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  1. Strict measures had to be taken.

    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Said the dominatrix ;-)

  2. But has a charm to it. Particularly DINGDINGDINGDINGDINGing up the "secret stairsteps" on ZDoom. :^) My pick would be E4M4. Easy-peasy, a kindergartener can do it difficulty map wedged amongst the rest, relatively hard levels of TFC. Also, MAP24. Walk the walk, biatch, or fall. But hey, some decently designed computer labs inbetween.
  3. I'm wearing these sneakers for literally almost all the course of the year, because I'm a donttellmewhatseasonitis. No, ofc I don't wear them for showering or sleeping, heh. This is the most inappropriate time for me to make fun of it tho', as here now is ideal weather fo'dem.
  4. Amid past year, I've decided to become a self-proclaimed mascot for present year. Not if it got to any avail as for having only 37 days left, but still happy as sh1t.
  5. I have to admit, this one post just urged me to go outside and take a picture of the corner just adjacent to the entrance of my house: It somehow fails both terms in a ridiculous manner. I cannot even begin to fathom that if these were real bricks and not just plain walls with colored carvings, how would the architect have reacted to these different-sized blocks of cement just thrown at him with the command "DIY".
  6. I'd reference the Revenant as "The dreadest puzzle of 206 pieces". ... Err, I misinterpreted the title. I'll try again and remember those alternate names from age 11. Imp: Hedgehog Man ('coz spikes, duh) Demon: Pig (thought it was part pig, part bull) Caco: Flying Horned Raspberry PE: Rotten Raspberry Baron: Bull Knight: Anaemic Bull Cybie: Dat Ass Giant Brown Rocket Bull SMM: Mother Spidy [EDIT]The Imp as "Hedgehog Man"? I couldn't stop but get the worst out of me. Gotta go fast, but can only advance at 8 tics.
  7. @Lüt I couldn't miss that the images entitled "Misc classic architecture" are all from Hungary.
  8. I can anytime make myself a worst WAD to play. I guess I'll be doing so right now.
  9. The Birth is IMO fairly on par with E2 if not worse, even the more upbeat levels like "Duke-Burger", "Babe Land" or "Going Postal" have some real dark moments to them. Most remarkably in the former, there's a straightforward reference to the common belief about the secret businesses between fast food restaurants and animal shelters. "Pigsty" genuinely creeps me out whether I start to think about it more thoroughly, and "Derelict" is literally depression and loneliness manifested into a Build level. I'll also never forget the solemn, sad tunes of Shrapnel City's second secret level or the foreboding atmosphere of "Movie Set", complete with running into a subway as it collapses right behind. And this is E3, which is IMO the most on the light side overall in the game (I mean come on, you just destroyed an entire set of spaceships of alien force). Umm, about that... it might not be that depressing, but aging is sure a thing as recently I was wondering about how old Duke Nukem would be as of today if he aged canonically (I assume he might be around 55 now). And worse yet, he might've even developed PTSD.
  10. "That's one Doomed pet bunny."

  11. I was bored. For realsies. The beastiary of Hell isn't even remotely comparable to the ferocity of rakes. ... Wait. I suddenly reimagined it. Gee, what a headache.
  12. Back then, doctors predicted me 24 hours of life.

    'Tsbeen 24 years ever since.

    1. bzzrak


      Happy birthday pal!

    2. Cell


      Ha, thanks Edgy Kid. :D

    Not particularly eye-pleasing in terms of texture choices and applying harsh light blinking effects onto long and tall corridors. Nice approach to abstraction, tho', but it sure will need some more effort to pull off in a less hideous way - the attempt just falls between two chairs under the table, being too mild to be a jokewad, yet too ugly for something that offers a mediocre gameplay value like this. Reusing previous maps of this tier (i.e. E1M1->E1M6, E1M2->E1M4) is sure stupid, but I can live with it. I quite liked the vine area of E1M3 (if only it didn't tutti-frutti on Vanilla) and E1M8's climatic feeling. That being said beforehead, I suggest to choose between these paths: either stick to this kind of architecture and specialize in making Mockery-esque wads or improve your skills whilst proving a gameplay equivalent to this one, minus scattering powerups and early strong weapons everywhere, of course. Regards, Cell.
  13. Seems like a normal, nothing special UD Hell map at first glance. Now it's your chance to guess, actually WUT IZ DIS. [EDIT] Okay, guessing time is over. Not quite a lot of contestants (and wrong, yet lovely assumptions coming from @Ichor, @SuperCupcakeTactics - though he was right about the "E3M1 remix" part as I reveal later - and @Memfis, respectively), but I should tell this was a product of mine in the moment of ravishness straight outta January - the reimaginement of Duke Nukem 3D's E3M1, "Raw Meat" on the slot E3M1, using only those textures which were either present or omnipresent (i.e. on linedefs entirely out of sight) in the original Hell Keep. Sadly or fortunately, your decision here, this is about everything remarkable I could pull off before my enthusiasm hit rock bottom and casualties overburdened me once again.
    Too many Wolf3D textures, too rectangular architecture. Also quite a tedium, given the size and length of even the earliest levels. Too bad not a single mappixel within them craves for a minimal amount of replay value. Some okay fights can be pulled off here and there, but it's literally all and everything remotely nice about it.