattered from the fall, rendering it unfunctional in the process and him unable to tell the current time according to their timezone. - Sorry sir, I cannot. Uttering a goodbye, the Simpletonian citizen leaves the Simpletonian watchmaker's. One of the typical Hungarian "tiring/tiresome" jokes.
  13. Cell

    Post your Doom textures!

    Messing around with a few vanilla assets, and... What do you mean by "it's a Mandela effect"?!
  14. Cell

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Bumping myself? Neat, here comes another music-related one. I got to acknowledge for myself that I'm actually kinda okay around and listening to tracks I used to chastise about a decade ago. Notable mentions are 'Demons on the Prey' and 'Hiding the Secrets', along with 'Gut Wrencher' from Duke Nukem 3D (yes, that one. Kiddo me used to think it was "super happy" for some reason, but recent listenings brought my attention to its genuinely creepy undertone which I find uniquely cool.) I still wouldn't make D_DDTBLU or D_AMPIE my ringtone, but I'm starting to get amiable with them as well.