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  1. I don't know if I ever made a map without implementing all three keys.
  2. Well, particularly not Doom, but Doomworld. For quite a long time, I was subscribed to every little change happening surrounding my posts in these Forums, and an automated letter was sent to my address with the author signed simply as 'Nobody'. For years, I thought it was funny because it's an automated letter. But later, I came accross the realisation. It might have been that 'Nobody'... ... who told me about id.
  3. Took not only, but two pictures to make a funny meme last month. Regarding me, this is actually very recent. The captions are in Hungarian, but here's the translation: 1. "Why do people ask affirmations." 2. "I suppose it is stupid when someone states a question?"
  4. Regarding this thread. Ever since I figured how I spelt that longass word starting with D showing up every time I activated God Mode, I couldn't think about anything but an educational degree or diploma, thus assuming that "degreelessness" could refer to not actual lack of universal education in general, but rather the lack of marine drill/training the completion of which could earn them some sort of... degree in armed combat?
  5. Hadephobia MAP19. Yeah, a classic example of planning grandiose and finishing particularly rushed.
  6. You tell me! I have, like, 4-year-old maps suspended for only this very reason.
  7. After I saw the E3M3 demo sometime in 2004, one of the moments - entering the left ledge overlooking the wooden outdoors area and having its walls textured with ROCKRED* (Sector 104, respectively), which later on deducted 10% life from the player - dreaded me from even going near ANY ROCKRED* textures, including E3M6's features and the Armor Bonus alcoves on E3M2. Same with the flat FLOOR6_1 (the burning ash-esque thingy) after the awful experience with the E2M1 triangle pedestal, and the texture MARBFAC2 following the E2M5 encounter.
  8. I don't know why, but somehow it impresses me.
  9. This teleporter in Plutonia MAP02. Mind=blown. Also that this switch ledge has slime as floor in Plutonia MAP04. (Findings were recorded on 15 July 2015, but only this time I posted it due to... well... reasons.)
  10. This. As a player, I should never be taken seriously. What's your problem with it. I simply can't understand?
  11. A few images from a map that's been in progress for more than 4 years, called "Aquaduct System" and which is a weird clash between abstraction and realism. Mostly inspired by Plutonia, Ultimate Doom E4 and Doom 2's MAP19. An outdoors shower it is supposed to be. Low-budget changing cabin next to the shower. Outdoors pool and some artificial tree growth experiment in the close background. Different angle shot of the pool, showing the other end of this section from the map. No visuals could be weirder than this, I admit. A free view on the aquaduct showing the beginning of the level aswell (the half-hidden alcove just left to the middle). A toxic waste container (also a secret) from outside.
  12. ON A DAILY BASIS. rocks head to Intermission from Doom
  13. I had one just before I woke up this mor... err, I mean, afternoon. I was playing a "Duke3D in Doom" esque level the beginning of which was just identical to "Hollywood Holocaust", the street scene just after jumping down the vent from the rooftop. There was a girl, a classmate from my hi-school years - one I had an awful experience with after abusing her sweetness towards me -, or, at least, a very pixelated version of her as she was informing me and a crowd of like 20 people gathering near the vent dropoff that at some time during the level, we would meet her again... or not. Then there was a Doom Builder 2D view of a certain part of the map which was similarly dark to the last-before-last room of E1M5: Phobos Lab, but had different floor heights for each sector (with similar geometry to maps in E1), and also different brightness levels, moreso the floor textures were all ripped from Duke3D and had strange names given to them. I somehow switched back to game mode, passing this section towards the north of the map where I went down a stone staircase and encountered the still-pixelated girl sitting on a couch just left to the exit to the streets (which were inaccessible as I might recall), the other couch on the right having a Blue Keycard, DN3D-design. As I approached the girl, she would say "Hiya again, nice to see ya", but nothing any interesting happened from then on as I wandered around the level to find the exit, but before I could, I woke up. Strange or uninteresting you might find this little novel o'mine.
  14. Back then, I kinda believed the Mancubus, as an entity, was part tiger.
  15. I firmly believe that a "*-MAX Gameplay" should include 100% Items aswell.