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Status Updates posted by Cell

  1. 12 years, and counting.

    1. dew


      Congrats to the big 12, in a year you'll be old enough to post on Doomworld!

    2. Cell


      Aw shoot, hard to believe I still have one full year until this acc could legally use Discord and a few other social media platforms

  2. Cell

    Hey fam, I got my previous Discord, uhh... stolen. That's the public version.
    Do you still use the app? Because then I'd want to add ya again.

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    2. SOSU


      No :)




    3. Cell


      And perhaps add it, too, lmao

    4. SOSU


      Man i'm dumb :D
      I'd look at discord to find a "start a convo" option and use your tag but i need to send you a friend request xD

  3. ... The past 10 years could have been less awkward and more productive.

    1. mrthejoshmon


      Those awkward years built character and tought valuable lessons chief, use what you experienced for the betterment of yourself.

    2. Cell
  4. OK, I've already seen gruesome meltdowns before (e.g. SArais) but this is just low-key unsettling.

  5. Yeah, I think I'm getting old to casually enjoy YouTube comments... Recently I discovered being fed up w/ something I didn't quite bother before.

    Let's say, there's a popular video w/ gazillions of likes (5 digits to boot) and also happens to have a few dislikes, usually not even more than 20 and so. Cue commenters proclaiming one of the following or something interchangeable w/ them.

     - X people aren't/don't/cannot [insert an activity related to a quote or a general vibe about said video];
     - X people believed the thumbs down is a download button / cannot aim with their mouse devices / are Australians / etc.
    And perhaps the most cringeworthy of all:
    - The X 'dislike' translates to 'dis I like'

    Just shut yo' mouths already, rite? It's the InterMDFKNet w/ everyone to freely express their opinions. 'Course there are trolls, they're a constant with no legitimate ability to get controlled whatsoever, they'd occasionally find your famous vids and would downvote 'em w/ spite, get over it, the world ain't shatter by some lifeless losers' free roamin', period.

    But. Don't be gettin' into pointin' out the few dislikers only to (most presumably) farm likes on your supey-dupey splendid little comment statin' the obvious, duh. It's the same level of bein' inappropriate like crashin' yo' good friend's celebration of their children bein' born w/ the invitation to yo' grampa's funeral. I really mean there are far more, less cringey methods to display yo' ravishin' fandom towards yo' favorite uploaded vid.


    1. seed


      Well, there's the problem mate, stop reading YT comments, majority tends to be BS or outright cancer anyway. It ain't worth bothering with such things.

    2. Cell


      I tend to forget it's way not the late 00's anymore.
      Crazy stuff, huh.

  6. He'yo.

    Yeah, quitting the quittance for a while. Things had happened and I've actually found some useful tips (ones I could actually perceive) on the subject that caused my last sorta tantrum-ish asservation. On the actual subject though...

    My new year's resolution for '19 was that I would stop posting in the 'Share a random fact about yourself' thread. Courtesy of @seed, the one whose pattern I followed by updating my 'About me' section with a Spoilered wall of text. However, there are specific things that are required to be addressed publicly, and so is the following a primary example.

    Not sure if any of you guys really caught that, but I really tend to be a vermin if it comes to mocking certain people about their - preferably long-forgotten - screwups or other funny, but regardless, to a degree, compromising stuff prior. Notable mentions include (but are not limited to:)

    - RevenantWithAHat. My dude @Katamori was going to partake in the development of Community Chest 4 in August 2011, and this one user (most presumably a clueless 10-15 y/o kiddo at that time) created some mediocre map (an E1M8 rendition I believe) to fill in the slot Katamori was opting for. Sadly or fortunately, he was oblivious about one of the project's main guidelines (not sharing his work publicly, only in PM for one of the project leaders), and despite being told several times by other participants to "delete the links ASAP", he repeatedly committed this offender which left no other choice but for his thread to be Helled and him to be Losered, soon this to be upgraded to Banned thereafter. To this day I sometimes mention this to Katamori, and I also scribbled something together in MSPaint quickly just to keep reminder of it for a long time.
    - Speaking of Katamori, here's this, courtesy of @dobu gabu maru and again, my image editing skills.

    - Another one involves @Jimmy, or more precisely, his custom title prior to the JoM sessions. I had a quirk for calling him "Jimmy, whose name rhymes/doesn't rhyme with MIDI" for quite a long time (even with 'Joyful Mapper' already implemented), and only recently did I knock it off for good. Though I personally prefer to think this is/was a tribute to his ace composing skills, but whatever.
    - This one's gone on a really long trip and started with this particular confession by @Scypek2. (Holy geeze, it's turning 8 slowly.) I don't believe I have to elaborate about this, searching the term 'barking texture' on the Forums would unfold information sufficient enough. And only recently did I find out about that the specific stuff has actually manifested in some form long ago, for which I feel like an idiot, because I myself was partaking in the exact same project as well.
    - This one's rather a confession, too. I still have a high tendency for binge-searching @joe-ilya's stuff from time to time. Particularly noticeable once I happen to upvote comments addressed to him.

    To whoever I've mentioned or has a fraction of memory about occurrences similar in nature, I should definitely mention that I in none of these cases mean any offense. Might come down as provocative or insulting (or more so, instigating), I am aware, but as far as I recall, I've never done any intentional emotional harm to anyone. (Calling Terrywad authors lifeless homosexuals at the age of 16-17 was another thing, sort of justified on one hand, but still just some emotional awkward adolescence burst on the other.)

    So yeah... stay healthy, folks, and mock only when it's time-relevant. I suppose.

  7. Just realised that 'idgaf' isn't some obscure/undiscovered cheat of the game. Oh well.

  8. Right folks.

    I am announcing my official "retirement" from the Forums, and, to a lesser extent, from Dooming and Doom modding in general. And before you might remind me of that "Oooh, you've already had several fake-outs in late 2017", I should admit that back in those times, I still could see faint rays of hope of becoming active and productive, or, to cite Doom25, "memorable".

    But I've given up all expectations on that. Gameplay set-up is such a foregin artistic craft from me that I can blow it out my nose that I can design beautiful, detailed settings, buildings and such. Blessed with suck I am, and I gratefully accept past years' sour experience for eventually making me realise how fruitless my presence is here.

    I'm gonna aspire for something I've been planning ever since my midst-teenagerhood, or, to be more precise, how should've I done and spent that charming golden era overshadowed by the gloom of immature- and loneliness. Perhaps if I acquire my initial goal, followed by a more mature perception of taking responsibilities and such, I shall return, but it shouldn't happen before 2021, and 2027 is the year I might appear again with the most certainty.

    Excuse me for sounding like a pretentious nobody. (Should I, before all, sound like anything else? That is exactly what I am.) Take care, be well, and please give some spotlight for the roaming sound of the Revenant instead of the "spam of 'A' letters" overhype.

  9. - Being a fan of a genre is okay.
    - Being a bias of a genre is, um, acceptable.
    - Being a bias of a genre by
    degrading other genres to the extent of ridding them partially to fully of their description is, however, definitely not cool.

  10. Eyyo! Celebrating gazillions of years of evolutionary success and the FCKN 10TH anniversary of this footage being brought to daylight - which is a piece of excrement in every friggin aspect, including but not limited to its quality.
    (Again, Hungarian all along! The cosmetic can be interpreted internationally tho')

    This video wouldn't've been made and uploaded to YT if fourteen year old me wasn't a socially awkward loser taking desperate - and by this I mean borderline radical - measures trying to fit in. Given at that time "Cell Marcell" couldn't provide any valuable piece of himself that could bring the positive attention of his peers - e.g. sports, music - and also that he thought being accepted is a matter of gamble even at that certain age, his semi-subconscious pursued him rapping "Decaying World" by the Hungarian group Antifaces in a rather autistic and totally messed up manner - taking into account how much said piece of music was full of deep thoughts about modern society, this poor excuse for a performance didn't do any honor to it at all. The result? Three days of ear-bursting cheer of folks similar age as me wherever I went, then a subsequent total of five years of misery, because I threw a too-beautiful-to-believe premise at them and couldn't live up to it all, instead I tired myself too soon and expected them to help me survive till the next summer break - happily ever after. Yup, that's how "l'il Stevie" (Hungarian expression!) imagined it happening and that's exactly how it didn't happen.

    I was hoping to become a colorful spot of community - turned out I actually was all along, only of an unappealing shade s'pose. :]

  11. Uh, err, sorry for the little inconveniences spread accross the Forums, guess the thing needs an overhaul and I harbored harmless people with useless stuff for nothing.

  12. Do you think I should replace it with something quiet?


    1. Scypek2


      I saw a notification that you posted on my profile and this is the exactly what I expected to see.

    2. Cell


      Gee, I've become predictable over the years. :C

      Never mind, I won't promise this is going to be the last iteration on this running gag. :D

    3. Cell


      @bzzrak may I ask you to check your Discord?

  13. Strict measures had to be taken.

    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Said the dominatrix ;-)

  14. "That's one Doomed pet bunny."

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    2. Cell


      Dunno, somehow looking at your name, profile, avatar, etc. the context just put itself together and I was just feeling like making this statement for the lulz and whatnot. :D

    3. One Doomed Bunny
    4. Cell


      We sure need to talk just a little bit more often. :D

  15. Back then, doctors predicted me 24 hours of life.

    'Tsbeen 24 years ever since.

    1. BigDickBzzrak


      Happy birthday pal!

    2. Cell


      Ha, thanks Edgy Kid. :D

  16. Eyyo! Celebrating gazillions of years of evolutionary success and the fifth anniversary of a highly controversial performance of a true bootleg rap without even a predefined beat written to it.

    (Expect not understanding a single word, unless you are fairly intelligible in Hungarian. I rather share it for the lolz and whatnot.)

    Short story: had a set of performances called CFR, short for "Cell Flash Rap", a monthly occurrence for people attending a secondary grammar school. (Aspect at its finest!!) Each month I write another fancy lyrics full of swear words and other feeble attempts at appearing as a gangsta, this very instant captured on footage marks the peak and the start of the downfall of my so-called career, one which hadn't even kicked off in the first place to set it right. Appearing as a mere curiosity of ridicule and sightseeing (as one of my early unbiased reviewers would put, "like a whitish autistic Stevie Wonder hung on the fence in the back"), chances that the so-called audience appearing in the video up to the headcount of 80 people including the cameraman went out for my deepest thoughts to be conveyed and make them reevaluate perception assets are fairly low, hitting rock bottom audibly loud.

    That being told, words to consider are at yo' disposal.
    "Before setting your mind to write history, please, make sure you're at least literate in the first place.
    Regards, Cell."

  17. This one quote is so deep and touching, it always brings tears to my eyes. :,-)


    1. galileo31dos01


      Look at his hands, with the left one he's saying HIGH 5! and with the right one MY 5 FINGERS IN UR FACE

  18. About a month ago, I got my ass kicked from another Boards for teaching a rather rude (outright provocative and arrogant to put it harshly) person good manners. The admins of that Forum simply reasoned it as "backseat modding".

    Later did I find out that the culprit was an actual old-runner for that community. But not that really contributive type, just the one kind of "been around since like 200X" type of "never too outrageous to be banned", yet "scumbag enough to infuriate people" or howshallIputit - and of course, over the time, he got on good terms with the other old-runners, including a couple of them Admins aswell.

    Well, prestige wins over humanity once again. Frank Grimes-esque experience it was.

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    2. BigDickBzzrak


      don't f*ck with cell

    3. Cell


      ^ Yup, that's pretty much the an aesop for this entire twisted shit I'd been part of. :]

    4. Cell


      ... Yo, it has already been a year. I even made this "inspiring/motivational quote image"-esque thingamajig to remind myself about how I was gonna be in for some uncomfortable moments.


    You members are more oftentimes than not fine folks of making arguments over everyday issues as I pull off, so I'd like to share something of a dilemma with you:
    NOTE: sheerly radical examples don't count. I.e. don't go into lenghts like, said guy raped your elder sister, killed your parents or was the culprit behind the arson that cost your home. Stick to issues that are likely to happen in your everyday life and so.

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    2. Voros


      IDGAF about it. OK, so that person did something better than me, so why should I whine about it?

    3. geo


      Now that I'm awake, this isn't humor, but I've defended or agreed with people I dislike or hate. That's not even about being friend thought, its about doing what's right.

    4. Cell


      Latecomer late self-respose is late (and lame).

      Sent this picture to some Wise Guy I know and I got quite an answer that satisfied many, if not all my needs.


      "We take anything and everything offensively - or at least, with harsh criticism - from people we dislike. This is reasoned by the fact we qualified them emotionally as culpable people and we just don't want to go into depths of perception of what they've said, instead we simply frown upon their sentences. It might be that if the one who told the same joke was our bestest friend we'd've just burst out of sheer laughter - sadly, this is the nature of things going around in life."


  20. Perhaps the NO1 reason why certain mods and/or games suck - but at least this is what I pull off my experience - is that they consume themselves into overexcessive storytelling.

    Even though some of those are actually neat, promising and stuff (including sorts of originality), many still suffer of the very clichés of "youngest prince of the three"-esque bullshit, you're facing alone against the entirety of this cruel, nasty world, everything and everyone wants you for dinner, yet, by some sheer luck, you end up being victorious, then the cast rolls celebrating your triumph. Hooray, how original.

    You may or may not waste your time reading 859 pages of .txt documentary attached to the launcher file, but regardless of dat, some unenjoyable, cringeworthy indie attempt it turns out to be anyways - about 99.8% sure. So never trust anything coming with Notepad files "weighing" several hundreds of megabytes, made out of mere sugarcoating in ASCII chars.

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    2. KVELLER


      @Albertoni It was Carmack.

    3. Nems


      Another problem I encounter when it comes to storytelling in games and mods is how it's delivered, or as I like to call it: "Why should I care?"


      A story is good and all but a good story is one where the reader or consumer WANTS to know more about what's going on, what happens next, the possible lore behind the story. I felt like Doom 2016 did a good job of this. They got the gameplay nailed down right in my opinion but they also presented the story in such a way that I wanted to know more about the world and its lore. I found myself actually caring about the finer details and they were presented well, even if it was in a way self-aware of how silly it was.


      F.E.A.R. (the original and to some extent its expansions), in my opinion, did a great job of drip-feeding the story and having it escalate in such a way it kept you glued to the seat to find out just how deep Armacham's projects went into unethical territory. Hearing phone messages and checking laptops helped fuel that curiosity of wanting to know what happens next, of wanting to know how deep the rabbit hole went with Armacham.


      S.T.A.L.K.E.R. does a good job at telling a story through a number of different ways, from the NPC's, to the files you find, to even the environment. It's a hostile area that clearly doesn't want you there yet when I played I found myself wanting to know more about how things went down in the Zone while also wanting to get better gear to continue to uncover the Zone's story/secrets.


      Examples of games that didn't pull that off well to me? The Half-Life franchise (I found the contrived and forced, ham-fisted deification of Gordon Freeman in both one and two to be so laughable, absurd, and undeserving that the whole thing in general felt schlocky when it was trying to be straight-faced about it) and Guild Wars 2 (the dev team's knack for non-linear storytelling and leaving plot threads hanging only to maybe come back to them later [or not] instead of resolving them right then and there burned me out).

    4. Cell


      ^ Stories have a higher chance to be good, or at least affordable, if they're actually programmed to build up alongside your progression into the game. Big names in the game industry more oftentimes than not live up to the expectations, and should even one of said games' documentary typed in a Notepad file excess 100MB, perfect tactics for hatred evasion persuades them to master balancing storytelling and gameplay in a measurable degree. Then there are the companies either infamous or barely known for anything - you may already take the hint at this one.

      The irkiness of having a documentation with superfluous details in a separate text file actually derives from the devs themselves being too lazy and/or incompetent to implement this feature into their product - and if this is the case, it may also come along with the game itself becoming heapishly halfassed or otherwise disastrous. Worse yet, if companies hire flatout poets to write Pulitzer-worthy masterpieces of originality, yet almost all of the programmers for the project are career-questionable rookies, they already have all set for shutting down in a year or two.

      As harsh and radical as it may sound.

  21. Behold, young ones, as thy very moon of potential pain and gibbitude mournsome misery hath eventually begun!

    I think I miss the (not-so-)old times when, for me, August was a dread countdown to the new school term. :\

    1. geo


      Go bek 2 ur rokin cher old man!

    2. Cell


      Your insolent behavior will make you feel sorry by most extensions, bratty young one. :]

  22. Yay, I just discovered this amazing hidden feature of IPS Community Suite™!
    Now I don't have to type anymore. ^^
    ▶ 🔘─────────────────────────────────── 0:26

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    2. Cell
    3. wallabra


      I can confirm it.


    4. Cell


      Also, I'm a psychological subject most suffering of projecting negative traits onto my surroundings. Thanks for the reveal. :D