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  1. Cell

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Four years and a week ago I had become borderline moronic intrepid about something I really shouldn't have done. I founded a Facebook page entitled Sodium-Threepointfourteen Cell. See Spoiler for how it initiated: I was thinking of "Well, why not show the world how talented in telling funny/food-for-thought stories that happened to me I am?", and soon, actions spoke louder than any words written, but quietened too soon. No matter how hard did I try to push my unable-to-be-digested humongous walls of text into the faces of people to read, their attention stubbornly refused to be paid. This is where the truly pathetic part starts - "Sodium-Threepointfourteen" abbreviates to "napi", the Hungarian word for "daily", which was a literal premise. Each passing day another bulk of words and sentences would be appearing on the page, which wasn't a cardinal deal for the first three months, but after that, all my repository accumulated from Story Group and Boiler Stories would eventually run dry and I was required to work wonders by making a full article out of some really uninteresting, momentary happenings or even just some temporary feelings, maybe just a Coelho quotes expanded into musings and/or rants. All of which while my popularity would halt to a stop at one point, concluding in a slow, staggering, but almost steady decrease in page like numbers, and I coundn't help but realize I'd become a fucking BLOGGER. The initial plan went on for 7 months straight until I finally called that quits and just resorted to occasional posts. These included some funny "normie meme" pictures I made, alongside a few newly-founded stories, though I should mention that a fair number of these were made-up - one hideous example was me telling about how "I mistook something for a Japanese flag which later turned out to be the bedsheet of my younger sister Nicole who just happened to enter puberty" (hint: IRL I don't have any biological younger sisters). The ravishing thing about posting the normie memes was that finally I was able to boost the page's popularity by Facebook Advertising, since pictures were vastly more successful than letters put next to each other - but this just couldn't help the dead fate of the stories I wanted to immortalize, they remained the same way unnoticed as they were, even with the page's overall popularity riding an ascending curve in the meantime. See Spoiler for my motivation: And then I just got tired (and of course, embarrassed) of the page itself and deleted it as well. The end.
  2. Cell

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Err, okay s'pose. ... Recently it raised my attention that the locations - more specifically, the way you progress - on the intermission maps aren't randomly scattered around, they're actually arranged from front to back (or vice versa for Episode 2).
  3. Cell

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Fixed. Could we please address issues like these in PM's whether next time would occur?
  4. Cell

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I think I have an answer for you... Left is all four DEM1_* flats put together, right is the texture MARBFACE (patch MWALL4_1). Also, comparison GIF: Hard to guess which one was made earlier, but because the former seems to be the sketch for the latter to be detailed more later, I assume the order is flats, then texture. My take on the point would be a quite trivial approach: the DEM1_* version was already present in Shareware Doom, while the walltexture debuted in the registered one. It's not hard to believe that when the development came to finish the first episode and then started constructing the second one did the texture artists find out how hideous the flat version looked up close and did an elaborate version of the wall, while decided to leave the flat as-is. (Which I personally wouldn't consider a bad choice, the different coloration on the eyes and teeth makes quite a character for it.)
  5. Cell

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Um, same I guess? Except I refrain from tasting anything I hate the smell of, thus rendering myself pickier than frilly-dress princesses. God I am blessed with suck.
  6. Cell

    Any Doom-related dreams?

    @129thVisplane the beginning of your dream quite a bit reminds me of the MattBratt incident on the ZDoom Forums.
  7. Cell

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Sometimes even I myself cannot tell what's going on in my mind... ... Well, it's not entirely the case this time.
  8. Cell

    Things about Doom you just found out

    @KVELLER it's the Icon of Sin marble made by DEM1_1, *2, *3 and *4. [EDIT] @elarmadillo3 it's like that, I guess, ever since the IPS Community Suite was implemented over vBulletin.
  9. Cell

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I prefer raisins over no raisins, especially if in cottage cheese filling for pancakes. (Oh, I mean, European pancakes, the so-called "crΓͺpes"). What I absolutely detest is, however, butter. That, and margarine. Basically any non-sweet bread topping grease/cream type that comes to mind. Particularly the reason I am screwed all over when it comes to social catering, because there is some convention going on that all sandwiches should be buttered (else people would choke on them). God I hate that. But it's not the fault of the rest of the world that I am such a picky bastard, so I shouldn't be mad at the local KhellFood for not distributing, out of all types, their Barbecue sandwich, the only one not having butter in it. Gee, I am not angry, only mildly infuriated.
  10. Cell

    Favourite thing about any Monster in doom?

    Demon/Spectre, Lost Soul, Cacodemon, Hell Knight, Baron of Hell, Arachnotron, Spider Mastermind and Cyberdemon all having the same pain sounds. Anything with a health lesser than 100-ish being able to slide/fly at great velocity upon death. Bonus point if from an up-high ledge by an explosive attack from the opposite direction. Demon or Cacodemon bite gibbing zombies. Infighting, full stop. Revenant. REURGH.
  11. Cell

    Point of No Return / "Back Tracking" - Public Opinion

    Personally I'd say it's a "nay", but then again... perfect justice is also sparse in real life. Pop quizzes at school are a legitimate concept, so why not make something that seems unfair at first, but is actually a realistic approach? Bring it on, make them regret not thinking in advance.
  12. SArais. ... Okay, that's a bad argument and even worse as a joke. A true version might be that as a "native" Vanilla/Boom mapper, UDMF is a sore for me to even look at. No one's fault other than me, guess adjusting to something like this, quite a huge leap from the one stuff I am used to, isn't something that goes like piece of cake from one day to another. Anyways, thanks for your advice @Gez, I think I'll make good use of FraggleScript at some time.
  13. Cell

    Share a random fact about yourself

    ^ Your cat will make good use of the Invul I've just reacted.
  14. As much as I hate asking for help for personal reasons, because I cannot do shit and want to learn on my own... Never mind. Here's the thing: ZDoom-compatible colored lighting. Recently I was able to produce functional ANIMATED (hooray), and I thought if that succeeded by completely "autodidact" means, why not give a shot for a 8 year issue? So I grabbed some tools, but met difficulties fairly early on. There's not a single manual that elaborates how "ZDoom: Doom in Doom format" actually accommodates colored sectors, and on the exact topic, I could only find some really blurry video from 2009. What I could make out, however, was that he contained the script in a BEHAVIOR.ACS. I quickly threw one together, made a vestigial map with four corners that were meant to be colored and inserted the ACS into the Wad, which immediately - and infuriatingly - became an "unknown" type in Slade. Nevertheless, I saved the map in "ZDoom: Doom in Doom format", tried to load it and it crashed because "the ACS script unloaded". This happened a few times, then I saved in "ZDoom: Doom in Hexen format" (the same as currently) and launched the map again. This time it did, but the scripts "didn't take effect". This is where I gave up. Trying to do research, but coming to no absolute solution, I could actually find an old comment in these Forums which said that there is a way to "smuggle" functional colored lighting into the raw ZDoom format as well, but it requires quite a few trickery all around. Seems like I challenged the Devil himself in this aspect. Does anyone know the exact method for this so-called implementation? (Yup, I am aware that this might be very well explained in the video I linked, but I grew tired too soon by just trying to make out things in it.)
  15. It's a common practice in Japan that the original, "domestic" version has Kanji subtitles, but English vocals. Also, on the subject: AFAIK @Nine Inch Heels is partially Japanese, so guess she counts as well?...